General Hospital Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (March 1 – 12, 2021)

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Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! What’s on tap in Port Charles over the next couple of weeks? The double wedding and all the drama around Peter August is about to go down (plus, all the aftermath), while Chase sees something he shouldn’t, and the teen scene tries to solve a mystery. Learn about these storylines and more in the below GH spoilers for March 1 to March 12, 2021.

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12. Double Wedding Drama

Something major is about to go down to stop the double wedding; however, it’s unclear exactly what could happen. Valentin and Anna will try and come up with a plan this coming week, as Devane doesn’t want Maxie to go through with marrying Peter. Plus, Dante goes to visit August before he gets hitched.

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11. Maxie Is Left Waiting

GH spoilers for the week of March 1st imply that Maxie will be left waiting on her wedding day, as Peter is delayed for one reason or another. As the days go by, added teasers hint at a confrontation between Devane and August. Sounds as if things will get heated. In news for the week of March 8th, Britt will give Maxie some advice. Will Jones feel torn over the truth and her feelings?

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10. Maxie’s Decision

The double-wedding drama will continue to spill over the week of March 8th. Not only will Maxie get some advice from Britt, but Jones will decide she needs to do what’s best for her. With that said, added teasers for that week seem to hint that whatever she moves forward with, she could end up regretting.

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9. Anna Apologizes

GH spoilers for this week hint that Anna will feel apologetic towards someone. She’ll also admit to Robert that she’s made more than a couple of mistakes recently. Added teasers for the week of March 8th reveal that Devane will reach out to her old buddy Frisco Jones. Could this be in an attempt to help support Maxie or WSB business?

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8. Finn’s World

Sounds as if Maxie and Peter’s relationship will fall to the waistline in the next couple of weeks. But what about Finn and Anna? GH spoilers indicate that Finn will need support, and Chase will be by his side this week. In other teasers for the coming days, Gregory and Jackie will be on the same page about something. Spoilers for the week of March 8th suggest that Chase sees something that isn’t meant for him. Does he fall upon those DNA test results?

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7. Franco’s Discovery

GH spoilers note that Franco’s tumor will make things complicated this week. As the days go by, Franco will not only gather some added insight but also make a stunning discovery. Related teasers for the week of March 8th hint that Josslyn will go and visit Cameron. Will he need her support without his stepdad around?

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6. Solving A Mystery

Speaking of Cameron and the teen scene, he’ll get some help from Trina and Joss the week of March 8th, as the days go by. Seems as if the teens will be bent on “solving” a mystery. Over with his mom, Liz will have a chat with Jordan that week, and Terry will also reach out to Elizabeth, most likely to support her friend.

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5. Nina Versus Carly

The war between these two will continue to rage on over the next couple of weeks. Nina will vent about her nemesis to Ava this week, while Carly will find Reeve’s overall behavior intrusive as the days go by. Meanwhile, Jax will worry over Nina and wonder what he has to do to get her to forgive him.

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4. Cyrus On The War Path

GH spoilers for the week of March 8th note that Cyrus will be on the warpath. As such, Laura will reach out to Carly and warn Ms. Corinthos to keep her guard up. Will Carly listen and heed the mayor’s advice? She can be a hothead sometimes. In other teasers, Jordan will confront Robert on something.

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3. Jason Stumbles Upon Something

GH spoilers imply that Jason won’t be able to ignore some facts he’s stumbled upon, the week of March 8th. Added teasers hint he’ll make a discovery, but what will he do with it? Speaking of Stone Cold, something will happen that week, which will leave Sam in disbelief. What could go down?

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2. Alexis Wants Valentin to Come Clean

GH spoilers for the week of March 8th indicate that Alexis will want Valentin to “come clean” about something. Could this have to do with his possible “feelings” for Anna? Speaking of, she and Jackie find common ground on something. Does Jackie realize she still has feelings for Finn next week? Or is the lies they have both told Hamilton that give them a common bond.

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1. More Spoilers!

Rounding out GH spoilers for the week of March 1st, Michael extends an olive branch, while Dante wonders what Sam’s next move will be. In added teasers for the week of March 8th, Scotty will see red over a situation, while Willow offers an apology, and Peter comes to terms with his fate.

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