5 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (December 4)

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3. Carly Versus Nelle

Nelle and Carly engage in a huge face-off this week. Once the confrontation is over, Carly will be over the moon that Nelle is detached from Michael’s life and her entire family’s as well. GH spoilers hint that Carly should enjoy this Nelle-free life. It won’t be long until Nelle finds her way back.

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2. Nelle Pregnant?

Maxie and Lulu join forces to launch an investigation this week. Seems like they’ll figure out that Nelle was the one who exposed the truth around Ask Man Landers. Lulu will run to tell Michael what she’s found out. Michael will be devastated, and it seems like Nelle won’t be able to spin this in her favor like she’s done in the past. However, Nelle won’t be gone from Michael’s life anytime soon. GH spoilers are indicating that she is going to announce a pregnancy soon and turn Carly and Michael’s world upside down.

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