Bold And The Beautiful: Spoilers For Spring 2019

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As the weather warms up this spring, things will also be heating up on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Trouble for Wally looms as former lovers Thomas and Sally start working together again, and Wyatt’s high school sweetheart Flo begins working with him at Spencer Publications. Also, when Steffy returns to LA, will the baby switch storyline finally be resolved? Read on for 12 B&B crazy and shocking spoilers for spring 2019.

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12. High School Sweethearts Reconnect

Rumor has it, Wyatt will hire Flo as the receptionist at Spencer Publications. This will give her a chance to reconnect with her ex and spoilers tease the pair will get to know each other all over again. With Wyatt and Flo becoming closer this spring, there are spoilers indicating she will kiss him again. She seems to be falling hard for Wyatt and he seems to have a fondness for her, but would this be enough for him to break up with Sally?

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11. Flo’s Father Revealed

Spoilers tease that Flo will find out who her father is very soon. Now that her mother Shauna is in town, Flo has had a lot of questions about her past and she will demand to know who her dad is. There is a lot of speculation it could be Deacon, which would make her Hope’s half-sister. There are other rumors her father could be Ridge (which would make her Steffy’s half-sister) or Eric. There is even a rumor that Bill is her father, which would open a whole other can of worms, considering she dated Bill’s son Wyatt in high school.

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10. Meddling Matchmakers

Quinn is at it again when she starts meddling in Wyatt’s life. And it looks like she will team up with Shauna to try to reunite Wyatt and Flo. In fact, the pair will scheme together to break up Wyatt and Sally so their children can get together. Neither Quinn or Shauna know that Flo is hiding a terrible secret which could not only ruin her relationship with Wyatt but send her to jail.

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9. Woes For Wally

Wyatt and Sally’s relationship, which was rock solid only a few weeks ago, has been shaken by several events recently. The first was Wyatt running into his high school sweetheart Flo and the second was Sally reneging on her deal with Wyatt to run Spencer Fashions with him. Wyatt still loves Sally, but he will begin to question his relationship with her. As he gets closer to Flo in the coming weeks, his old feelings for her will also come back. But will he consider breaking up with Sally to be with Flo? Only time will tell.

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8. Familiar Feelings

Thomas being back in town could also contribute to a Wally downfall. He’ll likely go back to work at Forrester Creations shortly and with Sally deciding to stay there, it looks like they’ll spend a lot of time working together this spring. With their creative juices flowing, so to speak, will sparks start to fly between the former lovers again?

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7. History Repeats Itself?

It looks like Brooke’s concerns about what Taylor wants for Hope and Thomas will be justified. However, the potential pairing of this couple will have nothing to do with an interfering Doctor Hayes. A few years ago, when Hope lost her baby with Wyatt, she ran to Liam for comfort and ended her marriage to Wyatt. It looks like she may do the same thing to Liam and will try to move on with Thomas. Now that Ridge and Taylor’s son is back in LA, he and Hope have been spending a lot of together. Add Thomas’ young son Douglas, and the three of them could find fulfillment together as a family this spring.

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6. Thomas Charmed By Hope

Hope’s gradual inclination to be part of a family with Thomas and Douglas will certainly not be one-sided. Thomas is also feeling an attraction to Hope these days as well. And the pair will grow even closer this spring, as Hope showers Douglas with love and attention. Thomas thinks Hope would make a great mother to Douglas and this makes him feel even closer to her.

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5. Liam And Hope On Shaky Ground

Hope will continue to shut her husband out. It won’t be on purpose and she’s still in love with Liam, but she will be more interested in spending time with Douglas and Thomas than with him. Liam has warned Hope that Douglas is not her son and she’s getting too close to the little boy, but she’s not going to heed his warning. And it won’t take long for Liam to notice the lack of attention he is receiving from his wife.

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4. Steffy Returns To LA

With Jacqueline MacInnes Wood’s maternity leave ending shortly, viewers can expect to see her return as Steffy in late spring. She’ll be back from Paris with daughters Kelly and Phoebe and it’s expected the baby switch storyline will ramp up once again. But will The Triangle of Doom also rear its ugly head? With Liam and Hope’s marriage on the decline, will Steffy’s return be perfect timing for a Steam reunion?

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3. Batie Reunion

Speaking of reunions, having discovered their son Will was their matchmaker, Bill and Katie will get down to the business of reuniting for real. The exes seem to be enjoying each other’s company these days and getting back together just seems like a natural progression. But will they take the next step in their relationship this spring and could wedding bells be on the horizon for this couple?

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2. Zoe’s Shame

It looks like Zoe will continue to feel ashamed about what her father did to Hope and Liam. But now that she is heavily involved in the cover-up, she will worry that his reprehensible actions will come to light this spring. She will find herself constantly trying to divert Flo and Hope. But as the women get to know each other better this spring, they will become friends. Zoe is terrified by this turn of events and is concerned it will lead to Flo confessing to Hope that the child she thought was stillborn is still alive.

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1. Will Baby Beth Secret Be Revealed?

May sweeps will hit the airwaves this spring and B&B fans are hoping it will put an end to the baby Beth/baby Phoebe switch storyline. Since January, Hope has believed her child was dead and has been dealing with the heartbreaking consequences ever since. Sorry folks, it looks like this one’s going to play out longer than viewers were hoping. However, there is always a chance that writers could surprise us and end the agony of this plot sooner, rather than later. Stay tuned this spring to find out!

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