Forgettable Soap Opera Characters

There are soap opera characters that are etched in audiences’ hearts even when they have a short stint on a show. Then, there are those daytime drama characters that slip off the face of the earth, and viewers minds as well. Therefore, below is a list of the forgettable soap opera characters of all time.

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12. Jett Carver – Days of Our Lives

With a name like “Jett” and with roots in Salem you would think that Carver would have staying power; however, he did not. Jett was Abe’s nephew, the son of his deceased brother Theo. Jett was also an ISA agent who had a thing for Chelsea Brady. All the elements for a memorable character were there: handsome, adventurous, and past history with the show (through his dad). Sadly, Jett didn’t last all too long in the little town.

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11. Althea Cartwright – General Hospital

Who remembers Katharine Delafield, Robert Scorpio’s love interest in the late 1980s? Well, she had a cousin named Althea who plotted with Paul DeVore (Delafield’s fiancée) to murder her, so that she could gain Katharine’s inheritance. The villainess didn’t last long in Port Charles, and was shot and killed in 1989, and would return as a ghost to haunt Paul.

10. Margo Anderman Horton – Days of Our Lives

The Horton Family on Days of Our Lives (DOOL) has huge roots that extend very far in the little town, with cousins and illegitimate siblings that pop out of nowhere, not to mention those Salemites who’ve been “adopted” by the family, or married into the clan. Margo was a character that fell in love and got hitched to Mike Horton in the late 1970s. While the two loved each other, she would pass in 1980, losing her battle to leukemia.

9. Alex Perez – Young and the Restless

The Winters brothers have always been infamous for their love triangles on the Young and the Restless (Y&R), and in 2000, Alex Perez strolled into town and caught the attention of both Malcolm and Neil. While she was in a relationship with Malcolm, she had a fling with brother Neil, and she would eventually leave town a couple of years later after Malcolm was believed to be dead.

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8. Alicia Montenegro – General Hospital

Sam McCall is an undeniably an unforgettable General Hospital (GH) character; however, who out there in Internet land remembers when actress Kelly Monaco played a Sam look-alike in 2005? Alicia Montenegro was supposed to wed Andrew Olsen, and it was her mom Allegra who was forcing her daughter into marriage. Sam got wrapped up in the family drama, and when Andrew was killed, McCall was the leading suspect. Thankfully, the truth was exposed, and Alicia ended up being behind the whole thing. She went to jail, and has never been heard from again.

7. Thomas Banks – Days of Our Lives

Speaking of memorable characters (and actresses), Eileen Davidson has done a stellar job in the role of Kristen DiMera over the years. She’s also been able to pull off her portrayal of Susan Banks flawlessly, and while the character is over-the-top, she also happens to be a fan favorite. While many DOOL fans are familiar with all the different sides to Davidson in Salem, one cringy moment was when Eileen played Banks’ brother, Thomas. Maybe it was so creepy that fans blocked it out of their mind? Regardless, the character that has been swept under the rug over the years.

6. John Silva – Young and the Restless

He was active in Genoa City for a very long while; however, Silva was one of those characters that played a supporting role. As a lawyer, he helped many in the little town with their legal woes, and if you can remember Silva, then you may recall he represented Christine when she filed a sexual harassment case against Michael, way back in the day!

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5. Dimitri Cassadine – General Hospital

GH viewers are very familiar with the Cassadine family, from Mikkos, to Helena, Stavros, Alexis, Nikolas, Valentin, and even little Spencer and Charlotte. Having said that, Dimitri is a Cassadine that many fans tend to forget. As the poor cousin to Victor, Tony, and Mikkos, he strolled into Port Charles in the late 1980s looking to gain his own fortune and recruited Sean Donely into his scam.

4. Terrell Jackson – General Hospital

During Robin’s fiasco with Lisa Niles, pediatrician Terrell Jackson got involved in Niles’ scheme and tried to seduce Drake. He also was involved in an operation that saved Josslyn Jax. Other than those two storylines, Jackson pretty much had little impact in Port Charles, and faded from the canvas in 2011.

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3. Jamie Caldwell – Days of Our Lives

Remember when Sami was a troubled teenager, dealing with mommy issues, her bulimia, and an obsession with Austin Reed? Well, she had a BFF sidekick that never really approved of what she was doing, but always supported her until the very end. Jamie was an incredible friend to Sami for years, and seemed to vanish off the face of Salem in 1996.

2. Felipe Ramirez – Young and the Restless

Katherine Chancellor had a fling or two in her day, and while on a cruise with husband Derek Thurston in 1980, the two had a fight and Chancellor would jump overboard in an effort to escape her failing marriage. The man who found her? Felipe and the two would end up falling in love. Ramirez left Genoa City about a year later. Clearly, there were no real sparks.

1. Carmen Mesta – Young and the Restless

She was only in Genoa City for some months before she was killed, which launched a “who dunnit” storyline. Carmen was a PR consultant that was working at Jabot Cosmetics and seemed to have some chemistry with Neil. Sadly, this was not the case onscreen, and the decision was made to ax the Carmen character. Everyone thought Devon was the killer, but it ended up being Jenna Hawkes (who was Kevin Fisher’s crazy wife, for those who remember).

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