Young And The Restless: 7 Most Controversial Moments Ever

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The Young and the Restless (Y&R) is a soap opera known for its down-to-earth storylines and realistic characters, mixed in with a little daily drama and romance. You’ll see affairs and corporate takeovers on the show, but rarely will you see alien invasions, spy adventures, or over-the-top villains. The realistic elements of this show are why fans love it so much. In addition to this, Y&R has had some notorious storylines, so here are seven of the most controversial moments in this soap opera’s history.

7. The Naked Heiress

In 2010, the Abby Newman character underwent soap opera rapid aging syndrome (SORAS) and went from being a teenager to a young adult. As such, the Naked Heiress storyline was launched where Abby jaunted everywhere in the nude. This included riding into the Athletic Club au natural on a horse. Abby was a rebel at that point in time, looking to create controversy and scandal to launch a reality television show concept. She even taped Danny Romalotti and herself doing the deed so she could have a sex tape and get famous. The storyline ended up being a little over-the-top for older viewers who weren’t used to seeing such antics before.

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6. Billy And Mackenzie Are Cousins

Billy Abbott and Mackenzie Brown were each other’s first true loves. The couple did have their ups and downs, but they also shared a magic and chemistry that Y&R viewers loved to watch. In 2003, right after their wedding, the two discovered that they were related and actually cousins. As it turned out (at the time) Billy’s mom (Jill) was the daughter of Mac’s grandma (Katherine)! The very idea of them hooking up creeped many Y&R viewers out. The good news is that they weren’t ever cousins after all which was revealed years later. Gotta love those soap opera plot twists!

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