Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (April 20 – May 1, 2020)

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Calling all Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! There is a good news/bad news situation going on for viewers of this daytime drama. The bad news is that as of Thursday, April 23, no more new episodes of the Y&R will be broadcasted due to the shutdown in production. The good news is that Y&R has an interesting plan B. Learn more about what to expect the next two weeks in the land of Genoa City in the Y&R spoilers for April 20 to May 1, 2020.

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12. The Truth FINALLY Comes Out

There has been a ton of speculation around what really went on when it comes to AJ Montalvo’s passing. According to Y&R spoilers, the real reason why Victor has been so hush-hush about it, and why he bowed down to Adam, was because Adam was the one who caused AJ’s passing; after all, Adam would’ve been a child when it all went down, so perhaps Victor’s also wanted to protect Hope.

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11. Adam Plan’s Backfires

Adam has been so smug as of late, it could make anyone fan want to gag … unless you are a fan of Adam’s! He truly feels as if he has Victor where he wants him, so the very idea that Victor has been protecting him all along will have Adam reeling. Y&R spoilers have stated that Adam’s plan will backfire, and it seems once he learns the truth, Victor will snatch that CEO position from him, and give it back to Victoria.

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10. Adam Need Chelsea

Y&R spoilers have teased that once Adam’s plan to get back at Victor shatters, he’ll need Chelsea and her support – now more than ever. The emotional toll of not only knowing he was the reason someone has passed on, but also realizing that his father (once again) got the best of him, will devastate Adam. The good news is that Chelsea will be there to help him pick up the pieces.

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9. Something Falls Through The Cracks

Victor has worked overtime to keep this secret hidden. Not only years of covering up what Adam did, but currently, Victor intimidated AJ into leaving the article and investigation she dug up, alone. With that said, as the week goes on, a Y&R spoiler relays that a Newman family secret will come into the light. Could this be about Adam and AJ Montalvo, or is it about something else?

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8. Victoria Doesn’t Leave It Alone

While Alyssa will be scared out of town by Victor, Y&R spoilers hint that Victoria will try and stop her before she leaves Genoa City. Will Vicky insist on pushing this entire article through? It seems as if Nikki will reveal the real truth to Vicky soon, so knowing what she knows, she’ll still try and stop Alyssa. Will Alyssa publish the article about her dad, pointing the finger of blame towards Adam? Is this the secret that comes to light, which will rock the Newman family?

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7. Victor Aims To Protect

Y&R spoilers reveal that Victor will prove to go the extra mile to protect his family and his company. While it seems as if he allowed Adam to get away with his nonsense, and he intimidated Alyssa into leaving town, what other measures will he take once Adam’s secret hits the media (if it does, in fact, hit the media)? Will he end up taking the fall for AJ Montalvo’s passing “in public” to protect Adam? Will Adam allow him to take the fall?

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6. Jack Motivates

Across town, Y&R spoilers tease that Jack will motivate Phyllis. Does this have to do with Grand Phoenix? Red is struggling right now, especially with Abby breathing down her neck. While Jack loves his niece, he also has a soft spot for Phyllis, and his support may have to do more with Phyllis focusing on work and business success versus getting back at Abby.

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5. Chelsea and Chloe

On to some feel-good spoilers, friends and loved ones will gather this week to celebrate the pending arrival of Chloe and Kevin’s baby. Fun games will be played, some bonding moments will be had, and Y&R spoilers suggest that Chloe will ask Chelsea to be the baby’s Godmother, and she will accept.

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4. Nate and Amanda

While Amanda will be working with Billy at some point in the near future, Y&R spoilers suggest that for now, things will continue to heat up between her and Nate. Expect more romantic scenes between the new love birds this week, and potentially some more sparks flying. But, how long will this last?

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3. Goodbye Lola and Theo?

As most Y&R fans may know already, earlier this week, Theo got fired after he was caught cheating during the Jabot re-branding challenge. He tried to steal Kyle’s idea; however, Kyle lured him, placing a 15-year-old branding idea from Jack into the file that Theo was creeping on. Interestingly enough, fans were speculating around the idea that Theo (and Lola) might be on their way out, and if you check out their Twitter accounts, actress Sasha Calle and actor Tyler Johnson don’t have any Y&R credits in their bio. Johnson has refuted that he is not leaving the show “at the moment.” However, there has been no word from Calle.

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2. Themed Y&R Episodes Moving Forward

Sadly, the Y&R has run out of new content, and with the show on production hiatus due to COVID-19, no new episodes are on the horizon. Y&R has released some information about what they are doing next, and it seems as if they’ll be rerunning shows, and each week will have a theme attached to it! The week of April 27th has been entitled “Katherine the Great,” and showcases episodes that focus on the iconic Katherine Chancellor.

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1. There’s More …

Some of the Y&R shows that will be featured in the coming week will date back to as far as 1990, and will offer up scenes between the legendary actress Jeanne Cooper, alongside with Eric Braeden (Victor), Doug Davidson (Paul), Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki), the late Kristoff St. John (Neil), as well as Jess Walton (Jill). Bonus content will be provided at the beginning and end of each episode, with fresh commentary from current-day Y&R actors and actresses; so, this will certainly add a unique spin to things, and will be something avid fans won’t want to miss.

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