Days Of Our Lives Weigh In: Could Rafe And Nicole Be The Next Big Super Couple?

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When Eric Brady left Salem in the fall of 2020, his new wife Nicole Walker was quite supportive. After all, Eric was leaving her and the little town to pursue some important work in Africa. It was all he’s ever wanted to do on a professional level. How could she hold him back?

Hindsight is 20/20. When Eric left Days of Our Lives (DOOL), the thought was that Nicole would simply wait for him. They are married, and they’ve wanted to be together for the longest time. There’s no reason to think Walker’s eye would ever wonder, and she’s no longer the manipulating schemer she once was. At that point in time, there was never a reason to believe that Nicole wouldn’t stay faithful until the fateful day when Eric returns home.

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Nicole has since been helping Allie raise Baby Henry, while also supporting her “niece” in processing the assault she went through back in London. Then, along came Rafe, and many viewers could see some sparks flying between the old friends. Without Hope around for a reunion with Hernandez, and Eric in Africa, could Rafe and Nicole be the next big DOOL super couple? The answer is a resounding yes!

There’s a lot of “stickiness” that surrounds this potential couple. They’re friends, have a ton of history together and both are attractive; however, Nicole is taken. Sure, Eric isn’t around, but with Rafe and Nicole both being hero/heroine characters, Hernandez is sure to be hesitant to make a move because he’s not the type to break up a happy home, and Walker will do all she can to make sure she doesn’t cross the line of infidelity.

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Therefore, not only are Nicole and Rafe running into the normal obstacles a soap opera super couple experiences (i.e. the doubts of whether or not their counterpart is feeling what they feel), but they are also battling the “Eric factor.”

Both are bound to feel conflicted if they end up in a compromising situation and will do what they can to avoid anything of the sort. This situation in itself, adding in the attraction between them, plus the comfortability that comes with their history and a friendship, will compound over the next few weeks and months. This will keep DOOL fans on the edge of their seats, waiting for a moment when these two finally give in to their feelings and follow their emotions.

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The recipe to any good super couple is the obstacles they overcome to form a relationship, and the obstacles they endure after the fact. Not to mention incredible onscreen chemistry! Nicole and Rafe as a possible super couple seem to have all three elements.

Can Hernandez and Walker become Days’ next big super couple? They have to become a couple first, and by the looks of their current storyline and potential romance on the horizon, they are well on their way!

Could Rafe and Nicole be the next big super couple?

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