7 Young And The Restless Characters We Wish Would Come Back To Life

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5. Sage Newman

Sage’s death last year shocked Y&R fans to their very core. She was a huge fan favorite because she hadn’t been with the show too long, and her character was just starting to build momentum. Her death caused fans to wonder if the truth about Sully/Christian would ever reveal itself. A lot has changed since then. Christian’s true identity was revealed … well, sort of. It was acknowledged that Sully was Christian, the baby Sage and Nick seemingly lost; however, the secret of Christian’s true paternity still lingers. It is bound to come out with or without Sage, but having Sage around when the chips do fall would be an interesting twist.

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4. Delia Abbott

It is a very rare occurrence for children to come back from the dead in soaps and with the way Delia passed away, it is highly unlikely. However, after all these years it still seems quite surreal that the little girl with so much spunk died in 2014. While the aftermath of her death has been an interesting watch, one can’t help but wonder how different Genoa City would be if the little girl survived. Adam would not be dead, Vicky and Billy might still be happily married, Chloe may not have lost her marbles – and would baby Isabella even be here? It would be a nice thought to bring the little girl back and erase all of the pain many have suffered over the years.

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