Iconic Young And The Restless Couples

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Many characters have graced Genoa City over the years, and while some have come together to create incredible love stories, others have failed miserably at relationships. There are Young and the Restless (Y&R) couples who seem to unite for mutual (and manipulative) purposes, and those who simply can’t stay away from each other because they were meant to be. Below is a list of the most iconic couples to grace the soap opera over the years.

12. Hilary and Devon Hamilton

Devon had always had a thing for his adoptive dad’s girlfriends, and this hit fever pitch in 2014 when he snagged Hilary away from Neil while the two were married. Alas, while it created a ton of heartache and family strife, it was for the best, since Hilary and Devon truly had a connection that would last (no matter how hard they fought it) until her untimely death in 2018.

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11. Phyllis Summers and Nick Newman

Nick Newman has a pattern when it comes to his Genoa City relationships. It seems to go a little something like this: give a relationship with Sharon a try (and break up); start dating someone new (and break up); give a relationship with Phyllis another try. Nick seems to love going back to his exes, and he really does seem to gravitate towards Phyllis (and Sharon), continually. But, there’s a reason for that. His chemistry with Summers is undeniable, and he can never seem to get enough of Phyllis until she burns him that is.

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10. Chelsea Lawson and Adam Newman

These two former con artists first came together initially because they simply were cut from the same cloth. Both had sketchy pasts, both could relate (and not judge) the terrible things each other had once done, and both could read their partner like no one else could in Genoa City. The “black sheep” of the Newman family, Chadam has been through miscarriages, countless lies, court trials, Victor’s schemes, a faked passing (or two) on Adam’s part, and their love has survived. Most of all, they have many fans rooting for them, which may guarantee they stay for a long while.

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9. Lily Winters and Cane Ashby

Once a staple couple on Y&R, many fans were devastated when Lily and Cane officially broke up in 2019. While Cane was initially hesitant about hooking up with Lily when they first got together due to the significant age difference between them, he seemingly got over that fact very quickly. This couple struggled a lot in the early years of their marriage over Cane’s incessant need to hide the truth. He lied about his true identity, faking his passing, hid the truth around his father’s career choices, and the list goes on. While Lily did cheat on Cane in 2015, the couple was able to move forward; however, the straw that broke the camel’s back in their marriage was Lily’s prison sentence, and Cane’s kiss with Victoria while she was locked up. 

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8. Drucilla Barber and Neil Winters

Lily had pretty good role models when it came to love in Drucilla and Neil. Okay, so Neil is technically her uncle, but neither Neil nor Lily never saw it that way. Neil and Dru had tremendous chemistry onscreen, and a love many soap characters don’t experience every day. While they did have a significant break between the years of 1998 and 2003, when Dru returned to Genoa City, she eventually fell back into the arms of Neil and they remained quite happy until her untimely passing in 2007.

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7. Christine Blair and Danny Romalotti

Remember when Christine was known as Cricket? Digging deep into the Y&R history vault, super couple Cricket and Danny pop up on the iconic couples list thanks to their amazing relationship. Budding rock star Danny was smitten on the smart and beautiful “Cricket,” sharing many different adventures with BFF Nina at their side. Alas, who knows where this couple really could have gone had it not been for Michael Damian’s (the actor who played Danny) real-life budding career as a rock star and Broadway stage? Needless to say, Christine is quite happy with her career and marriage to the other love of her life, Paul Williams, but a piece of her heart will always belong to Danny.

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6. Victoria Newman and Billy Abbott

This couple truly redefines the term on-again/off-again. They have had their fair share of struggles, from families that don’t approve of their relationship to Victor Newman’s meddling to Delia’s passing to infidelity to issues around conceiving children, and of course, to the four different actors who have played the role of “Billy” over recent years! Undeniably, life and love has certainly not been easy for these two; however, at the end of the day, the love is still there, and they truly are one of the most popular couples to hit Genoa City in recent years.

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5. Traci Abbott and Brad Carlton

Sweet, rich, uptown girl Traci Abbott fell hard for hunky, groundskeeper- turned-budding-businessman, Brad Carlton. It was the classic soap opera couples’ recipe of good girl hooking up with the bad boy from the other side of town. But, these two made it work, and their love affair produced a beautiful daughter along the way, too. Sure, they didn’t stay together, and Brad also eventually turned to Traci’s sister Ashley, but in the mid-80s, this couple had all the elements that a super couple needed. Sadly, Brad has since passed away, as well as their daughter Colleen, but the memories of these two and the small family they created are iconic, and will never be forgotten by Y&R fans.

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4. Phyllis Summers and Jack Abbott

A close to 20-year (on-again, off-again) love affair, there is no other woman in Genoa City that has had Jack reeling like his Red. While an affair with Nicholas Newman destroyed their first marriage in the early 2000s, and an affair with his brother Billy ruined their second marriage in 2016, the two always shared a special spark and chemistry, which neither of them could shake. Sure, they have had their ups and downs (including recasts) over the years, but the one thing that has always remained is the fact that Jack accepts Phyllis for exactly who she is (manipulation, schemes, craziness and all). While Phyllis does indeed loved Jack, his adoration of her was the glue that held this couple together.

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3. Sharon Collins and Nick Newman

Speaking of Nick Newman, one simply cannot begin to compile a list like this without including Sharon and Nick. While there are some fans that despise the idea of these two shacking up (again), the truth is, they do have a love story and history like no other on the Y&R. Another thing they have?  Chemistry and lots of it! While these two have been friends, mortal enemies, and have tried to co-parent their children to the best of their abilities, the best relationship they have shared together has been as lovers. They have 20 plus years worth of love story that simply cannot be denied, and despite the fact that they often come together, only to break up, the reality is that these two cannot stay away from each other even after all these years.

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2. Lauren Fenmore and Michael Baldwin

Who can boast about being married for 15 years on a soap opera without a single divorce? Not many. The interesting thing about Lauren and Michael is that while many couples suffer multiple forms of infidelity, in actuality this couple has only had to deal with the issue once. Moreover, the couple feels realistic because of their realistic (for the most part) storylines, and they portray what a marriage looks like, and how couples need to work hard to keep their romance alive. Through every twist and turn they have managed to work through it, and come out stronger than ever.

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1. Nikki Reed and Victor Newman

Is anyone surprised this couple hit the number one list? Just uttering the words ‘Young and the Restless’ will relay images of this iconic couple in one’s mind. Together for over decades (upon decades) now, these two are either happily in each other’s arms or mortal enemies — there is no in-between! But when they are apart, and hating on each other, the love is still there. They have battled other people interfering in their relationship, other marriages, affairs, illegitimate kids popping up out of nowhere, and so much more. While Victor has had other great loves in his life, Nikki’s one and only will always be Victor. Despite his mean streak, schemes, and obsession with Newman Enterprises, Nikki will always have a soft spot for the Moustache.

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