Young And The Restless: Unanswered Questions Every Fan Wants To Know

Viewers of the Young and the Restless (Y&R) open up their homes daily to the trials and tribulations of those living in Genoa City. Naturally, fans feel quite invested in these characters’ lives, and whether you have been watching the show for one year or 20, queries are about to pop up. Below are some unanswered questions every Y&R fan wants to know.

13. Is J.T. Really Okay?

It was a storyline that dominated the soap opera for months, and everyone was intrigued about the murder and cover-up of J.T. Hellstrom. Just as the women were about to be sentenced, it was miraculously discovered that Hellstrom was not dead, and (surprise, surprise) he had a head condition that was causing him to be so mean. It seemed like one day J.T. was discovered alive, and the next, he was out of the picture again. One has to wonder if he really was mentally stable when all was said and done or was it an act? Fans need a bit of a follow up here!

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12. Victor Pulling Strings

Speaking of, many wondered why Victor couldn’t pull any strings to help his daughter Vicky, wife Sharon, and mother of his grandchildren Sharon off on those murder charges during the J.T. Hellstrom case, but it was recently revealed that he was able to help Adam when he petitioned the governor and courts to help free his son. Why could he do that for Adam and not the ladies?

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11. Where Did Chelsea End Up?

Y&R viewers may figure this out sooner rather than later, as Chelsea is set to return to the show come the summer; however, she left town and fast last year. In a very uncharacteristic move, she almost kidnapped Christian too, and dumped Nick like a bad habit in a letter rather than in person. The Moustache couldn’t even find Chelsea when all was said and done. Where has she been all this time?

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10. Why Has No One Told Lauren About Sheila?

Sheila has been discovered alive now for years on the Bold and the Beautiful, which begs the question: why would no one from Forrester give poor Lauren a heads up about Sheila? After all, Carter is crazy and most must know the two ladies’ history. Are they not on each other’s social media? Sheila being alive is a noteworthy status update for people to post about!

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9. Two-Time DNA Tests

After all, everyone has been through in that little town, one would think people would insist on a DNA test being done two to three times for accuracy. Why do the residents of Genoa City not question these results? Jill was first linked as Kay’s daughter, which ended up being false; Ashley was able to trick Jack; Sharon tampered with Summer’s DNA test; and Cane ended up not being Phillip Chancellor after all.

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8. Is Dru Really Dead?

Unlike most soap operas, the Y&R tends to have deaths that are permanent, and not many characters return from the dead, with Adam Newman being a huge exception. Still, when Dru fell off that cliff in 2007, a body was never found, which truly does open up a door for a return someday.

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7. What’s Gloria Up To?

It’s been too long since we’ve seen Gloria Abbott in Genoa City! She made a splashing return in late 2016 when she and Jack engaged in a hilarious one-night stand and while she does “work” for Jabot, she must be gossiping with someone near the water cooler because fans have not seen much of her onscreen.

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6. How Do They Get Away With That?

People bursting into offices uninvited, or sneaking into hospital rooms to torture (or try and kill) the weak and sick. How do people really get away with this stuff on the Y&R? As anyone who works in a corporate office, especially a secretary of a CEO, there’s something called tight security. Same goes for a hospital; however, as we all know, anything and everything is possible in the land of daytime drama.

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5. Paging Ravi Shapur!

Anyone else miss the handsome Ravi Shapur, techie geek with a heart of gold? His fling with Ashley Abbott was an interesting watch, and many fans wanted more; however, he dropped off the canvas in 2018. While fans know Ashley’s whereabouts, Ravi’s is still MIA. Maybe they can try paging him?

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4. How Have All Of Sharon’s Birthing Plans Gone So Terribly Wrong?

It seems like pretty much every time Sharon has gone into labor, something has gone massively wrong. When she had Cassie, she was so out of it that she didn’t realize she was having twins, and Mariah was taken from her. Poor Noah was born prematurely, where many thought he wouldn’t make it, and Faith was born in a mental institution while Sharon was messed up she ended up thinking her baby died. Meanwhile, the only time things didn’t go wrong was when Sharon believed she was pregnant, but wasn’t, and had “Baby Sully” quite smoothly. Pregnancy and Sharon don’t mix well.

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3. Where’s Maggie?

From 2006 to 2008, Maggie Sullivan was a part of Genoa City’s police department and had an interesting fling with Paul Williams. The character was smart, funny, but fell off the canvas in 2008, never to be heard from again. In fact, the couple didn’t even formally break up onscreen.

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2. Gotta Be A Cop Thing

Has to be something in the water at that police station because fan favorite Detective Ronan Malloy also “disappeared” in 2012 after being on the job, and in Genoa City, for two years. For those who may remember, Ronan was the illegitimate son of Nina Webber, who was once sold on the black market in the ‘80s. Who knows where he is or what he’s doing, but he hasn’t really been mentioned on the show, and is apparently somewhere within the city.

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1. A Deal’s A Deal!

Most fans love the pairing of Kyle and Lola far more than Summer and Kyle; however, he did promise Summer he’d give a year of marriage and to truly “try” at a relationship in exchange for a liver that Lola desperately needed. Many fans can’t truly wrap their head around the fact that the Syle nuptials only last mere weeks before Kyle reneged on his part of the deal and ran straight for Lola. Should Summer have made him sign a contract or something? A deal’s a deal, right?

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