7 Forgotten Young And The Restless Couples

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The Young and the Restless (Y&R) has been on the airwaves for over four decades. Characters have come, gone, died, come back to life, and fallen in and out of love. There have been many incredible couples who fans adore — some have broken up and gotten back together, while others remain apart but still in our memories. Below is a list of seven Y&R forgotten couples.

7. Paul Williams and Lauren Fenmore

Paul and Lauren might be best buddies right now, but they have a long and dragged out history in Genoa City that has brought them to this point. In fact, at one point in the mid-to-late ‘80s, these two were a great couple and even remained married for a period of time. While Paul’s mother didn’t quite approve of Fenmore, they did enjoy some great years together and remaining friends after a split up shows just how great these characters really are.

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6. Phillip Chancellor III and Christine Blair

Many may remember that Christine shared a crazy love affair with rocker Danny Romalotti (on and off) over the years. Some may also remember Nina and Phillip’s rocky road into coupledom and parenthood. But does any long-time Y&R fan remember that Phillip and Christine were originally together? In the late ‘80s both Phillip and Danny had a tug-of-war competition between charming little Cricket and when Danny realized that he was too ‘old’ for the young Jabot model, he backed off and Phillip got the girl. The two were engaged and almost married, but waiting in the wings was Cricket’s BFF Nina, who desperately wanted Phillip to herself. She got him drunk, seduced him and ended up pregnant with his child in the process. This was what broke up the coupling of Christine and Phillip.

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