Bold And The Beautiful: Spoilers For December 2021

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Steffy and Thomas will have a lot to celebrate when their mother Taylor returns to LA, coming up this month on The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Brooke will still be at odds with Ridge over Deacon and will be stunned when she finds out her rival is back. Meanwhile, Liam will seek out Bill for advice. Plus, will Paris say yes to Zende’s proposal? Learn more below in the B&B spoilers December 2021.

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12. Forrester Christmas

B&B spoilers tease that the Forrester family Christmas celebration may not be as peaceful as their Thanksgiving celebration was. Brooke and Ridge will still be at odds over Deacon, as will Hope and Liam. Plus, everyone besides Eric can’t stand his wife, Quinn. But will the annual Christmas party still take place at the Forrester mansion this year or somewhere else?

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11. Haunted By Donna

After firing Donna from his company and his life, will Eric also be able to purge her from his psyche? They say “out of sight is out of mind” but that may not be the case when it comes to the Forrester patriarch’s ex-wife. Rumor has it, Eric will still not be able to “perform” for Quinn. He loves his wife, but will he begin to wonder if he did the right thing by banishing Donna?

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10. The Doctor Is In

After being absent from the B&B canvas for nearly three years, Thomas and Steffy’s mom will finally come home to Los Angeles. A recast Taylor will return to the show on December 10. She will be welcomed home by her children and her ex-husband, Ridge. But will she be returning with an agenda? Does she want Ridge back?

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9. Emotional Reunion

Both Thomas and Steffy will be excited and overwhelmed when they joyfully reunite with their mother early in December. Later in the month, Taylor will spend some time with Douglas and Kelly and also get to meet Steffy’s new husband, Finn, and her grandson Hayes, who was named after her.

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8. Brooke Stunned To See Taylor

Not everyone will be happy about Taylor’s return. Viewers can expect to see some fireworks when a stunned Brooke is confronted by none other than her former rival. The doctor will inform Brooke that she’s back in LA to stay. She’ll also put her on notice that she’s done putting up with Brooke’s disrespect.

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7. Crumbling “Bridge”

In early December, Ridge will ask Brooke why she keeps taking Deacon’s side over his. He suspects it’s not just Brooke sticking up for her daughter. “Do you still have feelings for this man, after all this time?” he asks her in a B&B promo. And when Brooke doesn’t answer him, he’ll be stunned.

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6. Sheila Is Fed Up 

Rumor has it, Sheila will become peeved off with Deacon’s Brooke obsession. Brooke’s defense of him has given him hope that all his dreams could come true. Deacon will then proceed to tell his roommate all about how he envisions his future unfolding, which includes having a relationship with his daughter and reuniting with Brooke.

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5. Jealousy Rears Its Ugly Head

B&B spoilers tease that Sheila is going to be jealous when she realizes Deacon is making headway with Hope and even Brooke. She has been in LA a lot longer than Deacon and she’s been stuck in the same pattern with Finn for months, thanks to Steffy. But Deacon just rolled into town recently and both his daughter and Brooke seem to have accepted him back into their lives. Sheila won’t take kindly to it.

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4. Bill’s Advice

When he can’t get through to Hope about Deacon, an extremely stressed Liam will seek out his father for advice. Of course, Bill will call Deacon a low-life who should still be in prison, even though Bill has done worse things. Regardless, he’ll likely tell his son he’s doing the right thing and advise Liam to stand his ground with his wife in order to keep Deacon out of their lives.

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3. Carter’s Romantic Future

What will the month of December bring for Carter? Perhaps he’ll embark on a brand-new relationship. But will it be with Katie? The two have hit it off lately and there seems to be a spark there. However, Carter has also had several enlightening conversations with Paris and has acted as her confidant as of late. So, will he begin to develop feelings for the former social worker?

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2. Will Paris Say Yes To Zende?

Speaking of Paris, viewers know Zende has asked Quinn to create a one-of-a-kind engagement ring for his girlfriend. He’s crazy about her and doesn’t want her to slip away from him. But have they been together long enough for him to want to make this kind of commitment? For her part, Paris is loyal to Zende and even recently rejected Thomas’ romantic overtures towards her. But when Zende asks her to marry him, will Paris say yes?

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1. Taylor Comes Face To Face With Sheila

Steffy will apprise Taylor of the unfortunate news that Sheila has also returned to LA. And even worse — she’s Finn’s biological mother and Hayes’ grandmother. This information will surely send shivers down the doctor’s spine. After all, thanks to the schemer, Steffy and Thomas missed out on years with their mother, thinking she had passed away after Sheila shot her. So, will Sheila sneak into the cliff house again, only to come face to face with an angry and vengeful Taylor? Stay tuned to B&B to find out!

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