Young And The Restless Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (June 28 – July 9, 2021)

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Will Phyllis discover what Tara has done? What’s next for Stitch now that he’s back in town? Will Amanda truly get to the bottom of things? Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans love to speculate! As such, below are some Y&R plotline predictions for June 28 to July 9, 2021.

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12. Phyllis Snoops

Phyllis knows something is “off” with Summer. Her momma bear spidey-senses are tingling; however, her daughter is keeping her mouth shut. Could Summer either slip up and tell Phyllis about Tara’s threat, or could Red overhear something? Maybe Nick overhears something when he takes Summer to Italy and gets settled? Either way, Phyllis will be snooping for the “real” story.

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11. Sally’s Running JVC

Seems like Sally’s plan worked after all. Y&R spoilers for the week of June 28th indicate that Spectra will get some news: she’ll be replacing Summer at JVC. Sally will be on top of the world, and she’ll be riding a nice wave for the next couple of weeks. Having said that, most times when someone schemes in soaps, their house of cards falls apart at some point. This will happen with Spectra, but not anytime soon.

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10. Summer Says Goodbye, Tara Says Hello

Tara will leap at the opportunity to spend more time with Kyle, now that Summer is gone. At some point, Summer is sure to return; however, over the next two weeks, Tara will be at every corner, looking for ways to spend time with Kyle and Harrison “as a family”. In fact, thanks to Tara’s stealth, she and Kyle might end up in bed, sooner rather than later.

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9. Why Has Stitch Returned?

Sure, Stitch says he’s returned for a retirement party; however, is there another reason he’s come back? An optimistic fan might believe his love for Abby has brought him back to Genoa City. While he must’ve known she was married, his desire for her may have “drawn” him out. Or, could there be another reason for his return? Could Chance go MIA, only for Stitch to move in? Could fans be witnessing a Stabby reunion unfolding?

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8. Stitch Has Bad Intentions

At one point last week, it felt as if a dark image was looming/watching Abby in her home. Could Stitch have not-so-good intentions with this return? His son has been in and out of mental institutions since he’s left Genoa City! Could he be back to exact some sort of revenge on Abby? She’s not the “reason” his son snapped, but she was at the helm of things when Max’s mental health issues surfaced. Let’s all not forget that Stitch’s sister Kelly Andrews was also mentally unstable. Who’s to say that Stitch isn’t a little loopy himself? Perhaps his “return” is to ruin Abby, and jeopardize Mariah’s delivery plans.

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7. Amanda Gets To The Bottom Of Things

Despite Naya’s admittance, things still seem fishy when it comes to Sutton’s case and the “truth” behind Richard’s passing. Does any other fan out there feel as if another plot twist is on the horizon, and soon? Naya is adamant that her dad didn’t do the deed. She also doesn’t seem like someone who would do something of this nature. Could it be that Imani’s father was involved?

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6. Locke Is Up To Something

Do any other fans out there feel as if Ashland could be lying about his condition, on multiple levels? One major thing he’ll accomplish is taking Newman over and getting back at the Moustache for all he did with Cyaxares. But how does a fake illness help with his custody hearing and Harrison?

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5. It Buys Him Some Time

If Locke hadn’t mentioned his condition, Tara and Kyle would’ve cut off all ties between him and Harrison. Perhaps faking a dying illness killed two birds with one stone. Not only did it allow the Locke-Ness Monster to execute a power move against Newman, but it also offered him more time with Harrison.

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4. Custody Stipulation

Could there be some sort of custody stipulation in their state? Something that says a step-father still has rights to part-time or full-time custody of a child after a certain duration of time? Perhaps that’s another reason for Ashland’s “fake” illness. If he could spend time with Harrison for six more months, he’d have access to the child in terms of custody arrangements.

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3. Victor Is Onto Him

Victor will learn about what Vic and Ash are up to, sometime this coming week. There’s no way the Moustache will be kept out of the loop, and he’ll work hard to shake some sense into Victoria. The problem is, he won’t be able to intimidate her, or shake her decision. Vicky is bound and determined to see this deal through, and she’ll do all she can to make sure it happens.

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2. Can’t Con A Con Artist

While fans (and her dad) might be concerned that Ashland Locke is pulling the wool over Vic’s eyes, she is her father’s daughter. Can she see what Locke is up to from a mile away? Sure, Vicky’s smitten with Ashland right now and seemingly playing into his hands, but could she have a trick or two up her sleeve as well?

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1. Chelsea’s Exit Story

Chelsea is quickly losing her marbles, and in some way, losing all hope. With actress Melissa Claire Egan very close to maternity leave, could Lawson decide to skip town (and her facility) sooner rather than later? Then, there’s also a chance that Chelsea gets moved to another institution that can better handle her condition — somewhere within the state, but further away from Genoa City. The time away from Adam will do her good, and she’ll return to town, finally back in a healthy mind frame.

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