Bold And The Beautiful: Spoilers For Fall 2020

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As summer leaves transform from succulent green to crisp, fall hues of red, orange and yellow, big changes are also coming up on The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Shauna has no idea that history is about to repeat itself at her do-over wedding to Ridge. Plus, Steffy and Finn will take the next step in their relationship and some B&B fan favorites will return. So, pull on your sweater and your slippers; grab your pumpkin spice latte and enjoy 12 B&B spoilers for fall 2020.

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12. Zende Returns

Zende has been off the B&B canvas since 2017 when he and his wife Nicole went to work at Forrester International in Paris. Spoilers tease Kristen and Domenic’s son will return to LA sometime in October with a new face (he’ll be played by Delon de Metz) and a new attitude. And he’s going to catch Zoe’s eye. Will Zende’s arrival cause problems in Carter and Zoe’s budding romance?

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11. Nicole And Maya Are Back

Spoilers tease the Avant sisters will also return to the B&B canvas in the fall. Maya arrived back in LA in December 2018 but then disappeared and hasn’t been seen for more than a year. It’s not known yet if Nicole and Maya will be back permanently or if they’ll just be putting in a couple of appearances on the sudser.

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10. Redeveloping Fixation

Spoilers tease Thomas and Hope will begin working together on her Hope For The Future line at Forrester. He recently told Steffy that after some soul searching, he’s gotten over his obsession with Hope, but can anyone really believe him? After Thomas starts spending more time at work with the former object of his affections, will his fixation redevelop?

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9. Thomas Lashes Out At Liam

Rumor has it, Thomas will blast Liam for his interference in Steffy’s life. Now that she’s with Finn, Liam will not only be jealous, but he also doesn’t trust the doctor is doing right by Steffy. Thomas will tell Liam he has no right to interfere in Steffy’s personal life. He chose Hope and he needs to stick by his choice and leave Steffy alone.

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8. Lope Argue

Thomas won’t be the only one who lambastes Liam. Hope will also be angry when she witnesses The Waffler’s over-the-top reaction to her Sister Wife moving on with another man. He’ll complain to Hope about Dr. Finnegan’s romantic interest in his ex and she won’t take it well. Hope will ask Liam if he’d be happy seeing Steffy spending the rest of her days longing for him.

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7. Liam’s Tough Decision

After Liam finds Steffy passed out at the cliff house and she lashes out at him, he’s going to face a tough decision about the future of his family. He’s worried about Steffy’s actions and the effect they’re having on his daughter Kelly. He may also begin to suspect that Steffy is still taking opioids. But will he take the drastic step of suing for temporary custody of Kelly?

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6. Steffy’s Intervention

It looks like Steffy’s addiction secret will come out sooner rather than later. Spoiler photos have been released that show Ridge, Finn and Liam looking serious and concerned as a tearful Steffy cowers in a corner at her house. Have they found out she’s still taking pills and, if so, will they hold an intervention for her?

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5. Finn And Steffy Take The Next Step

Spoilers tease Steffy will have a tough go of it in the fall, fighting off her dependence on pills, but she’ll eventually overcome it. And Finn will be right there, by her side. Once she’s out of the woods, this couple will end up falling hard for each other and will take the next step in their relationship.

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4. History Repeats Itself

Brooke will see a video of Quinn and Shauna’s secret and will not be surprised when she finds out the two women set Ridge up. She knows Ridge and Shauna’s re-do ceremony is coming up and she’ll put her revenge plan into action. Brooke will take a play right out of Quinn’s handbook and show the video of the two besties talking about how they manipulated Ridge in Vegas, just before Shridge says their I Do’s.

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3. Quinn Faces A Backlash

Quinn will finally get her comeuppance when everyone at the wedding ceremony sees the damning video. Ridge will be furious with Quinn and his new bride when he finally finds out the truth. He’ll cancel the ceremony and tell Carter to prepare annulment papers. Shauna will also tear into her bestie for influencing her actions, but will she beg Ridge for another chance?

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2. Eric Dumps Quinn

Rumor has it, Eric will be devastated when he finds out what Quinn did to manipulate his son. He will tell her he’s fed up with her behavior and can’t forgive her for it. Then he’ll inform her they’re done and order both Quinn and Shauna out of the Forrester mansion. Eric will tell the two women to never return.

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1. Will Donna And Eric Reunite?

Spoilers tease Eric will be distraught over his breakup with Quinn, but he will feel he had no other choice but to dump her. He likely won’t be going through it alone, however. Donna may provide a shoulder for him to lean on. There must have been a reason why Katie mentioned recently that she thought he and Donna had been a good match when they were together. Will Eric turn to Donna to help him get over his broken heart? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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