Bold And The Beautiful: Crazy And Shocking Spoilers For Fall 2018


The temperatures may be falling and the leaves changing color but the cast of the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) will be heating up the small screen this fall. Will the “sister wives” continue to battle over business and over Liam? Will Brooke’s problems with Ridge propel her into Bill’s bed? Also, the custody clash over Katie and Bill’s son will come to an emotional conclusion. So, bundle up and hold on to your pumpkin spice lattes this fall as the drama soars. See more below in the 12 B&B crazy and shocking spoilers for fall 2018.

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12. Tempted By The Fruit Of Another

Xander wasn’t exactly disconcerted when Zoe kissed him after the Intimates preview in late August and this has made Zoe even more confident that she can win her ex back. This fall, Zoe will continue to push for a reunion with Xander and will brazenly interfere in his relationship with Forrester intern Emma. Rumors are indicating that innocent Emma will want to take things slow, which will make Zoe become more blatantly sensual in chasing her old flame.

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11. Her Future’s So Bright, She’s Gotta Wear Shades

Sally Spectra’s career will be on the rise this fall. Her former rival Steffy is grateful that Sally wants to support her lingerie line and will reward her with a job designing for the Forrester Creations Intimates line. Sally has already sketched a few designs and Steffy will be impressed. Sally will be over the moon doing what she loves, and her creativity will electrify the lingerie line.

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10. Rising Up

Sally’s love life will also be on the rise, as Sally and Wyatt grow closer throughout the fall. Wyatt will be thrilled for Sally and very supportive of her designing for the Intimates line, and he will be as loyal as ever. As their relationship becomes even stronger, could an autumn engagement be in the cards for the couple?

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9. Family Feud

The “sister wives” truce is over, and viewers can expect the tension to only get worse between Steffy and Hope this fall on B&B. With the fallout over Ridge choosing Steffy’s Intimates line over the Hope For The Future clothing line, expect more many more arguments between the two women, and the major involvement of Hope’s mother Brooke and possibly Steffy’s mother Taylor. The annual Forrester mansion Thanksgiving episode this year should be jam-packed with drama. In August, viewers were treated to a delicious Brooke-Taylor cake flinging fight, will they give thanks this autumn for a tasty Brooke-Taylor pumpkin pie throwing tussle? Let’s hope so!

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8. Chilly Fall For Liam

Liam will continue to play referee in the newly ignited hostilities between his wife and the mother of his child. Liam will obviously want to continue to visit his daughter Kelly, but Hope will be nervous about it, knowing he’ll also be seeing Steffy and wondering if she will stick to her promise to stay out of her marriage to Liam. He will try to keep the peace between the two women, for the sake of his daughter Kelly and his unborn child, but it will be a challenge, especially for a waffler like Liam.

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7. Flip, Flop And Fly

Now that they’re married with a baby on the way, Hope and Liam will fall more deeply in love in the coming months, but Steffy is still very much on Liam’s mind. He won’t be able to forget her words to him recently when she told him that even though she had stepped away, she still loved him. Complicating the situation even further is the fact that Liam notoriously flip-flops between women. Fall spoilers say Steffy may be regretting her decision to let Liam go and may change her mind and decide she wants him back. Why anyone would want this chump back is really the big question here. Liam wants to be a good husband to Hope, but will he be torn between Hope and Steffy once again? All bets are off when it comes to this Triangle of Doom.

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6. Marriage Mayhem

Ridge and Brooke’s marriage will be put to the test on many different fronts this fall. Rumor has it that Bill, who has become increasingly enamored with his ex-wife Brooke again, will try to kiss her. Brooke is obviously head over heels in love with Ridge, but she’s also known for following her heart (meaning she’ll sleep with whomever she pleases). The current family conflict between their daughters and Ridge choosing Steffy’s Intimates line over Hope’s clothing line may just push her over the edge, right into Bill’s bed.

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5. Do You Want To Know A Secret?

The chemistry between Brooke and Bill is undeniable but will Brooke reciprocate? If Brooke and Bill do reunite, speculation is rampant that this fall, Bill could (inadvertently or otherwise) reveal the big secret he’s been harboring for months, that Steffy’s mom Taylor was the person who shot him in the back. It’s a juicy secret Brooke could use in many ways, including throwing it in Steffy and Taylor’s faces. More wedding cake, anyone?

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4. She’ll Be Back

Like the Terminator, Taylor always comes back and wreaks havoc, and the character will return in the fall, according to spoilers. She will throw herself headfirst into the ongoing battle between Hope and her daughter Steffy. Viewers can expect many arguments between Taylor and her arch enemy Brooke. There is also speculation that while Brooke and Ridge experience problems in their marriage, Taylor could be waiting in the wings to make a move on her ex-husband Ridge.

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3. More Relationship Troubles Ahead

Brooke’s relationship with her sister Katie will suffer due to her secret meetings with Bill. Once Ridge finds out about it and the cat is out of the bag, it won’t be long before troublemaker Thorne hears and warns Katie. Also, will Brooke testify against her sister at the custody hearing for Will? If she does, Brooke could be damaging her relationship with her sister for good. Although, if sleeping with Katie’s husband didn’t do it, who knows what would?

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2. Wedding Bells Amidst The Chaos?

Katie and Thorne will continue to connect and after their quickie engagement and Thorne will try to provide a suitable role model for Katie’s son Will. Rumors are saying Thorne will try to rush Katie to the altar because he wants to become Will’s stepfather right away. He’s also hoping to show the judge in Katie’s custody battle that the two of them will provide a much more stable home for Will than single dad Bill. Viewers must wonder though, is Thorne madly in love with Katie or is he more focused on sticking it to Bill?

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1. Custody Battle Conclusion

Bill wants to demonstrate to his son Will that he can be the father the boy needs, but he hasn’t succeeded so far. Still, he’s determined not to give up. Will he have better luck proving his dedication to the judge (who will be played by Joe Lando)? As fall arrives, B&B will be in the middle of the heated custody battle between Katie and Bill. No matter the judge’s decision, there will be hurt and angry feelings in the end. Viewers should expect some very moving scenes and an emotional conclusion to the court case this fall.

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