Bold And The Beautiful Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (October 26 – November 6, 2020)

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Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) speculation teases Brooke and Ridge will look forward to a bright future when they find out they’re still married. Also coming up, Zoe may regret her night with Carter when she reads Zende’s text. Plus, when Quinn’s life falls apart after Eric kicks her out of the Forrester mansion, she’ll blame Shauna. Read on for 12 B&B plotline predictions for October 26 to November 6, 2020.

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12. Zoe And Carter Take The Next Step

Speculation teases the relationship between Zoe and Carter will get a lot more serious. Even though Zoe seems to be torn between her feelings for Zende and Carter, after a romantic evening of wining and dining, she and the Forrester COO will make love. But rumor has it, Zoe may quickly come to regret her actions.

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11. Zoe Sees Zende’s Text

While Zoe was at Carter’s new loft, Zende was getting advice from his former father-in-law. Zende told him he was interested in a woman but hadn’t told her yet and Julius advised Zende to follow his heart and let her know. So Zende sent a text to Zoe telling her not to move too fast with Carter. “Make up an excuse and meet me at the office,” the text said. “I’ll be waiting for you!” Zoe will feel heartsick when she sees the message the next day.

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10. Paris Causes Trouble

Things are going to become even more complicated for Zoe when her little sister Paris arrives in Los Angeles from London. Rumor has it, Paris may become interested in Zende, which will add a fourth to the Zende/Zoe/Carter love triangle. But will Paris also come to town with an agenda, hoping to make trouble for her sister?

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9. Eva Returns

Darin Brooks real life wife Kelly Kruger (best known for playing Mackenzie on the Young And The Restless) will make an appearance in the coming weeks as Eva, a publicist based at Forrester International. She has previously appeared on the B&B several times, assisting with photo shoots in Amsterdam and Paris. Her last stint was in August 2017 when she helped organize the fashion showdown between Forrester Creations and Spectra Fashions in Monte Carlo.

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8. Bridge Gets Great News

“We’re married again,” Brooke happily says to Ridge in the B&B weekly promo. As he looks down at some paperwork, he’ll explain that they were never not married. “Just so there’s no doubt,” Carter will say. “I pronounce you still, husband and wife.” Bridge will look forward to a bright future and will share their happy news with Eric.

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7. Eric Tells Quinn To Leave

Despite pleading with Eric to give her another chance, the Forrester patriarch will tell his wife to get her things and get out of his house. He’s extremely upset that she interfered in Bridge’s life, to insert her bestie Shauna in their relationship. Eric will also have someone take her portrait off the wall and replace it with Stephanie’s.

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6. Quinn Threatens Shauna

As Quinn’s life falls apart, she’ll begin to blame her (now former) bestie Shauna for everything that has happened. She’s furious with Shauna for telling Ridge the truth about what really went down in Las Vegas and will tell her so. She’ll also threaten Shauna that if she comes near her, she’s going to regret it.

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5. Wyatt And Flo Disagree

Wyatt will be peeved with Flo when she informs him that she’s invited his mother to live with them. He will tell Quinn he’s disappointed by everything she’s done lately, and that Eric had a good reason to kick her out. He’ll also tell her that despite Flo’s invite, he wants her to stay at a hotel. Will Flo put her foot down and insist that Wyatt’s mother will stay with them?

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4. Relationship Hits A Speed Bump

With Wyatt and Flo’s mothers at odds, it’s looking like their relationship will hit some speed bumps in the coming weeks. Flo will take Shauna’s side and Wyatt will take Quinn’s and the two will argue about who did what to whom. And if Wyatt agrees to let Quinn move in, it could add a whole other can of worms to their once happy relationship.

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3. Thomas Falls In Love

Thomas will continue to hear the Hope mannequin talking to him. He suspects he’s losing his mind, and he’s right about that, and in the coming weeks he’ll truly begin to believe the mannequin is alive. He will start to believe the doll really is Hope and she’s finally left Liam and decided she wants to be with him.

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2. Vinny Catches Thomas?

Fans are hoping Thomas’ roommate Vinny will catch him with his Hope mannequin. Perhaps he’ll find Thomas and the dummy in a compromising position. Or maybe he’ll walk into his apartment, only to find Thomas having a candlelit dinner with his latest obsession. What will Vinny do if he happens upon Thomas and the mannequin?

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1. Finn And Steffy Make Love

Finn has told Steffy he’ll always be there for her and Kelly and even Liam has given them the green light. Now that Finn and Steffy have declared their love for one another, it only seems natural that they’ll take the next step in their relationship. Will Sinn finally make love and what will it mean for the couple moving forward? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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