Celebrity Geniuses: 12 Celebrities Who Are Crazy Smart!

Most people don’t automatically associate celebrity status with intelligence. However, many of today’s most popular celebrities are incredibly intelligent people. Here is a list of today’s smartest celebrities and some of the things that set their intellects apart from the crowd.

1. Shakira

Most people immediately think of physical beauty when Shakira is brought up. The Colombian beauty is apparently not lacking in the brains department either, with a reported IQ of 140. This would place her in the top 2% of the population, and qualify her for membership in Mensa, an organization for extremely intelligent people.

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2. Alicia Keys

The talented musician actually graduated from her high school at the age of 16. On top of that, she won Valedictorian honors for her class. This work, along with her estimated over 140 IQ, allowed her to win a scholarship to Columbia University, which she gave up when she made her decision to pursue music.

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3. Natalie Portman

Known for her intelligent movie roles, Natalie Portman isn’t simply acting. Reported to have an IQ of 140, she has also achieved a 4.0 in studies at Harvard, and pursued graduate work at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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4. Goldie Hawn

While her actual IQ is unknown, it is confirmed that she is a member of Mensa, which only accepts members who score above a 132 on the Stanford-Binet IQ test. Clearly, this blonde bombshell proves that blonde jokes are just that.

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5. Ben Affleck

While Mr. Affleck has played the role of the meathead from films such as Mallrats, Armageddon and Reindeer Games, his alleged IQ of 154 puts him in the intellectual elite. His intelligent filmmaking might not be a fluke after all!

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6. Nolan Gould

Known for his role on the hit television show “Modern Family,” Nolan graduated from high school at age 13 and has an IQ in the neighborhood of 150. Currently, he is pursuing online community college coursework while continuing his work as an actor.

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7. Sharon Stone

At the age of 15, this Basic Instinct beauty accepted a scholarship to Edinboro University, where she studied creative and performing arts. Undoubtedly, she was helped along the way by her prodigious IQ of 154.

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8. Dolph Lundgren

The man known for killing Apollo Creed in the ring was probably the smartest person on that movie’s set. Mr. Lundgren has a reported IQ of 160, and has multiple degrees in chemical engineering, as well as a Fulbright scholarship to MIT.

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9. Cindy Crawford

Another chemical engineer, Cindy Crawford dropped out of Northwestern University to pursue modeling. She would have likely been successful either way, since her 154 IQ made her perfectly suited for academic pursuits.

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10. Kate Beckinsale

Underworld might not be the most intelligent movie ever created. Kate Beckinsale, on the other hand, might be the world’s smartest vampire. Her IQ of 160 allowed her to study both French and Russian literature at Oxford University. She also won multiple awards for both her short stories and her poetry.

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11. Ashton Kutcher

Ashton had to work hard to play everyone’s favorite drug-addled meathead on That 70’s Show. Mr. Kutcher reportedly scored 160 on a high school IQ test, and would have gone to MIT to study biochemical engineering had he not lost his scholarship. His success with investing and tech initiatives is also an indicator that Ashton is quite a smart fellow.

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12. Quentin Tarantino

A high school drop out with an IQ of 160, Quentin Tarantino is known for being a polarizing Hollywood genius. Apparently, he is not just a genius director, but a plain old genius to boot. So, when starlets gush about what a genius Mr. Tarantino is, they are actually being literal with their praise.

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Fame 10 Staff

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