Forgotten Young And The Restless Couples

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) has been on the airwaves for over four decades. Characters have come, gone, died, come back to life, and fallen in and out of love. There have been many incredible couples over the years who fans adore; some have broken up and gotten back together, while others remain apart, but still in our memories. Below is a list of Y&R forgotten couples.

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12. Neil Winters and Karen Taylor

Shortly after the love of his life Drucilla passed away, Karen Taylor entered Neil’s life. The two would end up getting married 2008; however, the honeymoon stage would fizzle and fast months later, Karen would leave town and separate from Winters in mid-2009. Sadly, Neil ended up cheating on her with Tyra, Ana’s mom.

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11. Neil Fenmore and Gina Roma

Back in the early ‘80s, Danny Romalotti’s sister Gina had quite the romance with wealthy Genoa City businessman Neil Fenmore. While the two fell deeply in love, when Lauren’s long-lost mom Joanna popped back into the picture, his sweet daughter schemed to reunite her parents. Sadly, Lauren would succeed in breaking Neil and Gina up.

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10. Danny Romalotti and Patty Williams

Speaking of Danny, while many Y&R fans remember the romances he had with Phyllis, Christine, and even Traci, in the early ‘80s he also dated the mentally-unstable Patty Williams. The two broke up after he agreed to marry Traci when she found out she was pregnant with another man’s child; Williams would leave town heartbroken. Between what Jack and Danny did to her during their relationships, it’s no wonder Patty lost her mind!

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9. Paul Williams and Lauren Fenmore

Paul and Lauren might be best buddies right now, but they have a long and dragged out history in Genoa City that has brought them to this point. In fact, at one point in the mid-to-late ‘80s, these two were a great couple and even remained married for a period of time. While Paul’s mother didn’t quite approve of Fenmore, they did enjoy some great years together and remaining friends after a split up shows just how amazing these characters really are.

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8. Phillip Chancellor III and Christine Blair

Many may remember that Christine shared a crazy love affair with rocker Danny Romalotti (on and off) over the years. Some may also remember Nina and Phillip’s rocky road into coupledom and parenthood. But does any long-time Y&R fan remember that Phillip and Christine were originally together? In the late ‘80s both Phillip and Danny had a tug-of-war competition between charming little Cricket, and when Danny realized that he was too ‘old’ for the young Jabot model, he backed off and Phillip got the girl. The two were engaged and almost married, but waiting in the wings was Cricket’s BFF Nina, who desperately wanted Phillip for herself. She got him drunk, seduced him and ended up pregnant with his child in the process. This was what broke up the coupling of Christine and Phillip.

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7. Victor and Julia Newman

Before Victor dated Nikki, Ashley, Hope or Sabrina, he was married to Julia. In fact, when Victor strolled into Genoa City in 1980, Julia was on his arm. Victor was controlling and protective with his first wife (big shocker there) and Julia spent a lot of time at the Newman Ranch… alone. Alas, the two would separate in 1981, thanks to Victor’s controlling ways and an affair by Julia.

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6. Kevin Fisher and Lily Winters

Way back before she met Cane, a teenaged Lily fell in love (more like fell in infatuation) with a then-evil Kevin Fisher. Lily was young and naïve, with Kevin in his 20s, and Fisher would trick the young girl into having sex with him. His troublesome nature was eventually revealed, but thankfully Kevin has turned away from his terrible ways and reformed over the years. Nowadays, the two would consider themselves friends, and the entire relationship is water under the bridge.

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5. Brad Carlton and Traci Abbott

Who else misses Brad Carlton? When he first entered the land of Genoa City in 1985, he was introduced as the groundskeeper and pool boy for the Abbott family. Not only did Carlton catch the eye of Y&R fans, but also Traci Abbott. The two had a wonderful relationship that eventually turned into marriage. The pairing also provided an opportunity for Brad to enter the world of corporate cosmetics at Jabot. Alas, Brad’s past and cheating ways would catch up with him and he and Traci separated in the late ‘80s.

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4. Cane Ashby and Amber Moore

When Cane first entered the land of Genoa City in 2007, Amber Moore jumped in and hard to catch the eye of the man many thought was a Chancellor. The two even got hitched later that year; well, Cane got tricked into the thinking he married Amber, that is. Despite the fact that Katherine took a liking to Amber, Cane’s eyes would wonder to Lily, and he and Amber would eventually separate months after their nuptials.

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3. Brad Carlton and Nikki Newman

Speaking of the groundskeeper-turned-businessman, Carlton had many leading ladies over his tenure at the Y&R, and Nikki Newman also had her fair share of Genoa City men. One unique coupling was that of Brad and Nikki in the mid-90s. Nikki started dating Brad because she was tired of waiting for Victor to smarten up. The two were even engaged at one point but never tied the knot. In an interesting turn of events, about a decade later, Brad would hook up and marry Nikki’s daughter Victoria – although Brad wouldn’t be the first man both Newman women would share.

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2. Ryan McNeil and Victoria Newman

Speaking of Vicky, long-time Y&R fans may remember her first love, Ryan McNeil. The two met and fell in love in the early ‘90s while both were working at Newman. Ryan was a lot older than Vicky, and while Victor was not pleased one bit by their relationship, the two eloped and were married in 1992. Sadly, Vicki couldn’t handle the intimate demands within her marriage and Ryan would turn to Nina Webster. The two separated shortly after their holy union in 1993. They did reconnect in the 2000s, but Ryan was shot on their wedding day and was killed by his crazy ex, Tricia Dennison.

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1. Cole Howard and Ashley Abbott

In the late 1990s, Cole Howard did a lot of running around in Genoa City. He was only on the Y&R for about seven years, but in those years, he was a very busy man. He wooed the likes of Nikki Newman, her daughter Victoria, Nina Webster, and Ashley Abbott. The two started their love affair after Howard decided to base one of his books on Ashley’s life. Despite the fact that he was still married to Victoria at the time, she was in and out of town too often. Rather than “absence making the heart grow fonder”, Cole started having wondering eyes. His marriage with Vicky broke off and Cole moved right onto Ashley. Howard and Abbott got married, but their union didn’t last too long either, with Howard eventually leaving town despite the fact that Ash really wanted to make things work.

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