Young And The Restless: Spoilers For June 2019

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Calling all Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! Time to gear up for some incredible developments come June! Two big character returns are on the horizon; a new face emerges in Genoa City; and a super couple could be on the verge of a breakup! Learn about these storylines and others in the Y&R crazy and surprising spoilers for June 2019.

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12. Kevin Returns

Mark Friday, June 7th on your calendar, Kevin Fisher fans! He’ll be making his way back to Genoa City, with an explosive and dramatic storyline. Y&R audiences love the quirky and sweet character; however, viewers need to note that Kevin’s comeback will bring out a darker side in the character we have not seen in a very long while. Could this have to do with Adam’s shooting? Maybe Chloe isn’t too far behind from a return, either!

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11. Will He Take Michael Along For The Ride?

Y&R spoilers indicate that Michael will also explore his “darker” side when he is placed in a dangerous situation that forces him to think about bad choices. Teasers seem to be implying that Kevin could place his brother Michael in this circumstance. Ultimately, this could also cause a huge rift in his relationship with Lauren.

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10. Lauren’s Friendship With Jack

That may not be the only thing causing issues for super couple Michael and Lauren. While Jack’s friendship with Lauren is getting deeper as of late, she’ll continue to try and set her friend up with others in order to get him back on track in the romance department; however, this friendship will also start to place some strain on her marriage to Michael.

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9. Oh, Hello Chelsea!

Actress Melissa Claire Egan is set to reprise her Chelsea Newman Y&R role sometime in June. She’ll undeniably have Connor in tow, and adding her back into the mix will provide some interesting drama. She still has unresolved feelings for Nick, but how will this all change with Adam back in the land of the living?

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8. New Character Alert!

Theo Vanderway is set to hit Genoa City sometime in early June. Played by actor Tyler Johnson, Theo’s backstory is that he and Kyle were friends during Abbott’s time in New York City. How will Vanderway affect June storylines? Seems like Theo has arrived just in time for some “Summer” drama.

7. Summer Fun

Y&R spoilers tease that romance will blossom between Theo and Summer when Vanderway enters Genoa City. This should be good news for Kyle; however, it won’t be. Seems as if Abbott will get bit by the jealousy bug when he sees Theo and Summer canoodling it up all across town. This won’t be a good look for him, especially where Lola is concerned.

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6. Victor’s World

Y&R spoilers state that The Moustache will continue to try and keep his family united; however, as June rolls on, it will take a toll on him. He’ll feel stuck in the middle between his feuding children, and will desperately try to get them all to mend fences. Teasers also indicate there is another challenge on the horizon for him.

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5. Rivalry Re-sparked!

Y&R spoilers hint that an old rivalry of sorts will be re-ignited in early June, and the possibilities around this are endless. From Jack and Victor to Nick and Adam or potentially Adam and Kevin, there are plenty of people in Genoa City that have feuded in the past. Which one will bubble back up? You’ll have to tune to find out!

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4. Devon’s World

Y&R spoilers suggest that Devon will try and move without Neil and Hilary, and Elena by his side to help him deal with his grief. Sadly, something will hold him back from embracing a new romance, as it seems that Hilary’s spirit will linger on within his world. If he can’t get over Hilary, he can’t move forward with Elena.

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3. Rey Has His Eye On Adam

Y&R spoilers tease that Rey will become suspicious of Newman in early June. In fact, he’ll get someone to follow Adam as the month rolls on, and it seems as if Rey will learn more about what Victor’s prodigal son was up to during his time away from the little town. Sadly, everyone may not agree with Rey’s tactics. 

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2. Shey In Jeopardy?

Y&R spoilers hint that Adam could affect Rey and Sharon’s budding romance. While Shey has been moving forward well in their relationship, come June, some cracks will start to show. Teasers seem to indicate it’s because of Rey’s investigation on Newman, but we all know that Sharon’s old feelings for her ex are starting to re-emerge.

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1. Romance Is In The Air

Expect to see more sparks flying between Nate and Abby, as they continue to grow closer in June. Y&R spoilers also suggest that Tracy and Cane could become more than just friends as the weeks go by. While the two have a platonic relationship now, this could all slowly change as June turns into July.

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