Bold And The Beautiful: Spoilers For December 2022

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Thomas’ life will fall apart, and he’ll end up losing everything that’s important to him, coming up this month on The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Sheila’s secret will come out and the hunt will be on for the fugitive. Plus, will Taylor decide to leave Los Angeles if Ridge and Brooke reunite? Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for December 2022.

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12. Eric’s Christmas Celebration

Eric will hold a Christmas party at the Forrester estate again this year. He and Donna will host the annual shindig, in which her sisters Katie and Brooke are sure to attend. Hope, Liam, Beth and Douglas should also be there. But will Katie have Carter on her arm? And will Brooke attend the party alone, or with Ridge?

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11. Katie Falls For Carter

Katie was obviously impressed by Carter, when she heard him standing up to Bill for her. She even told her sisters all about it and admitted they were seeing each other. It’s obvious Katie is attracted to Carter; she’s even kissed him several times. But after witnessing his act of chivalry, her feelings for the Forrester COO will run even deeper.

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10. Finn’s Discovery

Rumor has it, Sheila’s biological son will begin a quest this month, and Steffy won’t like what he’s up to. Perhaps he’s not convinced that Sheila really met her demise, and he’ll suspect she’s still alive. Or, he may decide to find out if he has any siblings through his birth mom and begin searching for them.

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9. Deacon Is Fed Up

B&B spoilers tease that Deacon has had it with Sheila. Sure, he’s enjoying the fringe benefits of having an attractive woman at his beck and call. But he also regrets letting her hide out in his bachelor pad in the first place. Deacon knows he would lose his relationship with his daughter and likely go back to the slammer if she’s discovered. But will he finally kick Sheila out of his place in December?

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8. The Secret Is Out!

Sheila will be sick and tired of hanging around Deacon’s apartment and continue to venture out, wearing her various disguises. She wants a second chance with her son and grandson, but will realize the only way she may be able to do that is if she’s a free woman. So, she needs to come up with a plan to secure her freedom. However, it may be too late because her secret will be out in December and the Forrester family will be stunned to find out she’s still alive!

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7. Thomas’ Career Prospects

After a highly successful fashion preview just weeks ago, Thomas felt like he was on top of the world. His designs for Hope’s line were a huge hit and he was the darling of the fashion world. But thanks to his manipulative ways, Thomas will find himself out of a job. After Ridge discovered what Thomas did to Brooke, he threatened to fire his son from Forrester Creations. Rumor has it, Ridge and Steffy will decide to remove him from the family company.

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6. Hope Blasts Thomas

B&B spoilers tease that Hope will blast Thomas to high heaven after she finds out he sabotaged her mother’s marriage to Ridge. She’ll confront her head designer and tell him she’s embarrassed that she staunchly defended him — not only to her mother, but to her husband as well. However, will she also demand that Douglas be returned to her?

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5. Douglas’ Custody

Hope may not even have to make any demands when it comes to Douglas. Thomas’ son recently witnessed a dark side to his father that he hoped he’d never see again. So, he may just tell his mommy that he wants to come back to the cabin to live with her, Liam and Beth. And if he does, Hope will welcome him home with open arms.

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4. Bill’s Bold Move

Having been rejected by both Katie and Brooke, Dollar Bill may decide to give up on romance for the time being. It’s rumored that Bill may revisit his rivalry with Ridge and decide to go after him, as well as Forrester Creations! Rumor has it, his sons will be worried about his change in attitude and his plan to ruin The Dressmaker.

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3. A Stunning Alliance

B&B spoilers tease that Bill may team up with none other than Thomas to exact his revenge on Ridge. Being fired and disowned by his own father — because he did something that needed to be done — will be a tough pill for Thomas to swallow. So, he’ll be all in when Bill suggests to him that Ridge deserves some payback.

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2. Will Taylor Leave Town? 

A heartbroken Taylor will be let down that she fell for Ridge’s smooth-talking ways. She’ll wish she’d just kept running when he chased her around Aspen. As viewers know, the main reason Taylor stayed away from L.A. for years was because she couldn’t handle seeing Ridge and Brooke together. And if “Bridge” reunites, Taylor may consider making her escape once again.

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1. Ridge’s Decision

Ridge recently showed up at Brooke’s door with egg on his face, asking her to forgive him for not trusting her enough to come clean about what he thought she did. However, her answer surprised him. Brooke told Ridge she wasn’t about to just take him back — he needs to decide what he wants. And it’s rumored he’ll get some tough love from Eric as he ponders the next chapter in his life. But will the flip-flopper finally come to a resolution about which woman he wants to be with?  Keep watching B&B to find out!

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