One Tree Hill Fans: Who Would You Rather?

One Tree Hill wasn’t exactly the most popular show of its time, but its fanbase was arguably more dedicated and supportive than that of any other show on television at the time. In fact, fans were so enthusiastic about the show that it ended up airing for 9 seasons – considerably more than most teen dramas. Over the past month, we’ve been putting together a ton of features on the popular show (see related articles at the end of this article) but we thought it would be fun to do a “Who Would You Rather” poll feature for the show. You’re going to love this – so let’s get started:

Who Would You Rather Marry?

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Who Would You Rather Have As Your Best Friend?

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Who Would You Rather Have A One-Night-Stand With?

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Whose Dad Would You Rather?

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Whose Career Would You Rather Have?

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Whose Family Would You Rather Have?

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Whose Sense of Style Would You Rather Have?

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Whose Hair Would Rather Have?

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Whose Personality Would You Rather Have?

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Who Would You Rather Have Seen Survive In The End?

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Fame 10 Staff

Fame 10 Staff