Wealthiest Soap Opera Stars Of 2022

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It’s a long road to get to the top, and as such, some of the names on this list won’t surprise long-time soap opera viewers. However, with each year, younger talents rise to earn a more prominent place on these lists! Compiling the most sizeable assets from across Days Of Our Lives (DOOL), General Hospital (GH), The Young and the Restless (Y&R) and The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B), these are the wealthiest soap opera stars of 2022.

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12. Finola Hughes – GH 

Finola Hughes has become synonymous with GH, having portrayed Anna Devane since 1985. As such, she’s made a steady fortune on the heels of some legendary film appearances. Her most famous movie role was playing opposite John Travolta in the Saturday Night Fever sequel, Staying Alive. According to Herald Weekly, Hughes is worth an estimated $8 million dollars.

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11. Anthony Geary – GH

Nowadays, Anthony Geary might belong on a list of wealthy former soap opera stars. If the news from Port Charles is true, his character Luke Spencer passed away in 2022 under mysterious circumstances. Alas, the demise happened off-screen, so naturally we refuse to count out Geary, or his iconic character, from pulling a Peter Reckell and returning to daytime television! His record-breaking eight Daytime Emmy Awards are a major reason Geary is worth an estimated $9 million dollars.

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10. Alison Sweeney – DOOL

As a woman of many talents, it only makes sense that Alison Sweeney has her hand in many pots. She’s an accomplished reality TV host, having presided over The Biggest Loser for many seasons, and a frequent star in Hallmark movies. Yet her main claim to fame will always be portraying Sami Brady on DOOL. Her star shines brightly over several successful properties, making her estimated value of $9 million a no-brainer.

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9. Peter Bergman – Y&R

Peter Bergman has been rocking Genoa City as Jack Abbott since the late 1980s, and recently signed an historic five-year deal to remain with Y&R. Few stars of his age and caliber continue to offer up the gritty and powerful performances that Bergman delivers on the daily. He’s won two Daytime Emmy Awards for the role, and been nominated over 20 other times, with his most recent nod happening in 2022. So, yeah, Bergman’s worth his estimated $10 million!

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8. Kristina Wagner — GH

Much like her ex-husband, Jack Wagner, Kristina Wagner still commands a hefty dollar value. With an estimated worth of $10 million (according to Herald Weekly), Ms. Wagner recently returned to GH, where she has been portraying Felicia Jones since the early 1980s. The star also branched out with a sizeable prime time role on When Calls The Heart, which ran from 2015 through 2016.

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7. John Aniston – DOOL 

Nobody could ever replace or outshine John Aniston as mobster Victor Kiriakis on DOOL! The veteran actor, who has been portraying the role since 1985, has amassed much of his fortune solely through the formerly NBC soap opera. Despite his decades in show business, he is best known nowadays for being the father of mega-star Jennifer Aniston. Humbling though it may be — being famous in the shadow of his actress daughter — don’t feel bad for John; according to Looper, his assets are valued at roughly $10 million.

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6. Deidre Hall – DOOL

Much like Aniston, co-star Deidre Hall has earned much of her fortune through DOOL. After originating the role of Dr. Marlena Evans in 1976, Hall also took on her character’s doppelgänger Hattie Adams. (Curiously enough, she replaced her real-life twin, Andrea Hall, for that role.) Well into her 70s, Hall continues to be a source of inspiration for the DOOL writing team and tends to be center-stage in storylines. Perhaps that’s why the actress is worth an estimated $12 million, according to Looper.

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5. Joshua Morrow – Y&R 

Persistence pays off. Alaska-born actor Joshua Morrow took up the role of Nick Newman in 1994 and, year over year, has revealed new facets of his talent. Despite approaching 50 years of age, Morrow still has the stamina and looks of a young heartthrob, a quality which has certainly helped him gain super-couple status with co-stars Sharon Case (Sharon) and Michelle Stafford (Phyllis). The actor is now one of Y&R‘s main attractions, with an estimated value of $12 million.

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4. Michelle Stafford – Y&R 

Speaking of his frequent on-screen flame, Michelle Stafford is one of the most in-demand actresses in daytime. Not only is she famous for originating the role of Phyllis Summers on Y&R, but she also portrayed Nina Reeves on GH to acclaim for five years. (When soap operas are trying to poach you from the competition, you’re doing something right!) And if Stafford’s success wasn’t obvious enough, her estimated worth of $15 million should speak for itself!

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3. Christel Khalil – Y&R

Christel Khalil’s daytime profile has steadily risen since she debuted on Y&R in 2002. Now that the actress has marked her 20th anniversary on the CBS sudser and won a Daytime Emmy for her portrayal of Lily Winters, Khalil’s pedigree on daytime television is confirmed. According to Herald Weekly, the young actress sits on a very comfortable estimated value of $17 million.

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2. Eric Braeden – Y&R 

Eric Braeden’s output in the world of entertainment is somewhat comparable to DOOL‘s Alison Sweeney. While he’s yet to host a reality TV show (but could you imagine…?), Braeden has written a successful autobiography, appeared in movies (including the 1997 zeitgeist Titanic) and plays Victor Newman, a defining character on Y&R. Despite his fame, Braeden has had to do battle with corporations to keep his salary competitive. Even with his pay-cut taken into consideration, Braeden is worth an estimated $25 million.

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1. Lauralee Bell — Y&R

Much like in prior years, Lauralee Bell rounds out the wealthiest soap opera stars with an estimated value of $200 million. For readers whose eyes just bugged out of their heads, this obscene dollar amount is largely due to Bell’s familial connection to William and Lee Philip Bell, who together created both Y&R and B&B. Despite the clear nepotism at play, Lauralee Bell is a tremendous actress and viewers get excited each time her character, Christine, visits Genoa City.

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