The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ 9 Biggest Feuds

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It’s no secret that Bravo’s reality series, the Real Housewives is a hot bed for drama, and it turns out the producers encourage it! The show has been around for quite some time, with new seasons always popping up in various different cities which means we’ve seen a lot of women come and go on the series. The tough part with this show is that most of the women aren’t friends before they begin filming together and when overly privileged, loud and opinionated women come together to film for a reality show, its no surprise many of them butt heads. Sometimes these arguments are small and can be settled during a mediated sit down reunion show, but other times these fights turn into full blown feuds that can last years! This list takes a look at some of the biggest feuds on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:

9. Kyle Richards versus Camille Grammer

Camille Grammer is now a housewife that makes guest appearances on the show, but for the first two seasons she was a regular cast member. Her most memorable season was the first because she came off as one of the most hated housewifes in history! The entire feud stemmed from a brief miscommunication between Kyle and Camille when Camille thought Kyle was saying no one would be interested in her traveling to Hawaii without her ex-husband, Kelsey Grammer, but what Kyle really asked was whether Kelsey Grammer was going to be meeting her in Hawaii on her vacation. It was the most minuscule argument that seemed to snowball into a full blown feud throughout the first season. This all lead to the infamous “dinner party from hell” with Allison Dubois and Faye Resnick. The two women have squashed all of that now and are actually quite good friends, but for a while we thought it might never happen.

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8. Brandi Glanville versus Kyle and Kim Richards

This feud dates back to season two when viewers were first introduced to the tall and skinny housewife we now know as the infamous unfiltered Brandi Glanville. The women all attended a ‘game night’ where a clearly intoxicated Kim Richards childishly hides Brandi’s crutches. The two sisters play the mean girl role by picking on the new girl and seeing how far they have to go to get a rise out of her, and boy oh boy do they ever! Brandi in her usual fashion states the obvious, that Kim is clearly intoxicated which causes the two fiercely loyal sisters to fight back. Brandi may have been a trashy cussing housewife, but it was Kyle and Kim that came off looking like childish child stars. It was this night that Brandi got her first taste of what life would be like on the Real Housewives.

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7. Eileen versus Lisa Vanderpump

This little squabble didn’t start out as much, but like many other feuds on Real Housewives it was never truly settled and so it keeps coming back to haunt them both. The feud began in the start of season 6 when the ladies were out in the Hampton’s at a dinner party and Lisa Vanderpump was asking Eileen some rather uncomfortable questions concerning her marriage to Vincent. Now if we back pedal a bit, Eileen’s marriage was the result of an affair. Eileen didn’t appreciate how insensitive Lisa was being by asking extremely personal questions about “the affair,” especially in the middle of a dinner party. She confronted her about it later to get an apology, and Lisa gave her a version of an apology, but Eileen didn’t accept it. She continued to go after LVP for the rest of the season, bringing it up again and again when she probably should have just let it go. In addition to everything else that happened this season with Lisa Vanderpump, Eileen’s issue with Lisa seems to only be getting worse no matter how many times Lisa makes an attempt at an apology. These two will probably never find a common ground!

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6. Brandi Glanville versus Lisa Vanderpump

These two were thick as thieves for many seasons as Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken took Brandi under their wing. It all started back in season 3 when Brandi was asked to have a sit down with her ex-husbands former mistress Scheana, who also happens to be a star on Lisa Vanderpumps reality series, Vanderpump Rules. It’s clearly a way of meshing the two shows together for publicity. Then in season 4, Lisa brought Scheana to another party to serve and once again tried to overlap the two shows. It’s unclear whether it’s Lisa’s meticulous decision or the producers at Bravo who run both shows, either way Brandi was continuously crossing paths with this woman she despises and she didn’t feel like Lisa had her best interests at heart. Brandi decided to lash out and told Kyle Richards that LVP tried to “bring her down” by sneaking tabloids onto their trip to Puerto Rico. This ruined the relationship as Brandi feels like Lisa takes Scheana’s side over hers and LVP feels like Brandi betrayed her. Then into season 5 their relationship was beyond repair. Brandi continuously tried to make amends, but LVP is good at holding grudges. Fast forward to later on in the season, Brandi dug a deeper hole when she slapped Lisa across the face as a “joke.” That friendship is definitely o-v-e-r!

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5. Brandi Glanville versus Adrienne and Paul Maloof

This feud sparked not only an argument, but also an expensive legal battle. The argument began when Brandi Glanville blurted out a ‘personal secret’ about Adrienne and her ex-husband Paul. The comment wasn’t aired on the show, but viewers got to see the aftermath between the two. Details of the fight were later released and the comment Brandi made was that Adrienne used a surrogate to have her twins Christian and Colin. The reason Adrienne and Paul were furious about Brandi voicing this tidbit of information was because Adrienne had not yet revealed this information to her children. Ironically it was Brandi’s new bestie, Kim Richards who revealed to the angry parents that Brandi shared this information and so the couple went forward with legal action to serve her a cease-and-desist. Bravo was forced to remove on the on-camera comment for legal reasons and there are now rumors that since Adrienne and Paul have split, Paul is “friends” with Brandi. In a later episode of the show, Brandi and Adrienne have lunch and Brandi apologized for what she said.


4. Lisa Rinna versus Kim Richards

Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards got into one of the biggest feuds in Real Housewives history last season when Kim got extremely defensive about her sobriety and went on the attack against Lisa R. Lisa’s problem with the whole situation was that she didn’t like how the women tip toed around Kim and seemed to ignore the fact that she was an addict. She claimed everybody was “scared” of Kim and that her struggle with addition should be openly discussed, especially after what happened at Eileen’s house when Kim was clearly intoxicated slurring her speech and spewing insults at Lisa. Things came to a head while the ladies were out for dinner in Amsterdam and the topic of Kim’s sobriety was brought up once again. The two ladies exchanged arguments and eventually Kim made the bold statement that she had “something on Lisa’s husband.” She hinted at the fact that he had cheated on Lisa. After this was said, Lisa stood up, smashed a glass and went all momma bear on Kim! The two have never been able to repair the friendship and luckily Kim Richards no longer films regularly for the RHOBH.

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3. The Munchausen Debate

Season 6 just wrapped up for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and for the past few months while the show was on air the main storyline for the season revolved around Yolanda Foster’s sickness. Yolanda has been suffering from Lyme disease for a few years now and some of the women on the show, mainly Lisa Rinna, have been quite vocal with their opinions about her illness. In the beginning of the season, Lisa R. brought up the fact that “some people” believe Yolanda is faking her illness and has something called Munchausens. This has obviously caused conflict between Lisa R. and Yolanda, but also created a rift between many other women as Lisa R. claims she was manipulated into bringing it up on camera by Lisa Vandepump AND that Kyle Richards was also involved in talks about Yolanda’s sickness. The whole thing has become a huge topic on the show and was brought up in almost every single episode of season 6. Not only that, but Yolanda’s kids have been brought into it with ladies questioning whether they are sick or not! It’s safe to say Lisa R. is no longer friends with Yolanda and the two have exchanged some nasty tweets with one another in the past few months since filming this season.

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2. Brandi Glanville versus Kyle Richards

Things started getting ugly between Brandi Glanville and Kyle Richards during season 5 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. To be fair, the two never seemed to genuinely like each other, but things escalated badly last season when the two got into a altercation while filming at Eileen’s house. The girls were there for a poker party and Kim was clearly intoxicated, whether on alcohol, drugs or both. Kyle tried to quietly get her home so that she wouldn’t make a scene on camera in her current state, but Brandi intervened between the two sisters, accusing Kyle of not being a good sister to Kim and not supporting her. Meanwhile, it was no secret that Kyle didn’t approve of Kim hanging around Brandi because she thought she was a bad influence on her sister. The feud carried out all season as Kyle accused Brandi of tearing her and Kim apart while Brandi accused Kyle of being a horrible sister. It still continues on today as they take jabs at one another in the media, even though Brandi no longer appears on the show.

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1. Kim Richards versus Kyle Richards

These two child star sisters had a huge feud filled skeleton in the closet way before the cameras started rolling. Viewers just got to see the skeletons come out of the closet and play out on camera, and it wasn’t pretty. Kyle and Kim Richards have basically been feuding since the final episode of season 1 when Kyle finally reached her breaking point with Kim and ended up outing her sisters addiction to alcohol on camera. Since then the two sisters have continuously bickered about endless squabbles. They will make amends only to fall apart again a few months later — which is typically around the time Kim relapses. In the most recent season of RHOBH it seems the two sisters are finally getting to a better place, but we’ve seen it all before. We hope they can pull it off and be a family once and for all!

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