7 Female Singers Who Are Hotter Now Than In The 90s

Some singers who were big in the ‘90s are way hotter now than they ever were then. We’re not saying that they were ever ugly. We just think the aging process has been pretty kind to them. The notion that all women look better during their 20s is a total myth. Look at an actress like Demi Moore. She was always beautiful but, as she’s gotten older, she has become even more stunning. These singers have aged the same way. They don’t need to be scared about getting older because they have only become better looking with age. Here are 7 singers from the ‘90s who are way hotter now!

7. Beyonce

Beyonce has always been attractive; however, in her earlier years, she wasn’t nearly as hot as she is now. There’s probably a combination of reasons for why this is. When she was first starting out, she had absolutely no style. She was wearing matching outfits with the other members of Destiny’s Child and it wasn’t a pretty sight by any means. Her body wasn’t as hot when she was younger either. She didn’t have the same curves or the same amount of muscle. She’s put a lot of work into her body and it really shows. She’s as toned as they come, but she is also really feminine looking.

We think Beyonce is perfect proof that some women just get better with age. She’s already had one child and she was able to get her body back in fighting shape in no time. Every year, without exception, she seems to get hotter and hotter.

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6. Jewel Kilcher

Jewel was adorable when she was first establishing herself as a singer. There was just something that was really natural about her. She wrote all of her own songs and she could actually play an instrument, the guitar. Even though she wasn’t particularly sexy, the music industry definitely tried to sexualize her when she was starting out and it just didn’t work. She was cute, not sexy, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Looking at pictures of Jewel now, she’s definitely come into her own. She’s so curvy and womanly with an incredibly beautiful face. We think she looked much hotter in her 30s and 40s than she ever did in her 20s. Now that she’s no longer living hand to mouth, she’s had some opportunities to experiment with hair, clothes and makeup and we love the results.

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5. Victoria Beckham

When she was a Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham sort of faded into the background. She wasn’t as wild or as crazy as the other girls in the group. She was quieter and slightly more sophisticated. One of the big issues that we had with her appearance was that she wasn’t especially natural looking. She tanned too much; she wore too much makeup; she was too thin; and her breast implants were way too big for her tiny frame. All of this combined made her look a little too unnatural for our liking.

In the last few years, however, the woman formerly known as Posh Spice has started to look pretty hot. She’s grown out her hair, had her breast implants removed and she now wears less makeup. She’s looking pretty natural these days, which is what makes us think that she’s a lot hotter now than she was in the ‘90s.

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4. Fergie

Fergie is much hotter now than she was in the ‘90s. She was part of the all girl band Wild Orchid back then and they weren’t particularly successful. According to her, they were “too urban for pop radio and too pop for urban radio.” This was around the same time that she got hooked on crystal meth. The addiction practically ruined her life. She ended up shrinking to 90 pounds, which isn’t an attractive weight for someone of her size.

We prefer the Fergie of today. She has her life together. She knows how to dominate the pop music scene, but she’s always a family woman with a cute husband, Josh Duhamel, and adorable son, Axl. She also has a killer body now. Curvy and womanly, but also ridiculously toned. Not many women in Hollywood have abs like that. She is proof that some woman can have it all.

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3. Gwen Stefani

For the most part, Gwen Stefani has always been pretty cute. When she was first famous, she had a great look with the platinum blonde hair, the tummy tops and the bright red lipstick. In the late ‘90s, however, she had some pretty unattractive moments, like when she dyed her hair pink and got braces. We’re not sure what the worst part about that look was – the pink hair, the braces or her god-awful bangs. She also didn’t dress very well. What’s the point of having that body if you can’t make it look really good?

We think Stefani is a lot hotter now than she ever was then. Her body is incredible, even after having three kids. When it comes to her hair and makeup, she finally knows what to do. Either that, or she has really good help. She also has much better style – this woman knows how to dress for success.

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2. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez must have taken a drink out of the fountain of youth because it feels as though it has been years since she last showed any signs of aging. Even with a set of twins and three ex husbands, she continues to bounce back, looking younger and hotter. After looking back on her career, we have to say we think she actually looks better now than she did then. Her body is even more ridiculously toned now than it was the ‘90s. Her legs are sculpted and so are her abs.

The only problem with JLo’s aging is the fact that her taste in men doesn’t improve. The last guy she was serious with was one of her backup dancers. Before that, it was Marc Anthony. Her taste in men seriously has not improved since the late ‘90s when she was dating P. Diddy, who then went by the name Puff Daddy.

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1. Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue was cute back in the ‘90s, but she was nowhere near being the hot, sexy woman she became during the 2000s. Even now, in her mid 40s, we still think she is better looking than she was in her prime. She seems so much more comfortable with her body and her sexuality and that really shows on her face and in how she carries herself. Women in their 20s generally don’t have that level of comfort.

In the past, Minogue has talked about aging and needing to change her wardrobe so that it is more mature. According to her, this means getting rid of the hot pants and crop tops. She doesn’t think she can sport them the way she used to, but we don’t believe her for a second. She has a better body than most 20 year olds. As for any wrinkles, if they’re there, we sure as heck don’t see them.

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