Soap Opera Couples Who Will Get Back Together In 2020

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Love makes the world go around in the land of soap operas! There’s a certain cycle for super couples in daytime drama: two people fall in love (against all odds), they break up, make up, then lather, rinse, and repeat! While there were quite a few breakups in 2019, below is an overview of some super couples who will get back together in 2020.

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13. Hayden and Finn – General Hospital

This one is a no-brainer. Finn never really fell out of love with Hayden when she ditched him and left town in 2017. Since her recent return, Finn has been a tad obsessed with his ex, and now that the truth about Violet is out there, there really is nothing holding them back. Except for Anna.


12. Anna and Robert – General Hospital

While Anna and Robert have spent recent years as friends, and really good ones at that, most viewers know just how smitten Scorpio is when it comes to Devane. Robert has had many great loves during his time in Port Charles, but only one has truly stolen his heart like Anna. Time for a reunion in 2020.

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11. Lani and Eli – Days of Our Lives

It’s hard to believe that a whole entire year has gone by, and Eli is still in the dark about why Lani called off their wedding. The truth should come out in 2020, just in time for May Sweeps, and when it does, this super couple will surely reunite. #ElaniForever

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10 Gabi and Stefan – Days of Our Lives

This super couple technically did not break up, but his passing did split them apart. With rumblings that actor Brandon Barash (Stefan) is returning to Salem in 2020, there may be a chance for these two do come back together. That is if it turns out DiMera is alive, and he doesn’t return to the show as a ghost.

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9. Chelsea and Adam – Young and the Restless

All arrows are pointing towards a Chadam reunion at this point in time. With Connor not overly sold on Nick, and choosing to live with his dad, not to mention the fact that Adam supported Chelsea when it came to the Simon Black hostage debacle, it won’t be long before he snags this brother’s girl right from under his nose.

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8. Phyllis and Nick – Young and the Restless

What will Nick do when he is left as a single man? Either head to Sharon or Phyllis! Having said that, with Sharon already linked to Rey, he will probably get back together with Red. There’s something about Phyllis that Nick can’t shake, and with actress Michelle Stafford back in the role, these two can rekindle some old onscreen chemistry from the past.

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7. Kayla and Steve – Days of Our Lives

Kayla is currently with Justin Kiriakis, but how long with that last? Especially with reports that Steve Johnson is headed back to Salem come the end of November. This has super couple reunion written all over it. Sure, it’ll take a ton of time for these two to come back together, especially with how Johnson dumped Kay; however, by this time next year, they may be planning a wedding.

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6. Summer and Kyle – Young and the Restless

If these two don’t reunite come 2020, they will definitely engage in some sort of secret affair. With a Lola/Theo/Kyle/Summer love square happening right now, it seems as if Lola could end up with Theo and Kyle with Summer. Despite all that Kyle has done to Summer (and vice versa) the fact that they still remain (good) friends means there are still feelings between them, which should explode come the spring of next year.

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5. Elizabeth and Franco – General Hospital

While he currently believes that he is Drew Cain, there is a certain spark that still can be felt between Franco and Elizabeth (every time he looks at her). It will take a miracle for him to remember who he truly is, but this is the land of soaps, and something is sure to pop up (miracle-wise) in 2020.

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4. Princess Gina and John Black – Days of Our Lives

She’s been scheming for some time now to try and remove Marlena from the equation, and Princess Gina may just succeed come 2020. Perhaps with Dr. Rolf’s help, Gina can convince John to leave Marlena for her. The two will come together, even for just a little bit this coming new year.

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3. Sarah and Eric – Days of Our Lives

It’s only a matter of time before Eric learns the truth about Sarah’s baby, and the fact that Nicole kept this all from him. When he does find out, he’ll drop Nicole like a bad habit. He may be mad at Sarah for a little bit, but bonding together with their daughter will erase all those negative feelings, and these two will move on together, as a family.

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2. Nicole and Brady – Days of Our Lives

With no Eric around, Nicole will probably be devasted about losing the love of her life … for a minute or two. She and Brady are working rather closely at the moment, and with the history that they have together, Black may be able to be the one to console Walker’s broken heart.

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1. Ava and Nikolas – General Hospital

Ava and Nikolas weren’t a bonefide couple before he met his demise in 2016, but sparks did fly between the two while they were held captive by Valentin. Once Ava learns the truth, she may be annoyed with Nikolas for a bit (after all, she admitted herself into a facility because she thought she was crazy when she saw him), but they’ll eventually pick up where they left off.

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