Soap Opera Moments That Made Fans Cringe

There are heartwarming soap opera scenes, and moments that make a fan’s toes tingle. Then there are times when viewers are on the edge of their seats waiting to see what will happen next. There are storylines that unfold to make audiences cry their eyes out, and then, there are scenes in daytime drama that makes viewers cringe! Below are some of the most uncomfortable soap opera scenes ever.

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14. Eric Jumps Out The Window – Bold and the Beautiful

Back in 2008, Eric was caught in an embarrassing (and awkward) predicament. Get caught sleeping with Donna by Stephanie, or make a bold move? Eric scrambled, and decided to go with the latter option. End result? Eric was without his clothes, hanging with the birds on the ledge of a building. Funny, but it made fans want to cover their eyes.

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13. Wanchai Ferry Product Placement – Days of Our Lives

Days fans not only felt awkward with this scene, but many called the soap opera out on it! In 2010, a scene that involved Sami, Rafe, and the late and great Caroline Brady felt way more like a commercial than a soap opera when all Brady could go on about was a bag of frozen Wanchai Ferry Chinese food. Sure, product placement exists on all television shows (and movies for that matter), but this was way over the top. This wouldn’t be the only infomercial during a scene for DOOL and its viewers, but it was definitely appalling.

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12. Bo and Nora Getting Jiggy With It – One Life To Live

Rapper Snoop Dogg paid a visit on One Life to Live in 2010, with an odd (and yet, awesome) guest star appearance. Who knew he had connections to this little town? Well, he did, and his performance raised some eyebrows. Mostly because OLTL fans got a snapshot of regulars Bo and Nora trying to dance to rap music, which was so very cringy.

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11. Mona Kane’s Funeral – All My Children

Funerals are never a fun thing, and in the land of daytime drama, they offer a ton of tears and heartbreak. Unfortunately in 1994, a funeral provided some uncomfortable moments for viewers as well. When Erica Kane’s mom, Mona, passed away, her daughter’s hysterics crossed a line. The crying was just way too much, and when she flung her body on the coffin, viewers officially tuned out.

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10. Timmy The Boy-Doll – Passions

The soap opera Passions could have a list of its own as it relates to uncomfortable and awkward scenes; however, Timmy the doll, which ended up turning into a boy because he made a wish on a star … well that’s a good scene to start off with when it comes to this show. Somehow, the town’s evil witch Tabitha was able to convince everyone he was her nephew and the two would wreak havoc on all those who tried to cross them (or those they didn’t like).

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9. Victor and Sharon’s Romance – Young and the Restless

Their entire “romance” was not only uncomfortable, considering they had a father-daughter relationship in the past and she was once married to his son, but it was also very creepy and awkward. Kissing scenes between these two were cringe-worthy at best, and thankfully “Shictor” didn’t last too long in the land of Genoa City.

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8. Dani and Craig’s Affair – As The World Turns

Speaking of, a bit of a similar situation occurred on As The World Turns. When it became clear that Dani Andropoulos was having an affair with Craig Montgomery, a man who was once believed to be her father, viewers got taken aback, and not in a good way. Calling him “daddy” while the audience knew they were lovers was very gross.

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7. The Salem Stalker – Days of Our Lives

The entire Salem Stalker/Melaswen Island storyline was completely bizarre, awkward, and offered plenty of uncomfortable scenes, especially as it relates to finding victims. Who could forget Alice being axed via donut suffocation? Cassie losing her life thanks to a piñata? Maggie and the bottles? It was disheartening to see long-time characters perish in such a corny fashion.

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6. Marlena Lands On Sami – Days of Our Lives

Days was pretty corny at this point in time, and while this didn’t involve Marlena trying to kill anyone, the scene where she fell off the balcony and onto her daughter was awkward to watch for viewers. Sami declaring her “mommy’s” innocence was cringy, and the entire moment had fans wondering how both women could’ve survived such a fall — plus, how both actresses survived filming such a ridiculous scene.

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5. Spidey Sam – One Life to Life

Yes, that 2011 scene where little Sam thinks he’s Spider-Man and saves Dorian from Reva should have been cute, it really should have been … but, it was not. Sam’s “Spidey senses” tell him that he needs to help a kidnapped friend, and then he tangles Reva up in his Spider-Man toy goop, saving the day. Undeniable that Sam was adorable, but the moment was awkward to say the least.

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4. Nicole and Roman’s Night Together – Days of Our Lives

Sami and Nicole never truly got along and watching their feud unfold over the years was an incredible watch for DOOL audiences. Having said that, Nicole having a one-night stand with Sami’s dad right before she left town in 2006 might have seemed like a good exit for the Walker character, poking at her nemesis one last time, but the entire scene made many Days viewers want to throw up.


3. Zarf’s Music Video – All My Children

The All My Children’s Zoe/Zarf character broke a tremendous number of barriers in 2006 as one of the first transgender characters to appear on television, relaying a coming out story and male-to-female transition. Having said that, while Zarf’s song “The Me Inside” had a good message, the video itself was very cheesy!

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2. Bollywood Dance – Passions

As Gwen and Ethan talk about their big move to India, Gwen fantasizes about what life will be like for them in a new country. What does she envision? Well, a crazy Bollywood dance sequence, of course! The scene took place in 2006, and while the song was incredibly catchy, the moment had many fans rolling their eyes.

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1. Jason’s Nightmare About Jake – General Hospital

Going on the other side of the uncomfortable spectrum comes another dream sequence circa 2017 that horrified GH viewers. At that point in time, audiences thought Drew was really Jason and the character was going through a tremendous amount of soul-searching, worried he hurt his son Jake. Morgan would have a nightmare where he choked the young boy thanks to his guilt. While yes, it was only a dream, the imagery disgusted many GH fans.

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