Brandi Glanville’s 9 Most Controversial Real Housewives Moments

Brandi Glanville was easily one of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills most controversial stars. She literally has no filter, which really caused a lot of drama (and damage). At the end of season five, no one was sad to learn that she wouldn’t be coming back for season six and, if you take a look some of her more controversial moments, you’ll totally understand why!

9. Accusing Kim Richards of Using Meth

During season two of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when Brandi just started making guest appearances on the show, she got into a heated argument with Kim and Kyle Richards and accused Kim of using crystal meth. Kim did seem kind of loopy, but accusing her of using crystal meth took things a little too far.

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8. Telling Dana Wilkey Her Fiancé Is Cheating on Her

When Brandi met Dana Wilkey for the first time, Dana talked about how her fiancé was away a lot on business, so she told her that he probably had a woman in every city. The other housewives were not impressed, but a season later, we found out that Brandi was right – Dana’s fiancé had been cheating on her and they had broken up as a result.

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7. Revealing Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif’s Surrogacy Secret

Brandi caused some serious trouble when told some of her fellow cast mates that Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif used a surrogate for their twin boys. It was supposed to be a secret so, when Brandi decided to share this information, things got really ugly. Adrienne and Paul sent her a threatening letter from their lawyer and then Brandi had to spent tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees as a result. Brandi ended up apologizing to Adrienne in season five, but the damage was already done.

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6. Calling Joyce Giraud a Black Person

Brandi didn’t like Joyce Giraud that much and no one was really sure why. When the housewives were in Palm Springs for a weekend, things got especially tense when Brandi called Joyce a black person because she didn’t want to get into the water. Joyce was pretty offended, especially since Brandi kept calling her Jacqueline instead Joyce. According to Brandi, the name Joyce didn’t suit her. “Joyce is a bit fat pig,” she said. Eventually, Brandi made amends with Joyce, but we personally think that the reason Joyce didn’t return for season five was because of this unnecessary sort of drama.

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5. Throwing Wine on Eileen

Brandi completed shocked Yolanda Foster, Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson after she suddenly threw wine in Eileen’s face when the actress refused to reenact a moment from one of her soap operas. Although she apologized afterwards for her behavior, Eileen never really let it go.


4. Commenting on Baby Face’s Wife’s Ring

Brandi insulted Babyface and his wife at one of Yolanda’s dinner parties when she told them that her wedding ring wasn’t big enough. She then proceeded to explain to everyone present that the bigger the diamond meant the more likely he was to cheat. Babyface handled it like a pro. He told her that she was probably only saying that because of her experience with her ex husband.


3. Hooking Up with a 20 Something in Amsterdam

When the housewives went to Amsterdam, Brandi had herself a hot hookup – with a much younger man. According to Lisa Vanderpump, the guy Brandi hooked up with was a friend of her son Max, which would have made him about 23 years old. During the Real Housewives reunion, Lisa claimed that her son’s friend had told her that Brandi had been too drunk to have sex, but Brandi quickly interjected, proudly telling all the housewives that she had slept with him two nights in a row.


2. Slapping Lisa Vanderpump in the Face

Brandi and Lisa Vanderpump’s relationship was in shambles during season five; however, when Brandi jokingly slapped Lisa in Amsterdam that was the end of their friendship. To be fair, before Brandi slapped the British restaurateur, Lisa had joked that she was going to slap Brandi for trying to jokingly kiss her, but Brandi was the one who took it to the next level.


1. Coming Between Kyle and Kim Richards

Brandi and Kim Richards became especially close during season five, much to Kyle’s chagrin. Things got especially bad when Brandi got involved in the Richards sisters’ fight at Eileen Davidson’s poker party. Kyle tried to grab Brandi to get her out of the way and then Brandi ended up pushing her. Kyle has since written Brandi off.



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