Soap Opera Characters Who Need To Be Written Off In 2020

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While most soap opera fans don’t want to see a character disappear from the canvas, in some circumstances, there is a need for it. Whether they lack a good storyline, have become irrelevant, or aren’t the nicest of people in the little town they reside in, some simply need to leave in order to have things move forward. Below is an overview of some soap opera characters who need to be written off in 2020.

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12. Roman Brady – Days of Our Lives

Most fans love Roman Brady, he’s a pretty decent guy in the land of Salem; however, it has been a very long time since he’s had a bona fide romance or been in a solid storyline. Most times he gets involved in something because it has to do with his family, the history he has on the show, or his daughter Sami.

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11. Molly Lansing – General Hospital

Molly is an extraordinary character with tremendous depth and personality. Watching her grow up over the years has been a true delight for many long-time fans, and most would agree, the character deserves a solid storyline. Having said that, if the writers can’t come up with something good, perhaps she may need a break from Port Charles. Some time away could stir up adventure for Molly, and create an interesting comeback arc.

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10. Cane Ashby – Young and the Restless

Without Neil and Lily around, there isn’t much going on in Cane’s world. He has been thrown into an interesting storyline recently, inheriting Katherine’s fortune; however, it seems like he is one minor part of a bigger picture. Interestingly enough, actor Daniel Goddard (who plays Ashby) recently relayed on his Instagram handle that he is, in fact, leaving the Y&R shortly. That may mean that Cane could be written out as soon as late 2019, or early 2020.

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9. Dr. Wilhelm Rolf – Days of Our Lives

Dr. Rolf used to be Stefano DiMera’s sidekick, but as of late, he’s kind of branched out on his own, wreaking havoc in Salem by bringing Princess Gina back to life, among other things. Sure, he still helps Kristen when she’s in a pinch, but having Rolf around seems so late 1990s. DOOL execs need to write him off in 2020 and create a new character to stir the pot in the little town.

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8. TJ Ashford – General Hospital

Much like Molly, TJ is a character that needs a bit of a revamp. Sure, he’s a young adult, but he still seems like a teenager when it comes to storylines. In fact, the only reason he’s in many scenes as of late is when something happens to Jordan or Curtis. The character is a great one, and maybe some time away is exactly what TJ needs to re-invent himself.

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7. Christine Blair – Young and the Restless

Christine Blair is a legendary character on the Y&R with a ton of history and roots within Genoa City. While she’s not on the show very often, when she is, it’s to put her lawyer’s hat on, and she’s had very little in terms of her very own storyline this past year. The good news is that fans get to see her now and again, but the bad news is, her stories lack depth.

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6. Chloe Mitchell – Young and the Restless

Speaking of lacking depth, much of the same could be said about Chloe Mitchell’s return to the Y&R this past year. While it is great that the entire town of Genoa City now knows that Chloe is alive, her return (plus her storylines since) have lacked luster. This character deserves more, so if she doesn’t get it, perhaps Chloe needs to skip town for a little a bit.

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5. Nelle Benson – General Hospital

Raise your hand if you are sick and tired of Nelle’s antics! Even in prison, she continues to torture Carly, Josslyn, Michael, and Brad (among others). As public enemy number one in Port Charles, not only does the little town need a break from her, many GH fans do too. Time to reveal the truth about Wiley, and then keep Nelle off television screens for at least a year. Her plots and schemes are over-the-top annoying!

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4. Brad Cooper – General Hospital

If Nelle gets written off, perhaps producers can find a way to have Brad follow her and leave. While he does truly love Lucas, Brad’s slimeball ways of keeping Wiley’s true bio parents a secret, and then throwing Julian under the bus recently proves that his hubby could do so much better. Besides, leaving the poor (original) adopted baby’s death under wraps and then taking Wiley was beyond repulsive. This character needs to be written off as soon as the truth comes out.

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3. Gabi Hernandez – Days of Our Lives

From *almost* breaking up Chabby to her revenge tactics on Stefan, and now Lani, Gabi is just a terrible person and awful mother. The sad part is that many fans were finally starting to warm up to her when she let her walls down during the #Stabi relationship; however, her recent actions against Elani have a lot of DOOL viewers turned off again.

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2. Kristina Corinthos-Davis – General Hospital

Kristina is an incredible character with both family roots and history in Port Charles; however, since her Dawn of Day storyline, she hasn’t really been up to all that much in the little town. With her mom going through a lot as of late with Kendra, she may need to stick around to help her through that, but she could use a break from the show in early 2020.

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1. Dina Mergeron – Young and the Restless

Dina is a complete delight to see on daytime screens. Her Alzheimer’s storyline on the show has not only helped others who have dealt with the illness of a parent, but it has also increased awareness around the condition. Having said that, writers have since been focusing on Dina’s failing memory and “secrets” from her past as of late. How many more affairs, illegitimate children, and skeletons can she have? Sadly, it seems that there is a very good chance that Dina could pass on in 2020, concluding her comeback/Alzheimer’s/reunion with the Abbott kids storyline.

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