Bold And The Beautiful: Plotline Predictions For October 2020

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Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) speculation teases Ridge will dump Shauna during their redo wedding ceremony. Also coming up, Quinn will get busted for her part in manipulating a drunken Ridge and Thomas and Zende will go head to head at Forrester Creations. Read on for 12 B&B plotline predictions for October 2020.

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12. Finn Helps Steffy

Steffy will return from rehab and rumor has it, Finn will be by her side. He’s going to do everything in his power to assist in her recovery. He will also feel for her as she confides in him about her greatest fears and fondest hopes. Sinn will grow even closer in the coming weeks.

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11. Could Zoe Overhear?

Someone may overhear Shauna and Quinn blabbing about the Vegas secret to each other, but who will it be? Some spoilers point to Zoe blowing their secret out of the water. She recently groveled to Brooke about her part in the baby Beth secret and then mentioned she thinks Ridge should be with Brooke, not Shauna. Will she make amends for past mistakes by outing the secret?

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10. Donna’s Clandestine Meeting

Other speculation teases Donna could be the one who uncovers damaging information on the besties. It was mentioned just this week that Donna was on her way to a secretive meeting with someone and it could be none other than the Vegas wedding officiant. Does Donna know more than she’s letting on and will it come to light at Ridge and Shauna’s redo wedding?

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9. Shauna’s Conscious Gets The Better Of Her

There is some conjecture that teases Shauna will feel so guilty about lying to Ridge that she’ll confess all while they’re saying their vows to each other. She recently told Quinn she’d like to start her new life with Ridge based on a clean slate. Of course, Quinn told her to keep her trap shut about what they both did to manipulate Ridge.

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8. Mystery Guest

Who will be the mystery guest at the Shridge wedding? Some fans are guessing this spoiler is just a red herring and the guest will be Zende, who is returning to LA on October 7. But it could also be the Vegas wedding officiant, who will tell all the wedding guests that Ridge was so drunk he couldn’t even utter the words I Do.

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7. Wedding Day Surprises

Ridge and Shauna’s wedding day will not go as expected. Spoilers tease there will be twists and turns and major bombshells will explode. In the end though, the truth will come out, whether it’s due to Shauna’s guilty conscience, Donna unearthing some evidence or the Vegas wedding officiant telling all. Whatever happens, it will surely put an end to Ridge and Shauna’s relationship for good.

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6. Quinn Busted

One positive thing that will come out of the debacle of a wedding, from Brooke’s point of view, is that Quinn will be busted. Everyone in attendance will be stunned to learn she convinced Shauna to send a text to Carter from Ridge’s phone, ending his marriage to Brooke. They’ll also find out she told her bestie to get Ridge good and drunk and drag him to a wedding chapel.

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5. Bridge’s Emotional Moment

Brooke and Ridge will share an emotional moment after the truth comes out, thanks to Carter. It’s rumored he’ll offer to remarry them, once they find out his marriage to Shauna was a complete sham. True love will triumph once again as Brooke and Ridge say their vows to each other.

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4. Bill And Shauna Hook Up?

Bill has called Shauna every name in the book, including a gold digger and Showgirl Shauna. But now that he and Katie have split and Shauna’s marriage to Ridge is done, will these two connect? It wouldn’t be the first time. Bill slept with Shauna years ago and was even worried last year that he could be Flo’s baby daddy. Will Bill and Shauna end up finding comfort in each other’s arms?

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3. Unexpected News

Zende will return to LA on October 7 with some unexpected news. It could be that he and Nicole have ended their marriage. But why? Some speculation suggests Nicole and Rick may have been having an affair in Paris, which could also finally solve the mystery of why Maya and Rick split in late 2018. And spoilers tease as Zende and Zoe begin working together, there will be an undeniable magnetism between them.

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2. Carter’s Next Level Proposal

Carter will take a gigantic step in his relationship with Zoe and rumor has it he may ask her to move in with him, even though they’ve only been on one date. Perhaps Carter will sense an attraction between Zende and Zoe and wants to seal the deal with his main squeeze. Where is Zoe living these days anyway? Is she still at Vinny’s apartment? If so, she should jump at the chance to move anywhere else!

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1. Thomas And Zende Go Head To Head

Rumor has it, Thomas will compete with Zende for the head designer position on the Hope For The Future Line. Thomas has years of experience as a designer under his belt but Zende has the advantage of having lived in Paris, the fashion capital of the world. After all is said and done, who will come out on top? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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