10 Things You Didn’t Know About HGTV’s Bryan And Sarah Baeumler Relationship


Bryan and Sarah Baeumler are one of the cutest couples on HGTV! Bryan Baeumler rose to fame as the host of HGTV’s Disaster DIY and Leave it to Bryan, but in more recent projects he’s been sharing the limelight with his wife on House of Bryan and in their newest series, Bryan Inc., the husband and wife are co-lead hosts! In honor of their adorable relationship and rising success, here’s a look at 10 things you probably didn’t know about Bryan and Sarah Baeumler’s relationship!

10. How They Met

Bryan and Sarah have been married for an impressive 13 years, but they’ve actually known each other a lot longer than that. These two are high school sweethearts! They didn’t date in high school, but they definitely knew each other. After high school, they kept in touch over the following 10 years as they graduated school, went off to university, and into post-graduate programs. Their friendship was reignited in 2001 after they were both copied in on an email which then led to them talking and eventually meeting up for coffee.

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9. Their First Date

According to Sarah, their first date was in September 2001 in Toronto. Bryan planned a big night out for the two of them. They went and saw The Lion King theatre production and then out for a sushi dinner. “He definitely pulled out all the stops, and it was a very exciting first date,” she said.

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8. The Proposal

There’s plenty of times on Bryan’s HGTV shows where things don’t go according to plan or budget, and according to Sarah, that was also the case with his proposal! The two got engaged during a trip to Nova Scotia to visit his family. “He had planned to propose while we were on this beautiful scenic hike beside the ocean. The views and scenery are usually breathtaking. However, on this particular day it was so foggy you could hardly see 20 feet in front of you. We ended up heading home and, on our way back, got a flat tire. Needless to say, it wasn’t the romantic journey Bryan was expecting, so he waited until later that night to pop the question,” said Sarah. Things might not have gone as he had hoped, but at least she said yes!

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7. Wedding

The cute couple have now been married for 13 years which is pretty impressive for reality TV! They got hitched on September 3, 2004 at the Graydon Hall Manor in Toronto, Ontario. After they exchanged vows, they jetted off to Las Vegas for their honeymoon, but this wasn’t the original plan. Similar to his proposal…Bryan’s original plan for their honeymoon didn’t go as expected. He had booked an oceanside beach house for the two in Florida, but they had to cancel their trip on the day of their wedding because a hurricane hit the Florida coast. Instead they hopped online and booked a last minute Vegas vacation which turned out to be just as great!

6. Balancing their Relationship

In an interview with Vancouver Mom, Sarah talked about how she and Bryan balance their time together as a couple while raising four kids, traveling for work and filming their HGTV show. Most couples allocate “date nights” for themselves, but not Sarah and Bryan! Instead they try to cherish the moments they have during the day, like working together on the show. “Bryan and I have always been adamant about teaching our children that Mommy and Daddy need time to be adults and friends to one another….We don’t ever take 2 weeks vacation alone together, but rather we try to make the most of a night up at our cottage or traveling together for business when we can. We are not big on “date night” — possibly because we can never find a sitter for our brood! We try to take advantage of the day to day moments we have together,” she said.

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5.  First Kiss

During a game of “The Not-So-Newlywed Game,” a take on the popular Newlywed Game, Bryan and Sarah answered a few questions about each other to see just how well these two really know one another. One of the questions revealed when they had their first kiss! It was at their family cottage in 2001!

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4. Four Children

Bryan and Sarah have four kids, two boys and two girls! Their oldest is 11, Quintyn, then Charlotte whose 9, Lincoln, 5, and Josephine, 3. Viewers have gotten glimpses of their children and overall family life while watching the couple build their dream home up in the country on House of Bryan and all of it’s spin offs.

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3. Working Together

These two have not only been together for a long time, and a big part of their relationship has been working together. Sarah has been involved with Bryan’s construction company for the past 15 years and they’ve taken on a ton of projects together over the years, mainly on their own homes. Today, these two are working closer than ever! In their newest show, Bryan Inc., Sarah has taken on the role of Project Manager as they purchase and renovate homes for other people. Working together isn’t always the best idea for married couples, but for Sarah and Bryan, it seems to work well! “At some point, you have to stop the talk of the business and you have to be able to disconnect a little bit. Once we get home, we give each other a half an hour break where you can finish your thoughts and your discussion about business. Then we need to focus on our time as a couple, as parents and just sort of change the tone in which you’re talking,” she said.

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2. Shared Hobbies

One of the reasons Sarah and Bryan are so perfect together is because they are similar not only in where they are from and their family values, but also because they enjoy the same things! When asked if they have any shared hobbies, Sarah said she and Bryan both love water sports. The HGTV couple own a cottage getaway where they go water-skiing, wakeboarding and tubing. They also travel to Florida for family vacations and take their boat out to go fishing, “It’s great because we have passed our love for being outside and active to the kids. Now we are able to enjoy these activities with the entire family,” she said. In addition to all of that, they are also certified scuba divers! “[We] love to travel to find the best scuba diving spots. We recently went to the Maldives and found incredible places to dive there,” she said.

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1. Family Values

One of the main things that brings a couple together is shared values which is exactly what happened with Sarah and Bryan. They have a lot of in common from where they grew up, their hobbies, work and especially their shared family values. “Like any other couple, work is a regular part of our day-to-day life. Bryan and I are both very hard workers, but we always make sure that nothing takes priority over our relationship and our family. I think that is the key. Family first and everything else second. We love what we do, and we work hard so we can enjoy time with our family and watch the kids grow up,” said Sarah.

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