This Is Us: 10 Spoilers From The Cast

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Without a doubt, This Is Us is the fall’s hottest new show and is already pulling in a lot of fans. Only a few episodes in, there have already been major twists, and a lot of tears, all thanks to a great script and an excellent cast with the likes of Justin Hartley, Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Ron Cephas Jones and Chrissy Metz, just to name a few, and with the rest of the season yet to come, some of the stars have opened up about what to expect! Here are 10 spoilers straight from the cast:

10. The Crying Isn’t Over

If fans haven’t shed enough tears, it should be no surprise that there are even more to come as the season continues. Star Chrissy Metz, who portrays Kate, revealed that at the end of the last table read, even they were crying. “We read the script and then we’ll go to the table read. Last table read, Mandy and I were bawling. We’re literally sobbing at the table, and everyone’s like, ‘Are you guys OK?’ We’re like, ‘I don’t know, are you?'”

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9. Kate’s Weight-Loss Journey

One of the few criticisms of the show so far stemmed from the fact that the only plus-sized person was stereotypically dealing with being plus-sized, but Chrissy Metz revealed it is an important part of the show and character. “I think it’s so important to bring light to these taboo issues and to educate people, because as far as I know, there are people who are like, ‘Oh plus-sized people or overweight people only just sit around eat.’ And it’s like, ‘Hmm. Actually we don’t.’ […] I think that one day, yes, it will be nice to have a role where I’m not only discussing weight. But I think that it’s part of the journey of art imitating life of this character.”

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8. The Split

One of the biggest shocks and perhaps most disappointing twists already on the show is the revelation that Rebecca and Jack don’t actually stay together. Fans are eager to know what happened, and will find out, but the cast already knows. “We do know what’s going on and you will eventually find out what is going to happen. I don’t how much they’ve solidified, but we do know,” Metz said.

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7. Rebecca and William?

Clearly there is something going on when it comes to Rebecca and her adoptive son Randall’s biological father, William. So far, fans have only got hints about some deep secret that Rebecca has been holding on to for all of Randall’s life and Mandy Moore, who portrays Rebecca, revealed fans will find out more soon. “The stakes have never been higher. Obviously the last person on earth she wants to hurt is Randall, but also the fear of it impacting their relationship and this is the child she’s closest to and the fear of anything interfering or ruining that relationship is off the charts.”

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6. No Hope for Jack and Rebecca

Despite learning in only the second episode that Jack and Rebecca are no longer together in the present day, many are holding out hope for the two, but Mandy Moore says don’t hold your breath. “There will be more that unfolds but you’ll find out more as to what happens to Jack and Rebecca and why in 2016 they’re no longer together. What happens to them, what breaks them apart…It’s pretty heartbreaking. So I read that and I was like, ‘Oh, people are not going to be happy because I love Jack and Rebecca too.'”

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5. Being Kate

Chrissy Metz let it slip that there is definitely going to be a focus on Kate’s love-life. “There’s this preconceived notion, I think, that if you’re plus-sized, you don’t feel confident, so you sleep around. And I know that that’s obviously a blanket statement, but I know how it has been brought up in conversations before, and I like that she is going to be a little more deliberate in what she’s doing and waiting to really find out does she really care about this guy and does he really care about her.”

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4. Family Tension

It is clear that Kevin, Kate, and Randall all are very different people, and their tensions with each other as siblings will be explored more as the season goes on. “Kate has been the glue that held them together, because there’s this alpha male thing, you know, where Kevin (Justin Hartley) is like, ‘Well, I’m the guy!’ And Randall’s like, ‘Well, I’m the king!’ And then Kevin feels like everybody’s treating Kate differently because she has weight issues and Randall because he’s African American, and he’s like, ‘What about me? I’m basically raising myself.’ And so all of those dynamics are intertwined and definitely talked about and discovered throughout the season.”

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3. Toby

Aside from the family, audiences will get to know more about Toby (Kate’s friend/love interest). “Toby might seem like this happy go-lucky guy that just happens to be a bigger man, but he really has his own issues. And so, while he covers it up with comedy and self-deprecating humor, there really is a hurt man inside, and he and Kate have a lot more in common than what has been revealed so far. And they both start to understand that comedy censors tragedy, so you make fun of things because you don’t want to cry about it all the time, and that whether or not Toby says he doesn’t want to lose weight, we discover the reason why he gained weight.”

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2. The Incident

It seems that fans will eventually find out that Kate used to be very headstrong and confident, but then something happens, and while Metz isn’t letting anything slip, she did say, “You see this incident happens, and her self-confidence starts to fade.”

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1. Monumental Event

Along with Metz pointing to a certain “incident” in Kate’s childhood that changes her, Moore also hinted at a major event that affects and disrupts the entire family. “I believe there is a monumental event that happens in the lives of this family that drives Kevin to move away from home […] emotionally something happens within this family and I have a vague idea of what but nothing super fleshed out.” For now, fans can only take guesses about what that event or incident is!

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