Bold And The Beautiful: Crazy And Shocking Spoilers For September 2018


During the month of August on the Bold and The Beautiful (B&B), viewers saw Liam and Hope get married with Steffy’s blessing; Katie threatening to sue Bill for sole guardianship of their son Will; and Thorne continuing to poke the bear that is Bill Spencer. The month of September on B&B promises Lope baby drama, more plot twists in the custody storyline and trouble brewing at Forrester Creations. Below are 12 crazy and shocking B&B spoilers for September 2018.

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12. No Back To School For This Triangle

Traditionally, the interns on B&B usually head back to school in September, but (much to viewers’ chagrin) this month will not see the end of the Emma-Xander-Zoe storyline and this love triangle will continue. Emma thinks Xander should be with her because they have shared a few kisses and Zoe believes Xander is hers because they shared a son (their dearly departed cat Harry) and a passionate affair together. Who will end up winning Xander’s heart?

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11. Spencer vs. Spencer

The custody battle over Katie and Bill’s son will get very real in late September and both parents will have their day in court. Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman’s Joe Lando (also ex Jake Harrison on One Life to Live) will guest star as Judge Craig McMullen on B&B starting on September 20. Will Judge McMullen award sole custody of Will to Katie or Bill or will he rule that the two should continue to share custody of their son?

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10. Thorne Doesn’t Let Up

As Thorne grows closer with Katie, will he continue to assert his influence and interfere in the custody clash between Bill and Katie? Many viewers think Thorne should be minding his own business in this matter, but spoilers show Thorne does not keep his nose out of the custody issue and will continue to give Katie his unsolicited advice and stir the pot between her and Bill.

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9. Bill’s Issues With Himself

Bill knows he won’t win any Father of the Year awards. He’s well aware of his shortcomings as a father and the horrible things he’s done to his grown sons over the past year. Even his right-hand man Justin has suggested that Katie having sole custody of Bill’s son could be the best thing for Will. But despite all this, when it comes to the custody fight this September, viewers can be sure there is no way Bill is going to back down.

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8. Clandestine Contract

One crazy rumor making the rounds is that Bill will make a secret deal with Brooke to testify on his behalf in the custody fight over Will. Brooke is already defending Bill’s fatherhood rights to Ridge and Thorne, but when it comes right down to it, will she actually speak out against her own sister in court? This could lead to troubles in her marriage to Ridge and hurt feelings between Brooke and Katie, but could it also lead to sparks flying between Brooke and Bill again?

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7. One Line Fits All

Another crazy spoiler for the month of September is that, due to productions costs, Ridge will be forced to make a decision about which clothing line will continue at Forrester Creations – his daughter’s new Intimates collection or Brooke’s daughter’s Hope For The Future line. If Ridge chooses Steffy’s line (which is highly likely) and cancels Hope’s, we can expect even more troubles befalling Ridge and Brooke’s marriage and possibly a family feud to boot.

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6. Forrester’s Founder Weighs In

With Eric owning the same amount of Forrester Creations shares as Steffy, you can bet he is going to exert his influence over any business judgment being made. Viewers can also expect his wife Quinn to use her influence over him regarding his choice. Considering Quinn was the one who pushed for Steffy to be made CEO of Forrester Creations to begin with, it seems pretty obvious where her loyalties lie.

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5. Wyatt and Sally Continue to Connect

Things are looking up for this unexpected but popular pairing and spoilers show that Wyatt and Sally will grow even closer in the upcoming month. September spoilers indicate they will express their love for one another and Wyatt will be as supportive of Sally as ever. But will the upcoming troubles at Forrester Creations test this couple’s resolve?

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4. Family Ties

Taylor, Brooke and Ridge will continue to weigh in on Steffy and Hope’s lives. Will Taylor persist in advising Steffy to fight for the man she loves, or will she be supportive of her daughter’s decision to step away from the father of her baby daughter? Ridge has said he now supports the Lope marriage, but he also wants love and happiness for his daughter and granddaughter and unfortunately, his business decision at Forrester Creations could pit his daughter against his step-daughter once again. As always, it’s expected that Brooke will stand by her daughter Hope in her marriage to Liam and her professional life at Forrester Creations.

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3. Trouble In Bridge Paradise

Business doesn’t always mix with pleasure and Ridge and Brooke’s relationship will be put to the test in September, both professionally and personally. Brooke will obviously promote Hope’s clothing line over Steffy’s to her husband and Ridge’s decision about the future of Forrester could have implications in their marriage. Further complications will also likely arise if Ridge finds out Brooke is helping Bill in his custody case.

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2. Rivalry Heats Up

Although Hope and Steffy’s rivalry over Liam seems to be done for now that doesn’t mean their work challenges are over. If, as September spoilers are indicating, one of their clothing collections is going to be shelved, we can expect the alliance between these two frenemies to get ugly fast. Both Hope and Steffy will make their case to Ridge and it will ultimately be up to him to decide which woman comes out on top.

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1. Right Into The Danger Zone

Not many pregnancies on soaps run their course without some kind of scare and Hope’s pregnancy will be no exception. Early in September, Hope will experience a problem in her pregnancy and she and Liam will rush to the hospital. Spoilers aren’t pointing to a miscarriage yet but are indicating the Lope pregnancy will be a high risk one. Will the stress of fighting for her Hope For The Future clothing line push this expectant mother over the edge?

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