8 Reasons People Love To Hate Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian is undeniably winning at the fame game, with her name in the headlines pretty much every single day. From her fashion choices to her flawless makeup, her famous family to her wildly publicized relationships, it seems like there’s never a lack of material when needing your Kim-fix. All of this popularity and coverage has masses of fans drooling over her and others gagging. Here are 8 reasons people love and hate (and love to hate) Kim Kardashian.

8. Her Lifestyle

Check out Kim Kardashian’s Instagram or Twitter – or, like, any media outlet in the world – and you’ll be sure to catch a glimpse of her luxury filled and lavish lifestyle. Regularly riding in the back of limos, appearing on red carpets, or just hanging around her multimillion dollar mansion, Kim Kardashian seems to always be up to something fabulous. The fans love to follow her lavish lifestyle and drool over everything she has and does, while others are jealous, turned off, or just completely uninterested. Either way, Kim is living and loving her lavish lifestyle.

Stepping into Versailles both in Margiela

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7. Her Fortune

With an estimated $85 million of her very own (yes, you read that right, 85 million whopping dollars) Kim can afford that lavish lifestyle. Making her fortune through personal appearances, product endorsements, clothing lines, fragrances, as well as her paycheck from her family’s television shows, Kim is certainly having no trouble raking it in. Another reason for some to love and admire her, and just another reason for others to despise her and be jealous of her, Kim can comfort herself knowing that whether you love her or hate her it’s all helping add to her bountiful bank account.

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