Bold And The Beautiful 2019 Forecast: Crazy Plotline Predictions


With a brand-new year on the horizon, Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) fans have begun to speculate on what 2019 could have in store for the characters on their favorite soap. How many couples will break up this year and how many will stay together? Also, the Who Shot Bill storyline will be back in 2019 – with a bullet. And will heartbreak for Hope and Liam lead to a Triangle of Doom redux? Read below for 12 Bold And The Beautiful plotline predictions for 2019.

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12. Thatie Terminated

In the wake of Ingo Rademacher’s (Thorne) announcement that he is not renewing his B&B contract, it is safe to assume Thorne and Katie’s hastily arranged marriage will be over almost as quickly as it began. Katie never seems to catch a break when it comes to love and marriage but her coupling with Thorne was awkward from the beginning and many fans will be relieved when it ends. How will Katie and Bill’s son Will take the news? Will he be hoping his parents reunite in 2019?

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11. Happy Trails for Wally

Wyatt and Sally will continue to be one of the few happy couples left on B&B as 2019 rolls on. Now that they’ve expressed their love for one another, a possible engagement and wedding could be in the cards for Wally in the upcoming year. Sally still has big dreams of owning her own fashion house, so could the pair strike out on their own? Considering Bill’s changed man status and his increasing focus on the happiness of his sons, it’s possible he could offer to bankroll a new business for his son and Sally in 2019. Could a Spencer-Spectra fashion house be in this couple’s future?

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10. Splitsville For Eric And Quinn?

As Pam continues working with Donna, the pair become even closer friends. But instead of reveling in her newfound friendship, it will make Pam even more furious that Eric remains married to Quinn. Donna still wants her ex-husband back and will be on the ‘get Quinn out of Eric’s life’ bandwagon with Pam. Eric has been unwavering in his loyalty to Quinn, but B&B writers must have brought the character of Donna back for a reason and most viewers assumed it was to reunite her with her Honey Bear. If Eric does give in to temptation and cheats on Quinn with Donna, will Quinn be able to forgive him? Will Eric and Quinn’s seemingly blissful marriage last through 2019?

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9. Bridge Will Collapse

Ridge and Brooke’s incessant arguing over Bill, their daughters and most recently about Taylor will continue to take a heavy toll on their marriage in 2019. This couple has been skating on thin ice for months now and despite Ridge’s resolution to be even more committed to Brooke in the upcoming year, it looks likely that they could break up by the spring. This would leave the door wide open for new romantic opportunities for both Brooke and Ridge.

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8. Bill And Brooke Reunite

If there is a Bridge collapse, Bill will be waiting to help Brooke pick up the pieces. She already believes Bill is a changed man and will have seen him step it up to help his son Liam get to her daughter Hope when she was in labor. Bill will continue to pleasantly surprise her in 2019 through his selfless actions. Brooke will mourn the loss of her broken marriage for a few weeks, but she will once again follow her heart, right into bed with her Stallion by summer.

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7. Quinn And Ridge Together Again?

If both Ridge and Quinn find themselves single in 2019, this could lead to a whole new relationship between the pair. Viewers will recall the stolen kisses between Ridge and Quinn back in 2017, which ultimately led to Brooke calling off her wedding to Ridge. There was a lot of chemistry between Ridge and Quinn back in the day, but could they recapture it in 2019?

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6. Who Shot Bill Isn’t Over

Taylor will continue to deal with the shame and ramifications of shooting Bill in the back. Bradley Bell told Soap Opera Digest that, in 2019, “Taylor struggles with guilt, and fear of repercussion, over being Bill’s shooter. ‘Who Shot Bill’ continues to play out with twists and turns you won’t expect.” Some viewers still believe the real shooter was Bill’s son Liam, who had more than enough motive to have done the deed. On Twitter, Hunter Tylo (Taylor) has suggested that Taylor could have been brainwashed either into shooting Bill or into believing she was the one who shot him. But who would be evil enough to do such a thing? Speculation is widespread that the real culprit could turn out to be none other than Sheila Carter.

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5. Gentler Dollar Bill

Speaking of Bill, he will persist in proving to Brooke that he has changed his entire outlook on life. Not only that, he will continue to prove it to his sons. Bill will support Wyatt in his career and his relationship with Sally. He will also have Liam’s back during a sad time in his life and will continue to be there for his youngest son Will, particularly after his mother and Thorne end their marriage. Bill will also continue to keep Taylor’s secret, that she was the one who shot him, from the police. If the truth eventually comes out in 2019, it won’t be Bill’s doing.

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4. Intern Triangle

Xander will be off the B&B canvas for a while, as Adain Bradley is filming a movie during the winter of 2019. When he does return, it should be just in time to support his girlfriend Zoe. When her father Reese’s past comes knocking, viewers can expect Xander to be there, supporting his girlfriend. And although Emma has told Xander she’s happy he’s moved on with Zoe, she isn’t done with him yet and will ask her best friend Tiffany to keep an eye on him for her as she delves into learning more about the fashion business at Forrester Creations.

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3. Let’s Make A Baby Deal

Steffy will adopt a baby girl early in 2019 and name her Phoebe. After kidnapping baby Beth and telling Hope and Liam their child was stillborn, Reese will be responsible for brokering the baby deal. He will tell Taylor that a baby girl is available for adoption, but it will cost her $200,000. Taylor will have no problem coming up with the cash, which Reese will then use to pay off his gambling debts. Steffy will be thrilled that Kelly is going to grow up with a sister, just like she did. What she and her mother won’t realize is that baby Phoebe is Liam and Hope’s daughter Beth.

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2. Health Scare For Baby Kelly

Having already suffered through several fevers, baby Kelly’s health will continue to deteriorate. It will be revealed in 2019 that Steffy and Liam’s daughter has an illness that will require another child with a DNA match to save her life. To everyone’s surprise, Steffy’s adopted daughter Phoebe will be a perfect match. Liam and Hope will find out the child is the baby they thought was stillborn. Viewers can expect the truth to come out during the February or May sweeps period. Hope will be overjoyed but this storyline will most likely end in heartbreak for Steffy and prison time for Reese.

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1. Triangle Of Doom, Circa 2019

B&B writers could not let a year go by without revisiting the Triangle of Doom. If the spoilers are correct and Liam and Hope think they have lost their baby, they will be in despair and their marriage will begin to crumble in 2019. The Waffler will spend more time with Steffy and Kelly and Steffy’s adopted daughter Phoebe. As the spark between Liam and Steffy reignites, he will question whether he made the right decision to marry Hope. Taylor will see Steam’s growing closeness and encourage her daughter to win back the man she loves. Depressed, Hope will be concerned that she will lose her husband to her rival. Viewers can expect the Flip Flopper to leave Hope for Sister Wife Steffy in 2019, just before it is revealed that baby Phoebe is baby Beth, the daughter he and Hope thought they had lost.

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