Young And The Restless Couples That Fans Didn’t Like

There’s nothing like a nice romance in the land of Genoa City, and the Young and the Restless (Y&R) has had plenty of super couples grace the little town over the years. Having said that, there’s nothing worse than two people that are placed together and are not such a good fit. Below is an overview of some Y&R couples that fans did not like.

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12. Chelsea Lawson and Nick Newman

Before Chelsea skipped town, took Connor, and dumped Nick without batting an eyelash, most fans would agree that the two made a wonderful couple. With that said, when she returned to Genoa City, the two had a seemingly smooth reunion, considering all that went down when she flew out of town unexpectedly. It rubbed a lot of Y&R fans the wrong way, especially since it seemed as if Nick was with Chelsea just to get back at Adam.

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11. Heather Stevens and Chance Chancellor

These two had a brief relationship in and around 2011, and Stevens was actually the reason that Chance and Chloe Mitchell broke up. Chloe and Chance were engaged at the time, and an affair with Heather was the reason it all ended, which left a bad taste for many Y&R fans, as Chloe and Chance were great together.

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10. Rey and Mia Rosales

Y&R viewers were shocked to see Rey’s estranged wife show up in Genoa City in late 2018, and many were hoping to see him hook up with Sharon and become more than just friends. Sadly, Mia was manipulative, scheming, and was not only interested in Rey, but also in his brother Arturo. She couldn’t have her cake and eat it too, so fans were somewhat pleased that she ended up expecting Arturo’s baby, and both left town in May 2019. This helped open up a door for Shey to come together.

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9. Austin Travers and Summer Newman

After everything that Austin did, which included kidnapping her Aunt Avery and injuring Paul Williams, it was very unlike Summer to stand by Austin’s side, and decide to marry such an emotionally and mentally unstable man. Alas, Summer would continue with the relationship, despite being cheated on, until Austin passed away in the spring of 2015.

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8. Nick and Sharon Newman

There are a ton of Shick fans out there that love seeing Nick and Sharon together, and find their high school sweethearts romance endearing and beautiful. Then there are a ton of viewers that find their love story boring at this point, and would like to see both of them move on with other people.

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7. Devon Hamilton and Mariah Copeland

Two nice people get together, and fans don’t approve? The reality is, while Mariah and Devon are both fan favorites, when they got together, their relationship lacked chemistry. To be fair, it seemed as if the storyline around this romance was a stepping-stone for Mariah to admit her feelings about Tessa, and for Devon to reunite with Hilary.

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6. Dylan McAvoy and Avery Clarke

Speaking of no spark, Dylan and Avery had a whirlwind romance when they fell in love, where all of it took place off-screen and before they got to Genoa City. This made it extremely hard for Y&R fans to connect with this super couple, simply because audiences were not a part of when they actually fell in love.

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5. Paul and Isabella Williams

Isabella was brought to Genoa City in 2002 by Michael Baldwin to break up Christine and Paul, and the fact that she succeeded (for a little bit) left Y&R fans quite upset. The good news is that the truth was eventually revealed, and Christine and Paul would come back together, but not before Isabella wound up expecting Paul’s baby. This complicated things, but eventually everything was set straight.

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4. Paul Williams and Nina Webber

Nina wasn’t half as manipulative as Isabella was, and did pursue Paul while he was single, but they just didn’t feel right as a couple to viewers. Could it have been the fact that they were friends for just too long, and there was no spark felt by fans? Perhaps it’s because most viewers wanted to see Paul back with Christine? Regardless, Paul and Nina together were not overly liked by Y&R viewers.

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3. Danny Romalotti and Phyllis Summers

What is about Christine Blair’s men? It seems like for a while there, there was always a woman in the shadows trying to steal one of Cricket’s boyfriends. In this case, Phyllis was an obsessed fan of Danny’s, and hooked him with a ton of lies. Fans did not like how long it took writers to expose Phyllis to Danny, but eventually the truth did come out.

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2. Billy Abbott and Phyllis Summers

While fans on the web affectionately referred to these two as “Philly,” there was very little love for this super couple. After all, they tore apart Jack’s heart, as Phyllis cheated on him with brother Billy while they were married, and in many ways, their relationship delayed the Victoria and Billy reunion so many wanted to see.

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1. Victor and Sharon Newman

Fans were very upset back in 2012 when Victor and Sharon not only hooked up, but also got married twice. It just didn’t sit right with fans, as the two characters always had a father-daughter bond and relationship. The writers definitely crossed the line with this coupling, and Y&R fans were not too pleased about it at all.

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