Bold And The Beautiful Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (October 19 – 30, 2020)

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Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) speculation teases Eric will kick Quinn out of the Forrester mansion and Wyatt will flip out when Flo invites her to live with them. Also coming up, Finn and Steffy get closer, as Liam’s jealousy grows, and Carter and Zoe make love. Read on for 12 B&B plotline predictions for October 19 to 30, 2020.

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12. Unexpected Visit

Zende will get an unexpected visit from an important person in his past and viewers were hoping it would be his ex-wife Nicole. But spoilers tease the visitor will be none other than his cousin Steffy. More than likely, she’ll pay him a visit to welcome him home and back to the Forrester family fold.

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11. Zoe And Carter Make Love

Despite flirting with Zende for weeks now, speculation teases things will get more serious between Carter and Zoe. Carter will plan a romantic evening for the runway model at his new loft and rumor has it, Zoe will be enchanted. Then this couple will take the next step in their relationship and will make love.

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10. Charlie Returns

Dick Christie will return on October 20 as Charlie Webber, the ever-popular bumbling Forrester security guard. There’s no word on what he’ll be up to, but his reappearance should be a refreshing change of pace and will hopefully bring viewers some comic relief. With Charlie coming back to the B&B canvas, could his girlfriend Pam be far behind?

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9. Bridge’s Good News

Brooke and Ridge will give Eric some good news this week and he will be thrilled to hear it. They’ll tell him that because Ridge never gave Carter the instruction to file the divorce papers, his marriage to Shauna wasn’t legit and they are still legally married. Eric will congratulate Bridge and tell them he knew they’d find their way back to each other.

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8. Quinn Finds Herself Homeless

Eric is fed up with his wife. She did everything in her power to break up Brooke and Ridge and he can’t live with it. He thought she had changed but he now knows that all along she’s been the manipulator everyone has accused her of being. Eric will tell her their marriage is over and to pack her things and get out.

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7. Donna Sees An Opportunity

Donna will find out Queric’s marriage is kaput and she’ll decide the time is ripe to try to win Eric back. She’s been interested in a reunion with her Honey Bear since she returned to LA in 2018, but Eric was fully committed to Quinn at the time. Now that he’s on the market again, viewers can expect Donna to pull out all the stops to get back together with him.

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6. Wyatt Flips Out

Wyatt will flip out when Flo tells him she has invited his mother to live with them. He loves his mom but living with her is a whole other story. Quinn has butted into every relationship Wyatt has ever had. Now that he’s living his happily ever after with his high school sweetheart, will he be worried she’ll ruin that too?

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5. Finn Makes A Promise

Speculation teases Steffy and Finn will grow closer in the coming weeks. The couple have already kissed several times and Finn admitted to Liam that he’s falling for his ex. Finn will promise the object of his affections that he is committed to loving Steffy and taking care of her and Kelly. Some fans think this relationship is moving a little fast; however, unlike Carter, Finn isn’t asking his girlfriend to move in with him after a couple of lunch dates!

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4. Thomas’ Head Bump

Viewers may have noticed that after Thomas leaned under the reception desk at Forrester to grab something he’d dropped; he then knocked his head hard. Thomas also acted a little strange right after it happened. Will something come of this? He seems to have made a change for the better but will his bump on the head revert him to his old ways?

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3. Brooke Cautions Hope

Speaking of Thomas, Brooke will be concerned when Hope shows her Thomas’ latest designs for her Hope For The Future line. She’ll ask her daughter if Thomas is working with her again. Hope will admit he has pleaded his case to be brought back on as a designer on her line. Brooke will caution Hope to remain wary and cautious of Thomas.

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2. Hope’s Ultimatum

Hope will lay out an inconvenient truth for Liam. She’s already told him she thought he was acting jealous when he was complaining about Finn, so what will it be? Spoilers tease she’ll give her husband an ultimatum. Will Hope tell Liam to mind his own business when it comes to Sinn or she’s going to end their relationship?

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1. Liam’s Confession

Speaking of Thomas, speculation teases Liam will make a confession to Hope about Thomas. Although the two men aren’t exactly friends, Liam did point out to Hope recently that he thought Thomas was a great designer and he has seen improvements in his behavior. Will he tell Hope she should give Thomas a chance to design her fashion line? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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