Soap Opera Couples Who Will Get Back Together In 2019


Got to love those soap opera super couples! While fans know these pairings are meant to be, circumstances and drama always seem to drive certain relationships apart. Viewers of daytime dramas all have their favorite twosomes, and below are 12 couples that many are rooting for when it comes to a romantic reunion come 2019.

12. Kate Roberts and Roman Brady – Days of Our Lives

These two had tremendous chemistry back in the day, but unfortunately parted ways. They still remain friends and seem to slowly be back in each other’s orbit as of late, thanks to son Rex being back in town and a new little grandbaby girl. Sadly, Kate’s always gravitated towards the bad guys, so perhaps she’ll give Roman another chance. He’s got a heart of gold and is one of the few men in Salem that has treated her well over the years.

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11. Sharon Newman and Nick Newman– Young and the Restless

While Nick and Sharon broke up recently and added yet another incomplete wedding to their failed nuptials’ list, Y&R fans know that despite what anyone says, this couple is far from over. Sharon has been insisting as of late that she’s “done” with Nick, but got massively bit by the jealousy bug when she found out he and Phyllis moved in together. Are Y&R fans seeing a resurge of the Shick versus Phick love triangle? If so, Sharon has always come out on top when it comes to this equation. Besides, this is what Nick and Sharon do best: break up, become friends, fall in love, get back together … and break up again.

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10. Elizabeth Webber and Drew Cain – General Hospital

This reunion is completely plausible, but may occur further down the road in 2019. Drew and Liz made a pretty solid couple, but lies broke them apart years ago. However, the lies centered around Liz’s need to reunite with Jason, and now that everyone knows Drew is actually his brother, things could change for the better between these two. They co-parented well when they had to, and had great chemistry. Add the fact that Drew and Franco are getting along so well, and an interesting love triangle could emerge out of Port Charles.

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9. Gabi Hernandez and J.J. Deveraux – Days of Our Lives

Gabi is on the cusp of being exposed for her schemes against Abigail and Stefan, and when she does get caught, her entire world will fall apart. What better a storyline than to have J.J. feel bad for his ex, and reunite with her despite what his sister and mom think! It has soap opera storyline gold written all over it!

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8. Victoria Newman and Billy Abbott – Young and the Restless

With Billy’s world falling apart, and Victoria’s freedom threatened if J.T.’s murder is exposed, these two could very well end up reuniting come 2019. What kept them apart this year was Phyllis and J.T. With both out of the picture (literally when it comes to Hellstrom), they may find their way back to each other. Let’s face it: one of the few people that would understand why Vicky did what she did to J.T. would be Billy.

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7. Chloe Lane and Brady Black – Days of Our Lives

Most soap opera super couples break up, only to get back together; however, Chloe and Brady have been the exception to this rule. They were married well over a decade ago, and have never thought of diving into a relationship again. The good news is that they are (somewhat) friends, and perhaps the two will rekindle the amazing romantic chemistry they had as young adults in 2019.

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6. Alexis Davis and Julian Jerome – General Hospital

As much as these two try and fight a reunion, reconciliation is inevitable as they always seem to gravitate towards each other. Right now, Julian is supporting his girlfriend Kim as Alexis works with her son Oscar to divorce his parents. How much would this plot thicken if Alexis and Julian gave in to temptation?

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5. Mimi Lockhart and Rex Brady – Days of Our Lives

They have history together; he had an affair on his fiancé with her and said bed romp resulted in a baby that broke up his engagement. So, all arrows are definitely pointing to a Mimi/Rex reunion come 2019. Besides, Rex’s ex, Sarah, just may get more preoccupied with Eric and her niece Holly to even care what he does from here on out.

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4. Abigail and Chad DiMera – Days of Our Lives

Sure, Chad and Abby broke up because they both believed that the baby she was carrying was his brother Stefan’s; however, Days viewers know the truth! Once it is revealed that Baby DiMera is actually Chad’s, and Gabi’s scheming is exposed, it’ll be happy days for Team Chabby fans!

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3. Summer Newman and Kyle Abbott – Young and the Restless

Kyle pined over Summer for the longest time, until Lola arrived in Genoa City. Love triangle rules dictate that while viewers may be pulling for Lola and Kyle, the bad girl shall get her relationship run before good prevails! Summer and Kyle will definitely reunite at some point in 2019, but it probably won’t last too long as Kyle and Lola do belong together.

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2. Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis – Days of Our Lives

It’s the reunion many have been waiting a long time for. When Will was found alive last year, Days fans couldn’t wait to see these two together. Sadly, his amnesia came between the two, and then Will’s attraction to Paul. The good news is that Will finally remembers the love he shared with Sonny, and as some fans may know, Paul may be heading out of town soon. It’s only a matter of time before these two men finally get back together.

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1. Sam McCall and Jason Morgan – General Hospital

How long will this really take? Fans of JaSam feel like they’ve been waiting forever. While Sam and Jason inch back closer to a reunion every week, there are viewers who can’t wait until they get back together and make it official. The story around their reunion has been a huge tease, and they are surely taking their time; however, when they do reunite, the waiting will all be worth it.

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