HGTV’s 13 Biggest Stars: How Much Are They Worth?

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HGTV also known as Home & Garden Television has become a popular go-to specialty channel for viewers looking to learn a little more about either home renovations, real estate, decor or just tune in to watch their favorite stars. The Canadian channel features a slew of original content from both the U.S. and Canada with programs specializing in anything and everything to do with owning a home. Some of their shows have gained huge success turning these everyday real estate agents, contractors and designers into national celebrities. We’re curious just how successful these HGTV guru’s have become, so here’s a list of how much the 13 biggest stars are worth!

13. Bryan Baeumler

Estimated Net Worth: $15 million. Before joining HGTV as one of their most prominent hosts, Baeumler ran an air-cargo business from the mid-90s until 2003 when he became a television host. Baeumler has served as the face of several different shows like Disaster DIY, Distaster DIY: Cottage Edition, Leave It to Bryan and House of Bryan. His most recent show House of Bryan which followed him and his family as they built their dream home was extremely popular and became the highest rated series in HGTV Canada’s history! It gained multiple spin offs like House of Bryan: On The Rocks, House of Bryan: In The Sticks and House of Bryan: The Final Straw. He’s the proud owner of a Gemini Award, and is the CEO of his own construction company, Baeumler Quality Construction and Renovations Inc. Baeumler’s hard work has paid off as he’s now worth $15 million! His wife, Sarah Baeumler, is often seen on television by his side and will be seen on their two new shows, Home to Win and Bryan Inc — these two are the ultimate HGTV power couple!

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12. Hilary Farr

Estimated Net Worth: $8 million. This Canadian decorator is the face of W Networks Love It or List It, a show she co-hosts with David Visentin. Hilary Farr is no doubt the more popular half of this duo. In the ‘70s she worked as an actress, but quickly moved onto designing and renovating homes and became a notable designer for celebrities like Jenna Elfman and Jennifer Hudson. In addition to hosting Love It or List It, she’s served as a judge on Search for the Next W Expert 2010, done guest appearances on shows like The Marilyn Dennis Show, and been the go-to design expert for publications like Huffington Post, CNN, and USA Today. Despite all of this, her co-hosting duties are still her most notable and profitable.

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11. Joanna Gaines

Estimated Net Worth: $1 million. This American designer is a businesswoman and reality television personality who appears on the hit show Fixer Upper alongside her husband, Chip Gaines, on HGTV. Not only is she a host of a popular home improvement show, but she’s also the founder, owner and lead designer for Magnolia Homes. When Joanna and her husband first started out, Magnolia was just an accessory store. Today, she’s developed the brand into a real estate company, construction company, design firm and residential subdivision called Magnolia Villas. As one of the hosts and designers on the show Fixer Upper, Joanna and her husband, Chip work with clients to purchase and remodel a home. The show begins with them showing a couple three potential homes in Texas. Their clients choose one and Joanna designs the renovations while Chip acts as the lead contractor. These two make it happen each and every time! Joanna is now worth an estimated $1 million.


10. Genevieve Gorder

Estimated Net Worth: $5 million. This decorator is probably most familiar from her time on TLC’s Trading Spaces and later Trading Spaces: Family. She made her HGTV debut in 2009 on her own show Dear Genevieve where she helped families solve common design problems. In addition to this, she starred on HGTV Star (formerly known as Designer Star) until 2013, and in 2014 her newest series came out, Genevieve’s Renovation. Gorder is slated to return to TLC’s Trading Spaces reboot which is set to premiere in April 2018.

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9. Mike Holmes

Estimated Net Worth: $25 million. Mike Holmes holds the proud title of being the richest star on this list! He began working in construction when he was only 6-years-old, started his first contracting company at 19 and then a renovation company when he was 21. Holmes is the founder of Holmes Foundation and is the author of two books, Canada’s Most Trusted Contractor and Home Renovation — a national bestseller. He was given his own series, Holmes on Homes, in 2001. The show started out on HGTC and now airs in the U.S. on HGTC, the DIY Network and of course, HGTV. The show was so successful it spawned a series of spin-off shows like Holmes in New Orleans, Holmes Inspection, Best of Holmes on Homes, Holmes Makes It Right and sits as a judge on the panels of the Handyman Challenge franchise. Mike has since moved onto hosting Holmes Inspection where he fixes homes with repairs inspectors missed. On a roll, Holmes paired up with Fox in 2015 to release an eight-episode show called Home Free hosted by Holmes. This handyman turned television personality is currently worth a whopping $25 million!

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8. David Bromstad

Estimated Net Worth: $2 million. David Bromstad began his career in design by starting his own company called Bromstad Studio. He eventually moved down South and auditioned for HGTV’s competition show Design Star (renamed HGTV Star)  in 2006 and won! After beating out all the other contestants he went on to host his own HGTV show Color Splash. Ever since then he’s been an HGTV staple either as a guest star, host, or mentor.


7. Christina El Moussa

Estimated Net Worth: $4 million. Christina El Moussa is an American television personality from California. She’s best known for appearing alongside her husband, Tarek El Moussa as a host on the reality series, Flip or Flop. She started her career working in the real estate business where she met her husband and they both started selling real estate when the market crashed in 2008. Tarek and Christina partnered up with Pete De Best and bought their first investment property for $115,000. After making a project of $34,000 on their first flip, they decided to use the profits to continue flipping houses and expand their real estate business. Their knack for flipping houses earned them their own reality show and Christina’s even appeared as a guest judge on the popular HGTV series Brother vs. Brother! Today the crafty couple owns a real-estate agency called The El Moussa Group in Orange County, California and are estimated to be worth $4 million.

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6. Nicole Curtis

Estimated Net Worth: $5 million. Curtis is a jack of all trades — she’s a licensed realtor, interior designer and a reality show host. She started her career in the late ’90s when she started restoring older properties that were going to be demolished. Curtis began tackling properties in Minneapolis, Tampa, Atlanta, and then Los Angeles. She’s currently the host and star of her own series called Rehab Addict on the DIY Network. While on the show, she focuses on pre-World War II homes in Detroit and Minneapolis and restores them to their former beauty. She uses cost-effective methods by furnishing and decorating the homes with items purchased from discount stores, flea markets and second-hand shops. Outside of her television gig she owns her own design firm called Nicole Curtis Design, works as a realtor with Keller Williams and is in the midst of creating her own line of home accessories. Nicole Curtis proves that restoration is better than destruction because she’s now worth an estimated $5 million!


5. Jonathan and Drew Scott

Estimated Net Worth: $20 million. Everybody loves the Canadian real estate brothers and identical twins, Jonathan and Drew Scott. Success started at a young age for these two. They bought their first property when they were 18, flipped it and made a $50,000 profit. Before entering into real estate full time both brothers tried their hand at acting on the Canadian series Breaker High. Drew landed a role on Smallville while Jonathan was on the The X-Files. When their acting careers didn’t take off these two became known as the go-to real estate agent and contractor expert. The brothers launched Scott Real Estate, Inc. in 2004 and later on their own production company called Scott Brothers Entertainment in 2010. It wasn’t until 2011 when their careers skyrocketed into the limelight with a hit reality series called Property Brothers. Their show is HGTV’s biggest hit with an estimated 26 million fans! Drew and Jonathan have both been involved in directing several episodes of the show and producing the web series Toddler Vs. Toddler. In addition to Property Brothers, they’ve also been the stars of shows like Buying and Selling, Brother Vs. Brother, Property Brothers: at Home on the Ranch and Property Brothers: At Home. Jonathan and Drew are a package deal and so we’ve included their net worth together which adds up to a whopping $20 million!

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4. Chip Gaines

Estimated Net Worth: $1.5 million. Chip Gaines is the hubby of fellow HGTV star Joanna Gaines. These two star together on Fixer Upper as they flip, remodel and fix up homes for their clients in Texas. Chip is an integral part of this power couple with a great knack for finding profitable real estate and his contracting skills. Chip helped Joanna turn her home accessory store, Magnolia into a growing business that now includes a real estate company, construction company, design firm and residential subdivision known as Magnolia Villas. Chip has been starring on Fixer Upper since 2013 and to this date have worked on over 100 homes! Fueled by the success of their growing brand and reality series, Chip is now worth an estimated $1.5 million.


3. Scott McGillivray

Estimated Net Worth: $4 million. McGillivray began studying carpentry right after he graduated from University. Today, he’s recognized as a television host, real estate investor, financial expert, contractor, writer, public speaker and an educator! His first experience with television was on the show From the Ground Up with Debbie Travis, but he’s since moved on from that gig to land his own shows and become the executive producer. McGillivray is the host of the popular Home and Garden show, Income Property. The series is currently into their 11th season and can be found on HGTV and the DIY Network in Canada and the U.S. During each episode they lend their services to one family who needs help designing and building a rental unit for their home which will better manage their mortgage payments. In addition to his hosting gigs, Scott McGillivray can also be found on shows like All American Handyman as a co-presenter, and a judge on the Canadian series Canada’s Handyman Challenge. He’s now worth an estimated $4 million!


2. Egypt Sherrod

Estimated Net Worth: $2 million. Egypt Sherrod is an American television and radio personality. In addition to pursuing a career in front of the camera, Sherrod has been a real estate expert for the past 14 years. She was deemed “American’s most beloved real estate agent” and been the host of popular HGTV shows like Property Virgins and Flipping Virgins. She’s the real estate go-to for the NBC Today show, CNBC, FOX, CNN, HLN and she’s been featured in publications like Rolling Stone, Black Enterprise, Time Out New York, along with a slew of others. Sherrod is a real estate columnist for Atlanta Magazine and Atlanta Magazine’s Home Edition. She’s hosted Oprah’s “The Life You Want Tour” and been known to conduct A-list interviews with celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio, Beyonce, Jamie Foxx, Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, Prince, and James Brown, just to name a few. She’s currently the midday host for WVEE radio station. Egypt Sherrod is a woman of many successes and it’s paid off because she’s now worth an estimated $2 million!

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1. Jillian Harris

Estimated Net Worth: $2 million. This Canadian beauty is not only an HGTV star, but she’s also a former Bachelorette! Jillian Harris went on season 9 of The Bachelor as a contestant. She failed to find true love and was given an opportunity to come back as the fifth Bachelorette in 2009. She got engaged to Ed Swiderski, but broke it off in 2010. After her failed relationship, Harris began working as an interior decorator. Things started turning around for her when she landed a gig on the reality series Love It or List It Vancouver where she works competitively against her co-star to remodel clients home in the hopes that they will chose to stay in their homes rather than put them up for sale. Prior to that she hosted Canada’s Handyman Challenge for a season and worked on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Outside of her various television stints, Harris started her own brand of interior decor and launched an online webstore called Charlie Ford Vintage. She’s finally found love with longtime boyfriend, Justin Pasutto, and the couple welcomed their first child together earlier this month! Jillian Harris is now estimated to be worth $2 million!

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