7 Young And The Restless Villains Ranked From Worst To Best

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5. Deacon Sharpe

Deacon Sharpe isn’t a villain who has solely wreaked havoc in Genoa City. Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) fans have also witnessed some of his terrible deeds. From stealing and embezzlement to blackmailing, kidnapping, drugging people to take advantage of them and more. Deacon Sharpe is truly an awful man who seems to have no conscience.

Source: Soap Central


4. Daisy Carter

How could the offspring of terrible Tom Fisher and town crazy Sheila Carter not land on this list? The apple doesn’t fall far from either parental tree when it comes to this villainess. She’s killed, conducted arson, kidnapped people, held Lauren Fenmore and Jana Fisher hostage, and she drugged and raped Daniel and then bore his child. The most outrageous part is that she’s probably made her parents very proud.

Source: The Young and the Restless Wiki