Long-Term Soap Opera Couples That Never Lost Their Chemistry

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Super couples come and go, but it’s the long-term duos that keep soap opera fans loyal to their shows. Whether they have a roller coaster of a relationship that has seen many breakups, or they manage to stay together through thick and thin, one thing these romances must have on a constant basis is chemistry. Below are 12 long-term soap opera couples that never lost their chemistry.

12. Phyllis Summers and Jack Abbott – Young and the Restless

Sure, they aren’t together right now, but these “friends” who were a former couple have been spending a lot of time together as of late. When they hang out, despite their platonic relationship, there still seems to be that spark there. It’s only a matter of time before Red and Jack re-connect, and while Phyllis’ wandering eye has always been this couple’s demise, Jack has always been willing to take her back. That’s because of his boundless love for her.

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11. Hope and Bo Brady – Days of Our Lives

Right up until his dying day in 2015, this couple wreaked chemistry. How else could one explain over three decades of romance for these two? The couple’s only downfall was Stefano DiMera. After all, they had been separated countless times because of Stefano, and really would have had their happily ever after had it not been for him.

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10. Nikki and Victor Newman – Young and the Restless

Love them or hate them together, this long-term Genoa City couple has been unable to lose their spark over the years; despite their issues and ups and downs, they always end up together. While they have broken up countless times, they always come back to each other. Why? One word: chemistry.

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9. Belle and Shawn-Douglas Brady – Days of Our Lives

With a huge return in August, many Days’ fans are excited to see Shelle back on the small daytime screen. This long-term couple has faced a lot over the years but always bounce back to each other. Not many high school sweethearts stay together; however, these two have an incredible magic about them. How can they not? Both are the offspring of two incredible super couples in Salem: Bo and Hope, as well as John and Marlena.

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8. Marlena Evans and John Black – Days of Our Lives

Speaking of Jarlena, the long-term couple is set to hit the alter one more time, very soon. Salem is all abuzz about their wedding, and so are many Days fans! Both are grandparents (with Marlena being a great-grandma) at this point, so it is hard to believe that these to still have that spark. But they do, and it is an incredible thing to watch on daytime television.

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7. Lily and Cane Ashby – Young and the Restless

Cane and Lily are going through a down point in their relationship as both of them struggle with the idea that Lily may head to prison due to the accident that caused Hilary and her unborn child to die. While they are set to lose a lot if she is sent to jail, one thing they probably won’t lose is the passion they have between each other.

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6. Julie and Doug Williams – Days of Our Lives

There would be no Luke and Laura in Port Charles if there wasn’t a Doug and Julie in Salem. Hard to believe that this super couple’s relationship spans over four decades, but it does. What is even more beautiful than their longevity is that a spark still exists between this these two, even after all these years.

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5. Sonny and Carly Corinthos – General Hospital

When things are going great between these two it can feel like heaven on earth! When things are going bad, watch out! Regardless of good or bad times, Sonny and Carly always have chemistry. In fact, it is this spark that has gotten them in trouble when they’ve been in other relationships. Having said that, they always do end up together and even though their lives are crazy right now (thanks to Nelle), at least they have each other and that chemistry.

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4. Sharon and Nick Newman – Young and the Restless

Nick and Sharon are giving it another solid go and are currently planning their next wedding. The downfall for this couple has always been keeping secrets from each other, and they may fall down that rabbit hole again shortly. One thing they’ve never lacked though is chemistry between them. They are like magnets that are continually drawn to each other.

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3. Sam and Jason – General Hospital

Jason and Sam are currently not together, but it really is only a matter of time before they are. Sam was only with Drew because she thought he was Jason, and while they haven’t reunited between the sheets officially as of yet, sparks fly every time they simply look at each other.

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2. Lauren Fenmore and Michael Baldwin – Young and the Restless

Lauren and Michael have one of the hottest marriages on daytime TV. The couple has been through its fair share of issues; however, for the most part, they are a solid twosome. They have managed to stay married all these years without a single divorce, which is almost unheard of in soap operas, and their chemistry is still red hot to this very day.

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1. Kayla and Steve Johnson – Days of Our Lives

The fact that Kayla and Steve’s love affair is still a focal point on Days is a true testimony to just how much chemistry this long-term couple remains to have. Whether you are a new or older fan of the show, most are fascinated with Kayla and Steve. They have that spark that defies the ages, and their romance is still one of the best things about Salem today.

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