Soap Opera Characters Who Need To Be Written Off In 2019


With the new year in full swing, it’s only natural for soap opera fans to speculate on what will be for 2019. Who will fall in love? Who will break up? Who will turn a new leaf, and who will start to walk on the dark side. All daytime drama audiences have their favorite characters, and those they wish would fall off a cliff; therefore, it’s only natural to also want to see certain characters leave the canvas of their show for good. Below are 12 soap opera characters who need to be written off in 2019.

12. Xander Kiriakis – Days of Our Lives

Unlike some villains who DOOL fans love to hate, Xander is one that is terrible right to the bone. He somehow escaped the explosion last year, and always pops up with a terrible scheme or plot to ruin someone in Salem. Time for this bad guy to be axed for good.

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11. Sharon Newman – Young and the Restless

This might be a bit of a controversial pick, as Sharon Newman has both a huge fan base and a huge number of haters within the Y&R audience. This is why she lands on the bottom of this list. While there are many out there that love what Sharon does in Genoa City, there are also a ton of viewers that would love to see her written out where there was no chance she could return.

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10. Franco Baldwin – General Hospital

One of the more annoying residents living in Port Charles, the Franco character is but a mere shadow of his former (and intriguing) self. Going out in a blaze of glory just might be what’s in store for Baldwin come 2019. His romance with Elizabeth Webber is fizzling fast onscreen.

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9. Roman Brady – Days of Our Lives

Roman Brady has a ton of history on Days. Once an exciting and drawing character, he hasn’t really had much of storyline on the show as of late. No real engaging role on the show, and no exciting romance on the horizon. There is a good possibility that Brady could be left in the shadows or suffer a dramatic death in 2019 and go out in a blaze of glory.

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8. Stefan DiMera – Days of Our Lives

Speaking of Salem, Stefan DiMera has spiced things up tremendously on DOOL, filling the gap is father Stefano left behind. Having said that, The Phoenix was infamous for his nine lives, having everyone think he was dead, only to re-emerge in the little town when not expected. If Stefan truly wants to follow in his father’s footsteps, a death is needed in 2019, only for him to come back along the lines and shock everyone.

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7. Mia Rosales – Young and the Restless

Playing two brothers at the same time is never a good thing, and Mia has her hands full right now between Rey and Arturo. She’s also keeping both men from pursuing relationships they want to be in. Axing this character off might be in the cards in 2019, leaving Arturo and Abby to be together, as well as Sharon and Rey.

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6. Nelle Benson – General Hospital

Many GH fans would love to see Nelle die for all the terrible things she’s done to Michael, Carly, and the rest of the Corinthos clan. Add in her recent baby switch ploy, and the repercussions around what it’ll do to Brad, Lucas, and Michael once everything is revealed. Nelle needs to be wiped out this year.

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5. Eve Donovan – Days of Our Lives

J&J fans were elated to hear of Jack Deveraux returning to DOOL in 2019; however, his comeback has come with some great obstacles. He can’t remember his life, family, and great love in Salem, which has made a Jack and Jenn reunion a very hard thing. To boot, Eve Donovan has been feeding twisted information to Jack regarding his past. She so needs to be pushed off a cliff this year.

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4. Phyllis Summers – Young and the Restless

It’s like Phyllis feels the need to lay claim on every eligible bachelor in Genoa City. She wants Nick; she wants Billy; who’s next? Cane? Jack? No relationship is safe. While many Y&R fans do love to hate the Phyllis character, many just hate and would not shed a tear if she were to die in 2019.

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3. Ava Jerome – General Hospital

Ava is a complicated character, one that many viewers dislike, but can sympathize with. She’s done a lot of horrible things in 2018, but her association with (unknown) serial killer “Kevin” just may get her axed and gone for good in 2019. She continues to be romanced by Ryan, but how long can she survive in a relationship (and life) with a man who seems to get rubbed the wrong way very easily?

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2. Gabi Hernandez – Days of Our Lives

Gabi was up to a whole lot of no good last year. In mere months she managed to have the entire town convinced that Abigail was crazy and Stefan was the father of her baby. She also broke Chabby up, and had Abby locked up in a mental health facility. Raise your hand if you’d like to see Gabi wind up dead in 2019!

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1. Ryan Chamberlain – General Hospital

He’s been killing Port Charles residents left, right, and center; however, GH fans know that he’ll eventually be found out. When he does, he’s bound to go down in a dramatic fashion, and leave the little town the way he did many years ago: that is, dead. He’s living the serial killer life right now, but it won’t be long before someone nails him.

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