Rare Photos Of HGTV Stars: Pictures From Before They Were Famous

There’s nothing better than seeing pictures of our favorite stars from before they were famous. With HGTV stars, it is no different. Many of them have become incredibly successful over the course of their careers and they look a lot different now than they did when they were younger. Check out these 20 rare pictures of HGTV stars from before they were stars:

20. Tarek El Moussa

Tarek El Moussa posted this amazing throwback of himself in the ‘80s. It’s amazing – he still looks exactly the same, except for the fact that his hair has darkened. He guesses that it was taken in 1987, which would make him about six years old!

Source: Tarek El Moussa’s Instagram

19. Joanna Gaines

Joanna Gaines has posted some throwbacks of her family when she was growing up, but she doesn’t post a lot of pictures of just herself. In April 2016, she posted this throwback of herself when she was in elementary school. It’s one of the few photos that she’s posted of herself as a kid.

Source: Joanna Gaines’ Instagram

18. Scott McGillivray

The Income Brothers star has an amazing smile and there’s reason for this – braces! Here he is in elementary school on picture day smiling with his mouth full of metal! Even when he was young, Scott McGillivray was still really cute! He just seemed to get better and better with age!

Source: Scott Mcgillivray’s Instagram

17. Sabrina Soto

The High Low Project host used to want to be a baker! It’s pretty clear in this throwback picture that she loves to bake and we must confess – that cake looks pretty darned good! And so does the little baker’s hat that she’s wearing!

Source: Sabrina Soto’s Instagram

16. David Bromstad

My Lottery Dream Home host David Bromstad was quite the stud in high school! This picture is from his senior year. Do you love his Canadian tuxedo? He still looks the same even though this photo is from close to 30 years ago!

Source: David Bromstad’s Instagram

15. Carter Oosterhouse

The Trading Spaces star posted this photo of himself with his dad for Father’s Day. Even though Carter Oosterhouse is really young in this photo, he doesn’t look that happy to be having his picture taken. He grew up to look a lot like his dad though!

Source: Carter Oosterhouse’s Instagram

14. Genevieve Gorder

Back in the ’90s, when this picture was taken, Genevieve Gorder was working for MTV. She then moved on to TLC’s Trading Spaces, which launched her career in the design business. She’s since had two of her own shows, Dear Genevieve and Genevieve’s Renovation.

Source: Genevieve Gorder’s Instagram

13. Egypt Sherrod

The Flipping Virgins host was just eight years old in this picture. According to Egypt Sherrod, she was a quiet child and it took her some time to get comfortable in her own skin. She definitely looks like the shy and quiet type here!

Source: Egypt Sherrod’s Instagram

12. Drew and Jonathan Scott

The Property Brothers stars were born and raised in the Vancouver, British Columbia area, which explains why we can see the mountains in the background of this shot. Do you love his little short shorts? They are to die for!

Source: Jonathan Scott’s Instagram

11. Josh Temple

Before The House Crashers star made it big on HGTV, he was doing improv. Back in the ‘90s, he belonged to an improv group and the woman in this photo with him, Jenny Rosen, was one of the members. He’s definitely come a long way since those days!

Source: Josh Temple’s Instagram

10. Scott McGillivray

Scott McGillivray has always been a cutie, but back in the early 2000s, he looked like he belonged in the band NSYNC! This picture was taken in 2001 on a plane as he was heading to Costa Rica. We love that he looks like a young Justin Timberlake!

Source: Scott Mcgillivray’s Instagram

9. David Bromstad

The Color Splash star looks like he was a really happy kid. Here he is in elementary school dressed in the cutest little outfits. He knew even then how to make a bold fashion statement and then own it!

Source: David Bromstad’s Instagram

8. Chip Gaines

Chip Gaines is a lot like his wife – he doesn’t share too many throwback pictures. He did post this one though. We’re not sure when it’s from, but it’s clear that Chip was a young man then and he obviously really loved his dogs!

Source: Chip Gaines’ Instagram

7. Christina El Moussa

The Flip or Flop star looked like she could have belonged to a pop group once upon a time! This picture is from the year 2001 when Christina was a high school senior. She was super pretty and she had a group of girlfriends who were just as pretty as well!

Source: Christina El Moussa’s Instagram

6. Drew and Jonathan Scott

Growing up on a horse farm in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, must have been a really photogenic experience for Drew and Jonathan Scott! In this picture, they are sitting around their goldfish pond pretending to go fishing!

Source: Jonathan Scott’s Instagram

5. Nicole Curtis

Nicole Curtis is another HGTV star that doesn’t post many throwback pictures of herself, so when she posted this photo with her son Ethan for his 15th birthday on Facebook, we knew we had lucked out! She looks so young in this shot.

Source: Nicole Curtis’ Facebok

4. Christina El Moussa

Christina El Moussa married Tarek in 2009 and this picture is a throwback to their wedding day. In the photo, she’s with her sister, who looks an awful lot like her! Christina looked absolutely stunning at her wedding. We wish we could see more of the dress!

Source: Christina El Moussa’s Instagram

3. Drew and Jonathan Scott

The Scott twins definitely had an awkward phase and this picture is proof of that! Look at how tall and lanky they are and their mismatched suits are just adorable. There’s no date on this picture, but judging by the cars, it’s probably in the late ‘80s or early ‘90s.

Source: Jonathan Scott’s Instagram

2. Scott McGillivray

The Income Property host was always a sight for sore eyes. Here he is in his University of Guelph shirt with his amazing smile and gorgeous hair. He captioned the photo with, “Few things beat a good hair day,” and we have to agree – his hair looks amazing in this picture!

Source: Scott Mcgillivray’s Instagram

1. Chip and Joanna Gaines

Chip and Joanna Gaines have been married for 15 years. For their anniversary, Joanna posted this picture from their wedding day of the two of them looking happier than ever. She doesn’t post many throwbacks, so this one is definitely a keeper!

Source: Joanna Gaines’ Instagram



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