Y&R Character Exits No One Saw Coming

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In the land of social media and the Internet, there are very few shocking surprises that come down the pipeline anymore, as most actor/actress exits are revealed weeks ahead of time, so fans know something is sure to happen to a certain character and soon. Having said that, there are still moments where the Young and the Restless (Y&R) has been able to catch fans off guard, and below are some Y&R character exits no one saw coming.

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12. J.T. Hellstrom

Okay, so he’s alive and well today; however, about a year ago fans thought he was a goner, thanks to Nikki, Vicky, Sharon, and Phyllis. J.T.’s death came from left field, and thanks to his murder and cover-up, it launched one of the most fascinating storylines on daytime drama in 2018.

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11. Noah Newman

Sometimes an unexpected exit isn’t anything as drastic as death, just simply catches viewers off guard. As a staple of the Newman clan, when Noah left Genoa City in early 2018, viewers were taken aback. Many characters in the corporate world tend to leave on business and return; however, Newman was gone for good, with only really a special appearance during the holidays that year.

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10. Matt Clark

Digging into Y&R’s history vault, we come across not only an unexpected exit but a shocking death. Matt Clark returned to Genoa City in 2000 to even up the score with nemesis Nick Newman. While Matt was suffering from injuries due to a car accident in the hospital, he pulled out his own breathing tube on purpose – essentially killing himself – so that his “murder” would be pinned on Nick. He wouldn’t get away with it in the long run, but what a way to go.

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9. Sage Warner

Speaking of Nick, the poor guy has suffered a tremendous amount of heartache and loss over the years and one that still lingers happens to be the death of his wife, Sage Warner. In 2016, on the cusp of finally finding out that Baby Sully was indeed Baby Christian, Sage would die in a car accident, never being able to tell Nick the truth. This extended the baby switch storyline, and Sage’s death not only rocked Genoa City but also Y&R fans.

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8. Chelsea Newman

After years of working hard to change her con artist image, in early 2018 Chelsea seemed to flip that switch back on in the blink of an eye! She hoarded a ton of money and then quickly tried to skip town with not only her son Connor, but Christian as well. Thankfully, she had a change of heart and returned Christian to Nick (well, Victoria) before she flew out of town; however, Chelsea’s exit wasn’t only unexpected, but her change in personality and drastic measures around hiding her past secrets was shocking as well.

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7. Drucilla Winters

As Y&R fans gear up to officially say goodbye to actor Kristoff St. James and Neil Winters, audiences will be treated to a return of sorts from Victoria Rowell, who played Dru Winters. Her character exited in a very unexpected bang back in 2007 when she was thrown off a cliff trying to stop a fight between Sharon and Phyllis.

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6. Kevin Fisher

A fan wouldn’t generally expect a staple character, who has a 14-year tenure with the show and is a fan favorite, to exit; however, the Y&R has made questionable decisions when it comes to the cast in recent years. Such was the case when Kevin Fisher unexpected moved from Genoa City to Oregon with daughter Bella in 2017. He’s made some appearance on the show year here and there since, but fans miss seeing him on a regular basis.

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5. Paul Williams

Speaking of, Paul Williams (literally) vanished into thin air in 2018, after the Y&R fired their longest-serving cast member last year, actor Doug Davidson. No exit storyline, no shocking or dramatic goodbye scenes, not even an official on screen “thank you.” He was just written off canvas with Y&R fans wondering what had happened to their beloved police chief. Thankfully, he was brought back in recent weeks, and it seems as if Doug and Paul are back on the Y&R to stay (for now).

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4. Juliet Helton

Cane cheating on Lily in 2017 snowballed into a huge storyline. It started off as a one-night stand, which turned into a sexual harassment case that brought down Brass n Sassy (and affected Cane’s career), and then turned into a pregnancy storyline. Just when fans were wondering if Cily’s days were over, as it seemed as if Juliet was moving in for the long haul, the character was killed off when she went into labor early. Lily and Cane moved on, reconciled, and began raising his illegitimate child together before Lil got sent to prison that is.

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3. Hilary Hamilton

While we are on the topic of Lily’s jail time, everything around Hilary’s death was unexpected. Sure, there were some fans out there on the Internet that knew actress Mishael Morgan was on her way out, but most figured the character would be recast, or perhaps skip town. Hilary’s death was unexpected and final, with her passing on in the hospital. No door was open for a character return, shocking many Y&R fans.

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2. Delia Abbott

No one likes to see a child character pass away, which made Delia Abbott’s passing in 2013 unexpected and devastating to many. To boot, the child had just survived cancer the year before; therefore, many fans were floored when Delia died, launching a highly-emotional storyline that dove into so many layers, from Billy dealing with the guilt of leaving Delia unattended to Adam struggling to confess his role in it all with Chloe (literally) losing her mind, and so much more.

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1. Brad Carlton

It’s still shocking to think that Brad Carlton is dead, gone, with very little chance of returning to the Y&R, as he died drowning and his body was recovered. Fans were floored in 2009 when it was revealed that Brad had died trying to save Noah Newman’s life, and with over 20 years with the Y&R, most would’ve expected him to leave the show with a window of opportunity for a return. Not the case with this exit.

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