Bold And The Beautiful Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (November 2- 13 2020)

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Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) speculation teases Wyatt will make an appeal to Eric to forgive his mother and take her back. Also coming up, the flip-flopper will flip out when Finn tells him about his conversation with Thomas. Plus, Quinn will hit the roof when she hears about Shauna’s new living arrangement. Read on for 12 B&B plotline predictions for November 2 to 13, 2020.

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12. Paris Hits Los Angeles

As if Zoe’s life isn’t complex enough these days, she’ll be thrown completely off-kilter when her sister shows up in LA. Zoe has been torn between two men during the past couple of weeks. She’s been dating Carter for a while, but since Zende showed up, Zoe’s flirted up a storm with him. Paris will add another level of complication to her life. She’ll be happy to see her sister but will wonder why she’s in town. “You didn’t tell me you were coming to town,” Zoe says in the B&B weekly promo. “And miss the chance to see the look of total shock on my big sister’s face,” Paris replies.

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11. Sisterly Advice

When she sees Paris hitting it off with Zende, Zoe will advise her sister not to spend too much time with him. Rumor has it, she’s going to be jealous of the interest the Forrester designer will have in Paris. Zoe may be dating Carter, but that doesn’t mean she wants to give up all the attention she’s been receiving from Zende.

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10. Eva Returns

Kelly Kruger will make an appearance in the coming weeks as Eva, a publicist based at Forrester International. She has been on the B&B several times and even made a play for Liam once. Eva has also helped with photoshoots in Amsterdam and Paris and organized the Forrester and Spectra fashion showdown in Monte Carlo in 2017.

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9. Bridget’s Visit

Brooke and Eric’s daughter Bridget will be in town for a short while in early November. Rumor has it she may be back to assist a former patient. But while she’s at the hospital, will she run into Finn? If Bridget knows Steffy’s new boyfriend, will viewers finally find out something about the handsome doctor’s background?

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8. Shared Custody

Spoilers tease the Sister Wives will have a conversation about how much time The Waffler has been spending with Kelly. Rumor has it, Steffy and Hope are going to be at odds again soon – just when they’ve finally been getting along so well. Will the women’s quarrel have something to do with Liam visiting his daughter?

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7. A Doctor’s Concern

When Steffy and Finn confronted Thomas about his feelings for Hope, he denied he was headed down that same dark path again. Steffy seemed to believe him, but Finn wasn’t so sure. In the coming weeks, the doctor will become more concerned about Thomas’ well being and his state of mind. Will Finn be the one who ends up finding Thomas with the Hope mannequin?

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6. Finn Spills The Beans

Speculation teases Finn will mention to Liam that Thomas was recently ranting and raving about him. He’ll spill details of the strange conversation he had with Steffy’s brother in which he said Hope wants to be with him and not Liam. The flip flopper will flip out and make a beeline for Thomas’ place.

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5. Liam Springs Into Action

Liam will burst into Thomas’ apartment and rumor has it, he will be stunned by what he sees. Will he find Thomas in a compromising position with the Hope mannequin? He may, but it seems highly doubtful, as the writers may want to drag this creepy storyline on a little longer. Liam may just rush in and find Thomas staring at a photo of Hope. Whatever he finds, it’ll be enough to set off alarm bells in Liam’s head and he’ll talk to Hope and Steffy about it.

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4. Thomas’ Dark Turn

After his confrontation with Liam, Thomas will once again take a turn toward the dark side. He will indulge in raw emotions like fear, aggression, and his hatred for Liam, as he becomes more and more drawn to the Hope mannequin. But will he let his dark side consume him, or will he get help for his problems before it’s too late?

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3. Quinn Stunned

When she was at the Forrester mansion pleading with Eric to forgive her and take her back, Quinn was astonished when Shauna walked down the stairs. The Forrester patriarch and the former Vegas showgirl gave each other knowing looks and Quinn wasn’t sure what was going on. She’ll find out shortly and it just may end her relationship with her best friend.

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2. Former Besties?

It’s expected Eric will tell Quinn that Shauna is moving into the Forrester guest house. Quinn will hit the roof and she’ll openly blame Shauna for her current predicament. But will Shauna make an enemy out of her bestie by pursuing a romantic relationship with Eric? And how will Quinn react if she does?

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1. Wyatt Makes An Appeal

Fed up that his mother is now living with him and Flo, Wyatt will try his best to get Eric to forgive Quinn. He wants his mother out of the beach house ASAP and will appeal to the Forrester patriarch’s kind nature. Will Wyatt be able to convince Eric to take Quinn back? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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