Things You Didn’t Know About Y&R’s Sharon Newman

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She’s the character fans love to hate on the Young and the Restless (Y&R), although there are many that simply adore Sharon Newman, and have followed her roller-coaster-ride of a life for decades now. Her love affair with Nick Newman has Shick fans reeling, and the haters wishing these two would stay far away from each other for good. Some long-time fans may think they have her figured out, but below are 12 things you may not know about the Y&R’s Sharon Newman.

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12. Born And Raised

Unlike some of the characters in the Y&R, Sharon did not grow up in Genoa City. Rather, she was actually born and raised in a town known as Madison, Wisconsin. Her birthdate is said to be on June 20, 1974, which means that Sharon just celebrated her 44th birthday just some months ago.

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11. Bad Girl Beginnings

She seems all sweet now; however, it’s been said that before Sharon moved to Genoa City, she was a pretty rebellious teen with a bad girl flare. She got into a ton of trouble, and as Y&R fans would find out later on in the years, she had a baby as a teenager that she gave up for adoption. Although decades later it would turn out she had twins!

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10. Sharon’s Mom

Speaking of her bad girl behavior, many may remember Sharon’s mom, Doris Collins, although it has been quite a while since fans have seen her onscreen. Sadly, Doris was paraplegic, and what some fans may not know is that it was all due to Sharon, well, indirectly. During Sharon’s crazy days, Doris went out looking for her during a snowstorm and there was an accident that caused her to become wheelchair dependent.

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9. Sharon’s Dad

Sharon’s dad abandoned the family while she was still quite young, and she was raised by her mother alone. Despite being in her 40s, and on the Y&R for decades now, fans don’t know her real father’s name, and he isn’t mentioned at all on the show. Could a future storyline be in the works where Sharon’s father is finally revealed? Anything is possible!

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8. Coming To Genoa City

Sharon was 18 years old when she arrived on the Y&R – she was young, sweet, and so full of hope! Who knew back then the crazy adventures she’d embark on? One major thing that has remained a constant since her 1994 arrival is her on-again/off-again relationship with Nick Newman. They are either friends, lovers, or enemies … there is no in between with these two.

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7. Older Than Nick

Some fans may be shocked to believe that Sharon is actually one year older than the love of her life, Nick. As they were in the same grade when she strolled into town in 1994. When Nick went to throw an 18th (surprise) birthday party for her, it was revealed that Sharon was actually a year old than her boyfriend (at the time).

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6. Cover Up Queen

While Sharon recently helped Victoria, Nikki, and Phyllis cover up J.T.’s murder, this wasn’t her first time at a rodeo of this type. An eon ago, she covered up a crime by moving a dead body she thought was Cameron Kirsten, but it ended up being Cassie (and Mariah’s) dad Frank.

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5. Criminal Past

For the most part, Sharon is a goodie-two-shoes character. Sure, she’s kept secrets from Nick in the past, mostly not to lose him, and her mental health issues had her doing all sorts of crazy things, like stealing and setting the Newman Ranch on fire. All that aside, despite being a pretty decent human being, she’s still gotten into a ton of legal issues in the past. To add to the above list, she’s also been arrested for murder, assault, and she’s escaped jail, faked her own death and began living under another identity. She’s also destroyed a prenup agreement and refrained from getting Phyllis any help after she fell down a flight of stairs during a fight. Maybe she’s not so sweet after all!

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4. Keeping It All In The Family

Sharon has had quite the romantic past in Genoa City and has had a lot of relationships over the years. Having said that, Nick has always been the one man she seems to constantly go back to. One creepy thought to consider is the fact that she not only had a relationship with Nick, but also literally every male in his family, from dad Victor to half-brother Adam, and also his other half-brother Dylan! If Jack Abbott ends up being related to Victor, she’ll have technically also been with Nick’s uncle. Crazy!

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3. Baby Losses

Most fans are aware of the unfortunate baby loss Sharon suffered in 2015 when she and Dylan were excitedly awaiting the arrival of their first child. Sadly, this isn’t the first one she’s had; she and Nick suffered one in 2001 when they lost their baby girl. The two had fought, Nick stormed out, and trying to catch up with him, Sharon fell on her stomach. The fight and subsequent loss caused the two to break up for the millionth time, but in true Shick fashion, they would later reunite.

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2. Wedding Disasters

Forget about the fact that Sharon has been married to six different men on the Y&R over the years, only for some of them to end in divorce and many of them to end before they began. Her 2014 wedding to Nick was considered incomplete, as Phyllis stopped it before the two could make things official; the nuptials between her and Tucker McCall in 2102 was invalid due to her first husband, Victor, still being alive, plus unsigned paperwork; and her second marriage to Adam never came to fruition, resulting in a broken engagement. This girl has bad luck when it comes to weddings.

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1. Broken Marriages

As if all the divorces and failed weddings aren’t enough, Sharon has had a slew of marriages where men wished they hadn’t said “I do” in the first place! Her first marriage with Adam in 2009 ended in an annulment and so did both of her marriages to The Moustache in 2012. In fact, that year was stellar for Sharon and failed nuptials. She got married three times (twice to Victor, and once to Tucker) and all three marriages ended in chaos.

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