The 10 Best Single Moms In Hollywood!

There are so many single moms in Hollywood and there are too many that give single parents a bad name. We decided make a list of single moms in Hollywood who take parenting really seriously. These 10 moms are setting great examples for their children and making sure the next generation is responsible and loving. Here are the 10 best single moms in Hollywood!

10. Bridget Moynahan

Bridget Moynahan has always kept her focus on giving her son Jack a stable life. Even though the media likes to gossip about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Tom Brady and his wife Gisele Bundchen, the “Blue Bloods” star ignores the fodder and instead looks on the bright side. “My son has two loving parents and an extended family, whether it’s cousins or stepmothers or boyfriends. My son is surrounded by love,” she said in a statement recently.

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9. Madonna

Even the Queen of Pop experiences difficulties with single parenting, but she does the best she can, so she ignores all of the haters. “Everybody has something to say about the way I live my life. At the end of the day I’m doing my best. If people don’t like it, then that’s really their problem,” Madonna said.

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8. Connie Britton

Connie Britton may think that being a single mom is challenging – and we’re sure it is – but we think she is pretty awesome at it. The “American Horror Story” star likes to sing to her adopted son every chance she gets! “Poor thing practically never hears me just say a straight word. I sing everything like we’re in a musical,” she said on “The View” in 2012. Cute!

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7. Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow might be the perfect example of a single working mom. The busy mom takes her two adopted sons on tour with her and makes sure the tour bus is a home away from home for them. “We take the things on the road that matter to them, and we try to keep things schedule-wise as normal as possible: naps, meals, and that sort of thing.” Sounds like a good plan to us!

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6. Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis used to love going to work before she adopted her daughter Gemma Rose, but now it isn’t as big of a priority. “Gemma takes up such a big, big part [of my life] in such a wonderful way. Like take going to work: it used to be really important to me, but now I’m like, ‘OK, I’ve got to go to work.’ All right. I used to be like, ‘I want to go to work, I want to go to work!’”

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5. Michelle Williams

When Heath Ledger died of an accidental overdose, Michelle Williams was left to raise their daughter Matilda as a single mother; however, with her network of family and friends, she has handled it like a pro. “I loved so much becoming a mom and what had been, to me, this invisible community before [that] sort of rises up and says, ‘We’re here to help you.’  And then when I became a single mother, there was a smaller but equally powerful community that rose up.”

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4. Sandra Bullock

With her adopted son Louis in her life, Sandra Bullock has never been happier. “I wake up in the morning and the only aim is being fun — who could say that? I feel lucky and blessed.” The Oscar-winning actress loves motherhood so much that she recently revealed she may adopt a second child!

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3. Mary Louise Parker

Mary Louise Parker considers herself to be a balanced parent who provides a sense of structure for her two children, William Atticus and Caroline “Ash” Aberash. While she is strict about bedtime and manners, she is more lenient about impromptu dance parties. “Sometimes we’ll get up in the middle of dinner and have a dance party just because there’s music on and everybody’s happy,” the “Weeds” star said. Sounds like fun!

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2. Denise Richards

Denise Richards is one celebrity mom deserving of the Mother Of The Year award. She handles her ex Charlie Sheen’s mood swings like a pro; she took Brooke Mueller’s sons in when their mother went to rehab; and she always puts her three daughters first no matter what. For Richards, being a good mother is a priority and it definitely shows.

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1. Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is an excellent mother because she constantly puts her daughter Suri first. “The No. 1 thing is making sure my child feels loved. And good about herself. And that what she does and who she is is special and should be celebrated,” Holmes told Elle U.K. We couldn’t agree more!

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