Bold And The Beautiful Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (July 27 – August 7, 2020)

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Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) speculation teases Ridge will rage at Bill and demand he leaves the hospital after he finds out his rival caused Steffy’s accident. Also coming up, Sally will have a real medical emergency and Ridge will be stunned when he realizes he married Shauna in Las Vegas. Read on for 12 B&B plotline predictions for July 27 to August 7, 2020.

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12. Ridge And Shauna Got Hitched

As revealed in a recent B&B promo, Shauna and Ridge did get married in Las Vegas. Ridge will be stunned when Shauna tells him they are man and wife. And it’s not like she doesn’t have proof. She’ll hand him their marriage certificate, which he signed. But Ridge will still have no recollection of marrying her during their wild night out on the town.

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11. Brooke Is Devastated

Brooke will be beside herself when Ridge breaks the news that he is married to Shauna. He’ll apologize and remark that he blacked out and has no memory of tying the knot with the former Vegas showgirl. This, however, will not satisfy her. “Don’t tell me that you don’t remember,” a tearful Brooke says to him in a preview video.

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10. Quinn Is Determined

Once Quinn hears Shauna’s happy news, she will be determined to keep her bestie married to Ridge. She’ll also want Brooke as far away from Ridge as possible. So, Quinn will set about to do what she does best, meddle in other people’s lives. She’s going to head to Spencer Publications and will tell Bill he should go after Brooke.

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9. Bill At A Crossroads

Now that Katie has told Bill that she doesn’t want him back, for now at least, he’ll be at a crossroads of sorts. Will he take Quinn’s advice and forget about Katie, hoping to renew the passionate relationship he once had with Brooke? Then there’s Steffy. Hitting her with his vehicle and seeing her in a coma in that hospital bed seemed to renew the deep feelings he’s had for her in the past. Will he begin to fall for Steffy again?

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8. Sally Tries To Explain Herself

Sally will literally beg Wyatt for forgiveness, as she tells him about how the tall tale began when she was at the doctor’s office. She will talk about how she saw Katie, who then joined her during her appointment, and how the lie snowballed from there. Will Wyatt ever be able to forgive her deception?

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7. Does Sally Have A Brain Tumor?

Spoilers tease Sally will face a real medical emergency in the next week and will collapse in front of Wyatt, Penny and Flo. Penny will leap into doctor mode and Flo will call 9-1-1.  But what is wrong with Sally? Some speculation suggests the fiery redhead may have a brain tumor, which could be the cause of all her outrageous behavior lately. This wouldn’t be the first time B&B has used a brain tumor to explain away strange actions. After Pam tried to kill Donna at Big Bear Cabin, it turned out she had a tumor. Could this be the case with Sally?

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6. Katie Is Angry

Katie will furious when Flo and Wyatt tell her Sally lied about having a fatal illness. She’ll remember the doctor’s appointments and will be incredulous when she realizes how Sally played upon her sympathies. Then she’ll go to Sally’s apartment, planning to confront Sally about how she used her as a pawn in her sick game.

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5. Steffy Recovers

Dr. Finnegan, a.k.a. Finn, will rush to Steffy’s side when he sees that she’s opened her eyes. “You’re awake and alert,” Finn tells Steffy in a B&B preview. “That’s a very good sign.” Ridge and Brooke will be thrilled when they find out his daughter has woken up and both will be anxious to see her.

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4. Lope Lends A Hand

Liam will get a call from Brooke, telling him about Steffy’s accident. After he visits her at the hospital, he and Hope will arrive at Steffy’s house to take care of Kelly. Both are concerned about her, but they will also be very relieved when they find out she’ll be okay. Then later, Liam, Hope and Beth will welcome Steffy home when she’s finally released.

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3. Ridge’s Rage

There will be no end to Ridge’s rage once he finds out his daughter is in the hospital because of Dollar Bill. When he finds out how seriously Steffy has been injured and learns the extent of her pain, he will blame Bill and will angrily confront him about what happened on the road that fateful day. After Steffy is awake, Bill will ask to see her so he can apologize, and Ridge will explode and demand that he leaves the hospital.

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2. Bill On The Hot Seat

Bill will not only face Ridge’s rage, he’ll be questioned by Detective Sanchez this week. The detective will arrive at the hospital looking for answers about Steffy’s motorcycle accident. “According to the EMT’s, you were at the scene when they arrived,” he tells Bill in a B&B preview video. He will then take the Spencer magnate’s statement about his part in the accident. Is Bill going to face charges for what happened to Steffy?

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1. Thomas Returns

Once Steffy has returned home, her brother Thomas will pay her a visit. He too was worried about her and will be happy to see that her doctor is taking a keen interest in her recovery. Thomas will tell Finn to take of his sister. But what else will Thomas be up to now that he’s back on the scene? Is he going to cause problems for Lope? Stay tuned to B&B to find out!

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