Bold And The Beautiful Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (March 14-25, 2022)

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As Thomas tries to keep a lid on his awful secret, Brooke will come to a moment of truth about her love life on The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B). Also, Grace will show some slightly unhinged behavior while Deacon faces a crossroads. Looking beyond the latest spoilers, below are B&B plotline predictions for March 14th to 25th, 2022.

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12. Taylor Slows Things Down

After Ridge entered Taylor’s bedroom and planted a passionate kiss on her lips, Taylor will encourage Ridge to take a breather and make sure he knows what he wants. While this is solid advice from a psychiatrist – and especially admirable given that Dr. Hayes is in love with Ridge – she might live to regret slowing things down!

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11. Brooke’s Change Of Heart

Just ask Brooke how quickly a decision can change! Just last week, she decided to let her marriage go and advised her husband to be happy with Taylor. But after Hope gives her mother renewed confidence, Brooke will not only get her fighting spirit back – she’ll be aghast that she ever gave Ridge permission to be with her nemesis!

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10. Moment Of Truth

It sounds like all of Brooke’s tears and confusion since that wild New Year’s Eve with Deacon are building to a moment of truth. On Thursday, March 24th, B&B will celebrate their 35th anniversary with a standalone episode dedicated to Brooke’s true loves. Logan will be visited by Ridge, Eric and Bill as she attempts to figure out her destiny. And that isn’t all…

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9. Returning Exes

As if three isn’t already a crowd, Jack Wagner will return to portray Nick Marone and Winsor Harmon will reprise his role as Thorne Forrester. They’ll all arrive in Brooke’s living room, presumably in a dream sequence. But will they guide her back to, or away from, her husband?

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8. Could Stephanie Make An Appearance?

It’ll be interesting to see Nick and Thorne back in LA, but there are rumblings that other surprise guests may show up as well! Brooke and Hope recently discussed Stephanie Forrester, who famously called Brooke “the slut from the valley”. Although Susan Flannery’s character passed away in Brooke’s arms – and their rivalry had long-since been resolved – perhaps a ghostly visit from the Forrester matriarch will give Brooke the strength to push forward.

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7. Deacon’s Crossroads

Deacon has been pretty respectful of Brooke’s wishes lately, keeping a distance while she tries to sort out her future. But how long will that last? With Ridge out of the picture, this is Deacon’s chance to prove that he’s the better man. Will he remain on his (mostly) honorable course, or finally let Sheila manipulate the situation for his benefit? B&B spoilers state that Sheila will hit a nerve with Sharpe while trash-talking Logan; will this present Ms. Carter with a new scheme idea?

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6. And What About Bridget?

Bridget Forrester, played by Ashley Jones, is another character who has been rumored to return to B&B. Adding fuel to the 35th anniversary rumors, the actress was recently photographed standing with Matthew Atkinson (Thomas) on the set. However, it seems more likely that Bridget will become a wild card in the Brooke and Deacon storyline in the weeks ahead; that, or Jones was just visiting friends on the set.

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5. Steffy Needles Thomas For Information

Filled with guilt and self-doubt, Thomas is like a walking powder keg as he tries to contain Sheila’s secret. However, Ridge and Steffy both sense that something’s amiss with the young man. Ridge may be too preoccupied to address his suspicion right now, but Steffy will continue to challenge her brother about his change of attitude regarding Brooke. If Steffy finds out what Sheila did, she won’t have the same level of compassion for Logan as her brother.

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4. Thomas And Hope

It’ll be an entirely different dynamic, however, when Hope and Thomas run into each other at Forrester Creations. Thomas will take a compassionate stance and ask about her mother, which might set off an alarm in Hope’s mind. Why is Thomas (of all people) worried about Brooke – especially when his parents are newly reunited? Could Thomas tell his former flame that there’s more to this story than she thinks?

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3. Grace Won’t Take No For An Answer

Grace will prove that she’s no pushover when it comes to her daughter’s prospects. She’ll refuse to accept Paris’ declaration of love for Carter and even ask the Forrester COO to sanction the union between her daughter and Zende. How will Carter react to this ludicrous request?

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2. Carter Wimps Out Again

Yep. Carter will once again throw a pity party at the first sign of trouble. When Grace plays on Carter’s insecurities, telling Paris that even Carter knows her future is better off with Zende, Carter will agree. Not only that, but he’ll instruct Paris to marry Zende if he proposes again!

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1. Paris Won’t Back Down

Grace may be overstepping, and Carter may be in a tailspin, but neither of those trends will mean squat to Paris Buckingham. She’s as in love with Carter as she is indifferent to a future with Zende. So, she’ll test her mother by rejecting her authority, and continuing on with Carter. But how will Grace respond to this insubordination? It might not worry Paris, but it should certainly worry Carter!

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