Young And The Restless: Spoilers For Winter 2022

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It may be snowy and cold in the land of The Young and the Restless (Y&R); however, the drama, romance and corporate shenanigans will keep everyone toasty warm! What will unravel in Genoa City over the next three months? Victor will keep his eyes on the prize, while Devon and Amanda get closer and closer. Plus, Ashland will get a new look. Learn about these storylines and others in the below Y&R spoilers for winter 2022.

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12. The Moustache Remains Focused

Just this week, Victor reached out to Michael Baldwin to see if he would assist him in protecting his legacy. Looks like the Moustache has some plans that may leave both Victoria and Adam with ruffled feathers. It’s clear that Victor has plans to create a unified Newman Enterprise by possibly dropping “Locke” in the title. Y&R winter spoilers add that he’ll gather information on his opponents. Sounds like it’s time to do a little digging on Ashland!

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11. Michael’s Role 

Will Michael Baldwin’s role in all of this be more than just legal stuff? Y&R spoilers for the end of January suggest that the former D.A. will go “back to his roots”. He’s a great lawyer, but he’s also a solid investigator. Will the Moustache ask him to do a little bit of digging, alongside his legal work? Will Mr. Baldwin unravel more of Ashland’s past secrets?

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10. Ashland Still Has A Bunch Of Them!

Just when everyone thinks that Ashland has revealed all, Y&R spoilers suggest the exact opposite. In fact, there are lingering secrets that Victoria (and the rest of her fam jam) aren’t aware of, when it comes to her hubby. Added teasers note that these secrets will begin to unravel over the coming weeks and months!

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9. The Moustache Versus The Locke-Ness Monster

It’s the rivalry Y&R fans have been waiting for! Actor Richard Burgi (who played Ashland Locke) recently revealed during an interview that there is a “Victor versus Ashland” rivalry on the horizon that’s going to “heat up” over the next little while. In fact, the Moustache and the Locke-Ness Monster are about to go “head-to-head” and according to the actor, what happens next will be completely unpredictable.

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8. The Future Of Locke?

Speaking of Richard Burgi, the actor recently revealed on social media that he was moving on from Y&R, which floored many fans. As it turns out, Burgi “inadvertently” and “naively” violated the soap’s protocol with regards to the global health crisis. During the holiday season while visiting his mom, Burgi tested positive and quarantined for five days, as recommended by the CDC. However, the CBS show has a ten-day policy in effect. It’s important to note that Burgi did test negative when he went back to work.

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7. A New Face For Ashland

The bad news is that Burgi is out. The good news is, the show has already recast the role, which means Ashland Locke isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Robert Newman (Josh Lewis, Guiding Light alum) will take on the part, and fans should expect to see the “new face” of Ashland sometime during February. An exact airdate has yet to be released.

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6. Devon And Amanda Grow Stronger

Y&R spoilers note that Devon and Amanda will get stronger as a couple over the winter season. While the two will stay focused on Dominic’s custody case, they’ll also face challenges when it comes to this legal battle. Abby won’t make this easy on them and will fight this every step of the way. Despite Chance feeling as though Devon has a point, it looks like his wife won’t waver.

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5. The Mariah Factor

Mariah has been progressing well and moving forward with her life since Dominic’s birth. She did struggle emotionally but seems to be headed in a healthy direction. Will Devon’s legal suit set her back? Y&R spoilers reveal that while Copeland and girlfriend Tessa plan for the future, Mariah will continue to struggle with where she fits into Dominic’s life. Will she have second thoughts about demanding her own time with the baby? Could this affect her and Tessa?

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4. The Truth About Noah

Was Noah’s heart truly broken while he was in London, or did he realize just how much he loved Tessa during his time away from Genoa City? Could it be that Porter was “the one that got away” for him? While Sharon and Nick will try to help Noah move on, during these winter months, it’ll be a journey, by the looks of it.

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3. Chelsea’s Got A Plan

Adam has made it crystal clear he doesn’t want a romantic future with Chelsea. Lawson may try to give up on that idea, but it sounds like she won’t waver when it comes to ruining Sally and keeping her away from her ex. As Chelsea works with Spectra, she’ll use her negative energy to bring the redhead down in the corporate world.

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2. Jack’s Back

Does anyone else miss Jack Abbott? Unfortunately, actor Peter Bergman needed to take a sudden leave of absence for emergency eye surgery, after he suffered a detached retina. As of early January, Bergman was back filming the soap, which means fans should finally see him return from his “business trip” sometime in February or March.

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1. Saving Phyllis Summers

Phyllis is spiralling right now, as she struggles with Summer’s absence and her break-up with Nick. Looks as if Jack’s return can’t come soon enough! Will Red be close to hitting rock bottom before Jackie comes back to town? He might be able to swoop in (just in the nick of time) for the save!

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