We Weigh In: Who Is Gwen On DOOL & Why Is She Determined To Ruin Abby?

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It’s been the question lingering on the minds of Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans for a while now. Just who is Gwen Rizczech, and why is she so determined to ruin Abigail DiMera’s life?

Most of Gwen’s past is still a mystery. Sure, she was in the same mental facility as Claire Brady, and audiences also know that she was once the girlfriend to Jake DiMera; however, other than that, there are a lot of question marks next to this character’s name.

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As such, Days viewers have been left to speculate around why Gwen is going above and beyond to mess with Abigail, her relationship with Chad, as well as the rest of her family.

Could Gwen be a long-lost daughter of Jack’s? She’s taken extreme delight in exposing Deveraux’s affair because it’s placed a massive wedge between him and Abby’s mother, Jennifer. With Abigail being Jack’s only daughter, the apple of his eye in many ways, it would make sense as to why she’d want to split J&J up. Gwen could harbor resentment to Jack for potentially “abandoning” her.

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There are other possible theories at play, too. It’s no coincidence that Gwen has an English accent. In fact, this could add some hints around who she is and why she has such a disdain for Abby. Days loves to pull in old history and characters when it comes to storylines. Could Gwen be linked to either Shane or Drew Donovan? The twin brothers are British, and it would seem likelier that she may be a long-lost child to Drew, as he did work for Stefano at one point, and was the more evil of the two.

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But being Drew’s daughter doesn’t explain her hate-on for Abby. Then again, if she was linked to Shane, this would make her a half-sister to Eve Donovan, who has a long (and negative) history with both Jack and Jennifer. Perhaps, Gwen is looking to avenge wrongdoings against her sibling. With that said, wouldn’t the two sisters link up in the summer when Eve was (somewhat) in town?

Another theory is that Gwen is the daughter of Peter Blake. A character from the early-to-mid 1990s, Peter had a relationship with Jennifer. He was raised by Stefano, but not his biological son. Blake had a mean streak, and his romance with Jennifer ended once Jack re-entered Salem.

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Some fans have also brought up the theory around Gwen being related to Ivan Marais. Best known as Vivian’s manservant, the main reason his name has popped up is because of Gwen’s last name, which is Rizczech. DOOL Head writer Ron Calivati is infamous for his play on words, and Rizczech could hint a link to Ivan, as he was a Czech-born citizen.

At the end of the day, the truth should be revealed soon; however, in the meantime, DOOL fans will continue to obsess about who Gwen is, and why she wants to ruin Abigail so badly!

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Dorathy Gass

Dorathy Gass

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