Bold And The Beautiful Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (September 28 – October 9, 2020)

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Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) speculation teases Eric will give Ridge advice about women, as his son prepares to remarry Shauna. Also coming up, Zende will return to LA and Steffy will refuse to believe she’s addicted to her pain pills. Read on for 12 B&B plotline predictions for September 28 to October 9, 2020.

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12. Shauna Deserves Better

Ridge is embarrassed for not remembering any of the details about his Vegas wedding to Shauna. Viewers know he’d be even more mortified if he did remember. His vows consisted of asking for a vowel and telling the wedding officiant, “I’d like to solve the puzzle.” However, Ridge believes Shauna deserves better and he’ll tell her he’d like to remarry her.

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11. Delighted Quinn

Now that Quinn has planted the seed in Ridge’s head that her bestie would like a real wedding ceremony, she will be delighted when he agrees to it. Not only will Shauna get the wedding of her dreams, Quinn believes Brooke will get her well-deserved comeuppance. Once she finds out the wedding is a go, Quinn will be sure to head to Brooke’s house to rub the news in her face.

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10. Horrified Brooke

Speculation teases Brooke won’t hear the news from Quinn first, Ridge will tell her he’s decided to remarry the former Vegas showgirl. She will not only be horrified, but she’ll likely blast Ridge for being such a fool. Shortly afterward, Quinn will show up at the door to lord it over her and Brooke will tell her rival she’s not going to allow the wedding to happen.

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9. Hedge Your Bets

Shauna currently believes she is the luckiest woman in the world. She put all her chips on Ridge, rolled snake eyes and it paid off big time. As the new Mrs. Ridge Forrester prepares for her re-do wedding, she won’t yet realize she should have left well enough alone and hedged her bets.

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8. Fatherly Advice

Spoilers tease Eric will attempt to give Ridge some advice about women. This is rich, coming from someone who was caught by the paparazzi sneaking out onto a window ledge in his underwear so he wouldn’t get caught cheating on his wife. Nevertheless, he will try his best to counsel Ridge and will tell him that remarrying Shauna would be a misstep.

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7. Wedding Day Fireworks

Speculation teases that despite Eric and Brooke’s best efforts, Ridge and Shauna’s wedding will go ahead as planned. But the day will not go as expected. Rumor has it, several scenarios could occur. The first is that Ridge isn’t as stupid as viewers think he is and has figured out that Shauna and Quinn conned him into the Vegas wedding. He will track down the original wedding officiant, who will confess all in front of the gathered friends and family.

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6. Brooke’s Bombshell

The second scenario is that Brooke or one of her allies will overhear Quinn and Shauna gossiping about how they set Ridge up and will film the conversation. Brooke will then triumphantly play the conversation at the wedding ceremony for all to see, just before Shauna and Ridge say their I Do’s.

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5. Zende Comes Home

Delon de Metz will make his B&B debut as Zende Forrester on October 7. After having spent three years working at Forrester International In Paris, Zende will finally return home to LA. Rumor has it he’ll be attracted to Zoe and vice versa. Thanks to Zende, viewers can expect some trouble in Carter and Zoe’s budding relationship coming up soon.

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4. Thomas Has A Realization

When Thomas finds out his sister was taking opioids that were not prescribed by Finn, it won’t be long before he puts two and two together. He’ll be stunned when he realizes that Vinny’s gift to Steffy was more than just some coffee and a teddy bear. But will he confront his buddy about supplying his sister with illegal drugs?

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3. Liam Tells Finn

Liam will be beside himself after he witnessed Steffy lashing out at he, Brooke, Hope and Ridge and then pulling a knife on them and demanding her daughter back. He knows he needs to do something, so he’ll reach out to Dr. Finnegan. Liam will tell him Steffy got her hands on some illegal meds and he’ll ask Finn for his assistance.

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2. Emotional Intervention

Ridge, Liam and Finn know Steffy’s hooked on opioids and they’ll try to help her by staging an intervention at the cliff house. The three men will tell her they’re concerned and it’s for her own good. Steffy will sob and moan and be in denial about her addiction, but will she finally admit she has a problem?

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1. Steffy Refuses To See The Truth

Like many addicts, Steffy will not admit to herself or to her family and friends that she’s become dependent on her pain pills. She doesn’t realize yet that the pills are numbing not only her physical pain but her emotional pain as well. Will anyone be able to get through to her? Stay tuned to B&B to find out!

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